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Ashley Black - Article Author

The Backstory

The FaceBlaster, like all FasciaBlasters, is a POWERFUL little tool! I designed it after my users began using the BIG blasters on their faces. So, although I knew the design of the claws was perfect for fascia, I just needed to make them tiny enough for the more delicate tissue of the face. Voila! The FaceBlaster was born.

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Spot reduce fat

So, this is very exciting, but it’s important to understand the science behind how this works so you can choose the pressure and technique. We know from the scientific studies that the FasciaBaster tools reduce localized fat at the treatment site for most of our body parts, which is desired by many (although we have users who choose not to blast their bums or other parts because fat is desired there – again, your choice!) On the face, nice fatty cheeks actually hold the skin of the face “up”, so if you don’t want to reduce fat on your cheeks don’t blast them. DON’T BLAST ANYWHERE YOU DON’T WANT TO LOSE VOLUME. And remember, with ANY skin ANYWHERE on the body needs to be filled up with muscle or fat or both to stay tight. So look at your face long and hard to decide which places are best for YOU to blast. YOU are now the architect of your face.

I love my results so much.
I blast 1 to 3 times a week in the shower and I practice different modalities of yoga..

#BlasterSister Amanda D.


Collagen production

Ummm yes, I said that correctly. The FasciaBlaster tools and techniques have also showed in the study to help stimulate collagen production in our blood! 🩸 However, increasing collagen PRODUCTION in the blood came from FULL BODY blasts! Full body blasting is easy and fun. There are very few solutions out there that actually increase PRODUCTION of collagen, so, to help the skin at a systemic cellular level, I highly highly recommend incorporating full body blasts. Collagen is the primary building block for the strength of the skin and it is carried to the face, as well as everywhere else, by the blood.

When I first bought the blaster I was just wondering if I can blast my face for my acne scar. Frankly I had nothing to lose and started experimenting on my face...

#BlasterSister Rosa A.


Blood flow to the face

If you’ve ever used a FasciaBlaster, you have seen the temporary blood flow to the surface as the skin turns more red. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to the “working” cells and also carries away free radicals that cause the oxidative stress that weakens living cells. This component of FaceBlasting can have a dramatic effect. When do we typically make a point to actively flush temporary blood flow to the fascial structures? At facials twice a month? Never? Consistent and long-term use of the FaceBlaster for the temporary increase of blood flow might be even more exciting than we know!

This was me the day after my 47th birthday. I am happy to report that my face still looks amazing 7 months later.

#BlasterSister Dana B.



Barrier to blood flow

In this pic you can see that just below the skin there is a layer, or sheath, of fascia. The fascia (ALL THE WHITE STUFF DEPICTED) penetrates through the fat and muscles. This is true for any body part, not just the face. So, if the fascia impedes the blood flow anywhere from the inside of the body, guess what? Blood flow is not getting to the skin. We want the blood to make it through the fascia and get to the skin to help nourish it!

You can also see that the fascia can pull the skin inwards. This could be an issue with 11s, crow’s feet, and forehead lines. We don’t know for sure, but we are giving you the control to try to help those issues. Fascia, like in my case, can be tight in places like the neck and jaw, pulling the skin wherever it’s dysfunctional, like over the jaw line. This is where you put your analyst hat on and decide where the best place is for you to start trying out your Face Blaster.

Making it easy

TAKE PICS! Women are absolutely “crazy heads” when it comes to their faces! Make sure to use the same light and angle in your pics so you can track your progress and we can better coach you in your blasting journey.

GRAB A MIRROR! Until you become 100% comfortable, look in the mirror while you blast. Stop if you don’t like the way something is looking or feeling. Start very, very light and work your way in as you are watching yourself. Try a test patch first! Do one side in one spot first to compare. The FaceBlaster is the tool to help you “try” new things with your face – now armed with knowledge. Here is the FaceBlaster tutorial, but be mindful that this technique is for ongoing care. If you’re a newbie, start light and test the waters. WATCH THE VIDEO

BE PATIENT! Slow and steady always wins the race for FasciaBlasting. We see some amazing things almost instantly with the fascia component, but with longer term use we may see exciting changes to the overall appearance of the structure of the face. So don’t go “ham”; pace yourself and constantly take pics.

OPTIONAL! I designed the AfterBlaster cream to be infused with skin tighteners and arnica for healing. We sell it in bigger bottles or as part of the FaceBlaster Kit.



The neck

Remember that science shows that FasciaBlasters can help break up fat and remodel fascia. If you blast the whole body you can help stimulate more collagen production and temporarily increase blood flow. These are the key ingredients to help in naturally addressing the neck area.

But necks are especially tricky because necks also relate to posture.
All of these fascia lines can affect the length of the neck! Another reason to full body blast!

Think of how your tummy looks if you bend forward in a crunch as opposed to how it looks if you stand up straight and make yourself long! The same goes for your neck. If you have forward head, neck compression, and bad posture, the skin has no other option but to bunch up under the chin. So we recommend consistent neck blasting, full body blasting, and the wall test exercise to help give you the look of a beautiful long neck and body model posture.

Also, be realistic! There is only so much skin tightening we can do as we age. But we can certainly put consciousness on it, and we’ve seen some awesome results! In fact, we’ve seen thousands of phenomenal results. So, if you chose to blast your neck, use the steps above. As fascia releases from strangling neck muscles, the skin will spread out, so if you have very tight neck muscles, it's even more important to blast in the mirror and take your time. Going too hard, too soon can release the fascia. But collagen production, the effects of regular temporary blood flow, posture changes, and AfterBlaster take more time. So please be mindful when Face and Neck Blasting! We are here to help every step of the way inbox and hold your hand! Love and light, Sisters, and Blast On!

We sell it as part of the Beginners Kit which is great because it has the FaceBlaster and everything you need for your whole body. We also sell the Blaster Oil and AfterBlaster cream separate, and it comes with The Face Kit. The skin tighteners are patented technology I acquired from Sweden, and they are no joke! I HIGHLY recommend the AfterBlaster Cream for your beautiful face.



More details


Before and after 5 months of somewhat consistent blasting, and I’m 61. Can’t believe I’m posting OR telling my age! Thanks, all, for the encouragement.

#BlasterSister Cheryl B.

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