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Fasciablasting and more. All you need to know about Fascia and using the FasciaBlaster tools.

The Secret to the Skin is Below the Skin - Part 4

oh, the possibilities We learned that the skin is made up of fascia in Part 1 of this blog series, and that with palpation like FasciaBlasting to the tissue we can increase stem cell proliferation in the dermis Part 2. In Part 3 we learned that the stem cells in the dermis can function together as a network to produce collagen, and truly prove skin...


How to Grow Collagen - Part 3

THE SECRET TO REVERSE AGING Reconstructing the Cell Network We learned that the skin is made up of fascia in part 1/10 and that palpation like FasciaBlasting increases stem cell proliferation in the dermis in Part 2/10. So, now we need to understand if the stem cells in the dermis can become functional. In order for them to become functional, the cells need to operate...


Stem Cell Reservoirs - Part 2

Now that you know that skin is MADE OF FASCIA (see Part 1/10 of this blog), and that the fascia is largely what is responsible for feeding the skin, I want to dive deeper into the most EXCITING research I have read in a long time... In the first blog we talked about the 3 layers of skin–– The epidermis, the dermis and the hypodermis....


The secret to skin regeneration - Part 1

The big misunderstanding What is SKIN? What’s really going on here? The quest to find out For many years while studying fascia, I would ask myself questions like–– Could it really be this simple? How is everyone not seeing “the forest for the trees”, and missing this key system? I found my answer to be YES, it really is this simple. Skin regeneration is often...



From Heaven, to Hollywood, to Households: A QUICK BACKSTORY As I sit to write this blog as a Sunlighten enthusiast and long time user, I’m realizing WHY I love my Sunlighten saunas so much. I have spent the last 20 years of my career helping others with their Fascia–– the largely misunderstood system of the body that most people generally know as “connective tissue”. I...


How to use the FaceBlaster - A step by step guide

BUY BEGINNER KIT The Backstory The FaceBlaster, like all FasciaBlasters, is a POWERFUL little tool! I designed it after my users began using the BIG blasters on their faces. So, although I knew the design of the claws was perfect for fascia, I just needed to make them tiny enough for the more delicate tissue of the face. Voila! The FaceBlaster was born. BUY BEGINNER...

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