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Ashley Black - Article Author Ashley Black - Article Author

The big misunderstanding

What is SKIN?

What’s really going on here? The quest to find out

For many years while studying fascia, I would ask myself questions like–– Could it really be this simple? How is everyone not seeing “the forest for the trees”, and missing this key system? I found my answer to be YES, it really is this simple. Skin regeneration is often complicated by confusing medical terminology, chemical inventions and mislabeled anatomy. I am a simple thinker. I devise clear solutions and ask rational questions, which enables me to take big complex ideas and simplify them down. That’s the Ashley Black way.

When I started seeing pictures of long time FasciaBlaster users like Yvonne's legs and Kerry's face, I started thinking, “I know fascia remodeling* [4] is amazing, but what is really going on here? Is there more to the story?” And there is…

Ashley Black Guru

#blastersister kerry

“These results are during 1 year of blasting. My 61 year old legs now look amazing. Blast 3x a week with my Mini2 in the shower for 10 mins total for both legs. Hope this encourages the ladies that need it. Keep blasting!!!! Thank you Ashley”

Ashley Black Guru

#blastersister YVONNE

“The photo on the left was taken Christmas Day 2019, I have to admit when I found that photo I was in shock. I didn’t realize how tired, sick, and bloated I looked. By releasing that bound fascia in those areas it will help lift and smooth the face.

We are doing it different!

This Ain’t your Mama's Skin Care

Just by looking at their pics you can see that these are not photos of women who simply look amazing for their age. These are not the results of diet and exercise, Botox or plastic surgery. These results can only happen with reverse aging [4] of the skin and other tissues. They, and some many other #blastersisters just look YOUNGER… naturally. Not better, just YOUNGER, right? And now, I can explain why, in a whole new way.

Their results are what skin care scientists and researchers are constantly trying to uncover! The “secret” or mechanism of skin regeneration. So, when I really dug into the latest and greatest research on skin regeneration, I was SHOCKED to find that all the answers were right there. I now know WHY skin has the capacity to regenerate, and I’m going to share it with you in the coming week’s newsletters! You will all be on the cutting edge of innovations in skin regeneration.

This 10 part blog is going to cut through all the things we BELIEVED to be true about caring for our skin, and look critically at the “white papers”. The “white papers” are the peer reviewed and published studies, and I am here to piece them all together and present you with an easy to read, super simple to understand compilation of everything you need to know.

Let’s get it straight from the beginning


Ashley Black Guru

In my quest to discover skin regenerating mechanisms, I found that just the term “skin” is misunderstood. Don’t believe me? Just ask Google. How many layers are there? What do we call them? What are they made of? No wonder we are confused and still missing the bullseye.

So with the presentation of anatomy all over the board, what I would like you to note, as a fascia fan, is that fascia keeps getting left out of the equation, or at least being called by one or more of it’s generic names like “scaffold” or “connective tissue”. However, what seems to be a general consensus is that there are 3 primary layers of skin. [1]

The epidermis, the outermost layer of skin, provides a waterproof barrier and creates our skin tone.

The dermis, beneath the epidermis, contains tough “connective tissue”, hair follicles, and sweat glands.

The deeper subcutaneous tissue (hypodermis) is made of fat and “connective tissue.”

*Borrowing from Web Md here

What is COMPLETELY left out is that all 3 of these layers, and the CELLS OF THE SKIN ARE surrounded, supported and nourished by the fascia! WHAT the #$%^@? I would go so far as to say the skin layers ARE MADE UP OF FASCIA! And I will explain my reason why as you read on. So here we go with our new understanding of SKIN.

