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Ashley Black - Article Author
All Aboard the FasciaBlaster Bruise Cruise!

First, let me say this, The FasciaBlaster doesn’t bruise anyone - the amount of pressure YOU decide to use and the starting condition of the fascia does!

But, it’s all good, I am here to talk you through it! Don’t worry, you’re in control! FasciaBlasting by nature, like a massage, can have a ‘hurt so good’ approach, but it doesn’t have to. Some like massages a little deeper and some don’t. With FasciaBlasting YOU ARE THE DRIVER, so use the pressure you ENJOY.

Keep in mind, if you have fascia that is “bad” to start with, it can be more uncomfortable for you. I suggest an “EASE IN AND SEE HOW YOU FEEL” approach. I also recommend a test patch (like home hair color) to see how you respond. This will tell you a lot about your tissue and get the most out of Blasting. The great news is no matter what pace you enjoy, you can, layer by layer address the fascia.

I always say
“The healthier your tissue, the better you’ll feel”
Let me explain.

I love this diagram because it helps explain the layer by layer approach. Fascia problems can lurk right below the skin, in the fat layer, or even into the muscle layer. This is why we recommend starting at the surface at first, to address surface fascia. If the surface fascia is good to go, then press to the fat layer. When the fat layer is good to go, then you can proceed to the muscle layer. Once in the muscle layer, you can continue to apply more and more pressure as you desire. Here is an awesome animation that shows how this works!

This diagram can help one understand how one person may go very light and bruise, and someone can go very hard and not bruise at all. Or why you might blast the same pressure for 10 sessions and not bruise but on the 11th you might. It’s all because of where the fascia problems are hiding.

So, if you read in our social media how someone is excited about a new bruise, now you can understand why! They understand the process and have discovered their body in a new way. And, I also want to validate that someone who doesn’t understand the process would post their concerns! The FasciaBlaster was designed for YOU to explore your body and make decisions that are enjoyable and effective.

My mission in life is to empower people to understand their health in a new way! I want to provide the tools and support so I need to have HEALTHY tissue. Unhealthy tissue is SO BAD for our long-term health. I am determined to help my customers work through the “bruise issue”, so I am so happy you are here!

The healthier the tissue becomes, the more enjoyable FasciaBlasting becomes! FasciaBlasters can take advice from 1000s of years of Eastern Medicine where it is commonly accepted that a bruise occurs when an area of stagnation is restored. This is NOT A NEW CONCEPT, just maybe new to some of you. I wanted to share some of my interactions with users, and show some examples of anticipated and normal bruising.

Ashley Black - Bruise Cruise - Karen's Testimonial

“I really only bruised the first few months, and every so often itty bitty spots if I have an adhesion that is knotted up in a muscle“

Ashley: “This is normal and an anticipated result. Great job on educating yourself and exploring your body”

Ashley Black - Bruise Cruise - Megan's Testimonial

“Am I doing too much or is this normal? Every time I blast I look like I got my ass kicked!”

Ashley: “If you feel like you’re getting your ass kicked, and this is desired, then by all means continue with discernment. This bruising is normal and an anticipated result. But if you don’t want to feel like you're getting your ass kicked, you are the decision-maker. You can back out and go light and brisk and do a little at a time, layer by layer, if that is better for you”

Ashley Black - Bruise Cruise - Crystal's Testimonial

“I have been a blaster for almost 6 years now, but I have been really consistent for these past 3. I started blasting to work on beauty issues, but it turns out mine are really stubborn and taking time to smooth.“

Ashley:Think about it, most never address their fascia, when we’ve had a lifetime for it to get gnarly. For some, it’s almost instant results and others it’s a process. This is normal and okay. You’re doing it. Buddha says - a bucket fills one drop at a time

Ashley Black Guru - Bruise Cruise

And this is me, recently.

Even though I have been FasciaBlasting for over a decade, I am genetically predisposed to fascial problems. When I have time to really Blast, I break new ground. I was very happy during quarantine to really address my ribcage and this is a normal and anticipated result. I’m not going to lie, it’s actually exciting for me!

In this ultrasound, from a peer-reviewed and medically published study of the FasciaBlasters, we can see what’s going on FOR REAL below the surface as one FasciaBlasts. This is a 90 day before and after ultrasound of a leg. The “white stuff” is the fascia. This study can dispel any myth that anticipated FasciaBlaster bruising is damaging the tissue. In fact, what we see is that the fascia is remodeling and beautiful supple collagen fibers are taking the place of the “bad” fascia. So, we may not look so pretty on the outside while we go through the process, but what’s happening on the inside is VERY beautiful! Congratulations on your decision to practice SELF LOVE!


When you remodel your fascia tissue through FasciaBlasting:

  1. FasciaBlasting may rupture the tiny blood vessels supplying the tissue
  2. These tiny vessels are called capillaries and when they break, they leak a small amount of blood into the tissue itself. The “leakage” will metabolize and be reabsorbed.
  3. As the leakage is reabsorbed, it is cleansed by little drains in the fascia and the lymphatic system.
  4. The bruise can go through a series of color changes before finally turning a brownish skin tone and fading away.
  5. The end result is when the tissue heals, we can expect the tissue to heal in a more healthy way. We see this in the ultrasound image.
  6. The micro-trauma creates acute short term inflammation - the body’s initial response to healing. The body’s natural response of sending healthy blood flow to the bruise site is a good thing.

Minor bruises should disappear on their own after a few days, or maybe even a week or two. This bruising is not something to be afraid of or alarmed about.  Self-care is vital! Don’t be afraid to use ice packs, bruising remedies like Arnica, and resting the area to give the tissue time to recover and regain function.

Your overall health, age, muscle tone, diet, and aspirin use may affect your degree of bruising. Everyone is different. Before you start FasciaBlasting, talk to your doctor if you are on any medications or have any physical illnesses that would be affected by blasting, as this may increase your chances of bruising or bruising abnormally. After FasciaBlasting, if bruising persists or looks different to how you typically bruise, have your provider check it out. Bruising from FasciaBlasting is not unusual. However, unusually large or painful bruises, especially coupled with abnormal bleeding elsewhere may indicate a medical condition unrelated to FasciaBlasting.

Remember, if your fascia is in such bad shape that the pain is intense, back off on the pressure a bit! Find a fine line between discomfort and pain. Sore is normal!  Patience, not overzealousness, is a virtue in your long term health. You WILL get there, and we are here to support you all the way. Feel free to post your pictures in the groups for feedback from real-life users!

We will get there together!



I highly suggest having all the supplies you need for education, motivation, and SUCCESS. This beginner kit includes Spot Kryopack, the FasciaBlaster for deep blasting, the Nugget for stubborn tissue, and the FaceBlaster which is, of course, great for the face but used all over it is a wonderful starting point for newbies to ease in with. I also included BlasterOil and AfterBlaster Cream for you to get started right away and my #1 best-selling book as a quick reference guide to ensure your success.


I also suggest for many reasons, including the subject of bruises, our amazing Kryopacks.

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Thank you and BLAST ON!