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Bruise Cruise

by Ashley Black

All Aboard the FasciaBlaster Bruise Cruise! All Aboard the FasciaBlaster Bruise Cruise!

First, let me say this, The FasciaBlaster doesn’t bruise anyone…

The amount of pressure you decide to use and the starting condition of the fascia does! But, it’s all good, I am here to talk you through it! Don’t worry, you’re in control! FasciaBlasting, by nature, like a massage can “hurt so good”. Blasting our way to healthy fascia can be painful at first.  We always recommend an ‘ease in and see’ approach and want to drive the point home that SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE.

I always say
“Healthy tissue doesn’t hurt or bruise!”
Let me explain.

The healthier your fascia becomes, the less it will cause discomfort.  FasciaBlasters can take advice from Eastern practices.  There, it is commonly accepted that bodywork on an area of trauma or stagnation (let’s call it crappy fascia) is going to be a little painful in order to get better. We have found with thousands of customer’s feedback, that whether you go hard core or do little by little, you will arrive at the goal. So bruising depends on your comfort level.

Ashley Black - Bruise Cruise - Karen's Testimonial


“I really only bruised the first few months (and every so often itty bitty spots if I have an adhesion that is knotted up in a muscle).“

This was my first blast with the FaceBlaster! Just look at those tiny light cheetah spots in this pic from 2016! 😍 (Pro tip: I have found the hotter I am, the less I bruise). Don’t be afraid of the bruising! I bruise like a peach on a normal day, just stay nice and light to see how your personal tissue responds, this phase doesn't last forever. 🙌 I know that this is just part of the process and this is where the magic happens. At one time I even I thought about making up busn cards to hand out when people would ask about my spots, directing them to this page. 🤣 I also think when I added FasciaYoga to my weekly routine, (LOVE that peanut 🥜shaped yoga ball) that helped my spots to fade faster for my Fascia was not as constricted. Healthy Fascia doesn't bruise! 😁 (Bonus: I could for the first time EVER touch the ground flat handed) And if I'm feeling extra? I sit in a tub of Epsom salts after my blasts and use arnica cream if I want them gone fast. I really like Ashley's After Blaster Cream it seemed to help fade them faster.

Ashley Black - Bruise Cruise - Megan's Testimonial


“Am I doing too much or is this normal? Every time I blast I look like I got my ass kicked!”

Ashley Black - Bruise Cruise - Crystal's Testimonial


“I have been a blaster for almost 6 years now, but I have been really consistent for these past 3. I started blasting to work on cellulite, but it turns out mine is really stubborn and taking time to smooth.“

Fast forward now and during this past 3 years I have hardly ever bruised. Maybe a slight faint leopard spot here and there. No matter what blaster tool I tried or which technique I attempted my stubborn legs just wouldn't break through...I am happy to report I HAVE FINALLY BROKEN THROUGH ON MY LEGS!!! I have actual real deal bruising y'all! That masterblaster is a powerful tool! Why is this exciting??? It means I'm opening deeper layers of fascia that need the love! These bruises are painless and even a different color from an injury bruise. You start to notice they line up with lumps and bumps. So I see them as visual indications of changes happening and a map of where my problems are beneath the skin. I am super excited to keep going and get these stubborn legs full of sticky fascia to smooth. Don't fear the bruise! Embrace it as a sign of change happening from the inside.

Ashley Black Guru - Bruise Cruise

All of these examples are to reiterate that it’s everyone's personal choice and preference. I personally love to have bruises because I am educated and VERY comfortable with the process, and I know I am doing something good for my fascia. It doesn't happen often, because my fascia is treated regularly and bruising takes an enormous amount of pressure. This is just something you will learn along the way.

OK, now that you have some examples and are hopefully feeling more empowered and know that you’re not alone in this journey, let’s jump into the science. The following paragraph was written after consulting a PhD cellular biologist, so warning… it's science speak.

When you remodel your fascia tissue through FasciaBlasting:

  1.  You may also break or rupture the tiny blood vessels supplying the tissue.  
  2. These tiny vessels are called capillaries and when they break, they leak a small amount of blood into the tissue itself.
  3. When your body starts to metabolize and reabsorb the red blood cells that have leaked into the tissue surrounding the treated fascial adhesion, you will start to heal
  4. The bruise will go through a series of color changes before finally turning a brownish skin tone and fading completely away. 
  5. The end result is when the tissue heals, we can expect the tissue to heal in a more healthy way
  6. This “microtrauma” creates inflammation, the body’s initial response to healing. The body’s natural response to sending healthy blood flow to the bruise site is a good thing. 

Minor bruises should disappear on their own after a few days, or maybe even a week or two. This bruising is not something to be afraid of or alarmed about.  Self-care is vital! Don’t be afraid to use ice packs, bruise remedies like Arnica, and resting the area to give the tissue time to recover and regain function.

Your overall health, age, muscle tone, diet, and aspirin use may affect your degree of bruising. Everyone is different. Before you start FasciaBlasting, talk to your doctor if you are on any medications or have any physical illnesses, as this may increase your chances of bruising or bruising abnormally. After FasciaBlasting, if bruising persists or looks different to how you typically bruise, have your provider check it out. Bruising from FasciaBlasting is not unusual. However, unusually large or painful bruises, especially coupled with abnormal bleeding elsewhere may indicate a medical condition unrelated to FasciaBlasting.

Remember, if your fascia is in such bad shape that the pain is intense, back off on the pressure a bit! Find a fine line between discomfort and pain. Sore is normal!  Patience, not overzealousness, is a virtue in your long term health. You WILL get there. And we are here to support you all the way. Feel free to post your pictures in the groups for feedback from real-life users!


Ashley Black - Prep Fasciablasting Tools

For sensitive tissue, we always recommend a small-clawed tool first

Graduate to a larger clawed tool

USE BLASTER OIL, as it contains thermogenics that help soften the tissue; USE AFTER BLASTER CREAM, it contains healing agents

Ashley Black - Kryo Packs

Kryo Packs are perfect for post-blast.

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