introducing the

mini paddle

introducing the

mini paddle

The Mini PaddleBlaster with Flusher is an incredible new technology! 9 mini claws in 3 rows with an easy to use handle to make arms, legs, abs, and over the neck and shoulder area soooo easy!

The NEW FEATURE is the “flushing mechanism” which allows you to “scan” down your muscles to find your fascial problems! Then, at the end, use the flusher up and down and complete your Blaster session! This season's MUST HAVE.

Easy to use

You are in complete control of your progress so put some music on and get to blasting! Short on time? Use it in the shower with body wash.

Oil up

Make sure to use the tool on bare skin with oil


Scrub the Mini Paddle on the body following our techniques starting with light and brisk pressure


You may FasciaBlast as often as you would like as long as you are not sore or bruised. Listen to your body, go at your own pace, and take rest days as needed.

Mini Paddle in Action

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