The Heart Butt Challenge

Here's your chance!
I am going to recommend a wide range of sets and reps for this Heart Butt Challenge. Participants could range from gym rats, to women who have never exercised and everything in between. There is no one size fits all Heart Butt program, and you will want to remain fluid as you progress.

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How to use the FasciaBlaster tools

The short answer to the question “How do I use the FasciaBlaster?” is— don’t think, just do! FasciaBlasting is both a science and an art, so you can learn a lot as you go on this journey of self-discovery! Grab your FasciaBlaster, rub it on bare skin with oil in a way that feels good, and you’re off to the races!

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Our founder and inventor of the FasciaBlaster® tools, Ashley Black, is so passionate about all of her products and designs them to be a reflection of her knowledge and personal zest for life. The Blaster Oil® and AfterBlaster Cream™ are no exception! 

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29 FasciaBlasting Zones – where to use the FasciaBlaster® Tools

While you may not be able to do a full body session every day, you can alternate areas to ensure you’re targeting your whole body. If you want to focus on your trouble areas more often, feel free to do so. I recommend that if the area is not sore. How to use the FasciaBlaster tools The 29 Zones are as follows: Here is just...

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