Ashley Black Guru

The epidermis

Consists of tiny skin cells surrounded by fascia. This is the most pliable fascia with lots of fascial fluid. The cells of the epidermis are not innervated by blood. So how are the cells of the surface skin “fed” so they don’t die? The “scaffold”, or “matrix” (aka fascia), sucks up the nutrients and delivers them to the cells through osmosis. The bottom most layer of the epidermis is the basement membrane, which is also a very thin layer of fascia. This will become very important later on in our discussion because the life of the cell and the cell cycle, both play a huge role in having youthful skin. The take away–– fascia is an incredibly important part of the epidermis.

The dermis

Is interesting, because what you will read is that the dermis “contains” tough connective tissue (aka fascia), but what they fail to mention is the dermis is MADE of fascia, and it houses these very important systems. To quote an extensive article in [2] the dermis is made up of the following (the bolded text is my commentary):


Specifically collagen and elastin This IS fascia
Blood capillaries (the smallest of blood vessels) and other small vessels. The size of the capillary is correlated to the youthfulness of the skin (a lot more information on this in the weeks to come).


These also play a role in youthful skin and expelling toxins. (Save this knowledge for later when I make a case for heating while FasciaBlasitng).

Sebaceous glands
(oil glands)

Best known for its tendency of becoming clogged and causing the dreaded white heads of acne, it actually plays an important role in protecting the body. *** Remember this important term, because these guys hold the key to the castle. The latest research has named the sebaceous gland the Stem Cell Reservoir. And I LOVE this name for so many reasons that we will discuss later.


The Nerve endings are important to all FasciaBlasters, because they are responsible for the skin’s sensitivity, and we have special techniques for that.


The body contains close to 2 million hair follicles. Follow closely, because we know the mechanism for growing hair. A cool by product of FasciaBlasting explained here.


These are important for moving out toxins and free radicals that cause aging.

The take away from our little anatomy lesson is that FASCIA is very important to skin health and that the dermis is literally MADE OF FASCIA. The fascia houses these other systems like the frame and walls of a house. The stability of the skin is very dependent on the fascia, just like a house needs its walls!


To use the definition from lumen learning, [3] “The hypodermis (also called the subcutaneous layer or superficial fascia) is a layer directly below the dermis and serves to connect the skin to the underlying fascia (fibrous tissue) of the bones and muscles.
”UMMM Hello? So, the last layer of skin is basically fat and fascia. I just find this fascinating, because this is what the scientific community grossly lumps into one big category and calls it “skin”.

How many of you thought of skin as something separate and distinct from the fascia? I think that is probably MOST people’s understanding. So our very first lesson in Part 1/10 in this blog series is just giving all of us the vernacular in which to discuss the skin! WE all now know that fascia IS a part of all 3 layers of skin, and could be THE MISSING LINK to the solution for skin aging.

I love love love to highlight our blaster sisters and the differences they have made in their SKIN! #BlasterSisterRosa is showing off at the surface what we saw below the surface with tissue remodeling* of scar tissue, and #BlasterSisterKim is amazing because not only did she experience the fat reduction, she gives all of us hope about the skin texture of our abdominals, especially us Moms!

Ashley Black Guru

#blastersister ROSA

“When I first bought the FB I was just wondering if I can blast my face for my acne scar so I mentioned it to Ashley and frankly I had nothing to lose and started experimenting on my face and kept Ashley posted by sending her my pics and she actually saw an improvement ... at first I didn’t think I saw any improvements ...just my scars getting worse, but then when I compared my beginning pics I started to see the changes and that motivated me to keep at it.”

Ashley Black Guru

#blastersister Kim

“My family and I are in Las Vegas for the first time ever and I have bought and am wearing a bikini for the first time EVER!! Still not where I ultimately want to be... BUT... I’m looking DAMNgood if I do say so myself. It seemed like nothing was really changing for me until I got the Masterblaster, which completely changed EVERYTHING for me. I’ve had it a week and it’s unreal. I decided to go back and look and my jaw seriously just hit the floor. It takes time guys. Don’t give up!!

Ashley Black Guru

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Stay tuned with baited breath for the remaining 9 part series, “The Secret to Skin Regeneration is Out”.

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