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Healthy fascia is important because it is found in all the “space” surrounding and penetrating all the structures and cells of the body. Fascia is the support for cells like soil to a plant. When it is not functioning (tight, thick, disorganized), it can cause many problems in our health. Check out our “What is Fascia” blog series to understand the TRUE nature of fascia and its importance to health, sport, and beauty.
Merriam Webster defines Cellulite as “deposits of subcutaneous fat within fibrous connective tissue (as in the thighs, hips, and buttocks) that give a puckered and dimpled appearance to the skin surface.” Well, guess what fascia is...connective tissue! Check out our blog, where the FasciaBlaster has been shown to restructure fascia, smoothing cellulite.*
Use the FasciaBlaster® on bare skin with oil, rubbing briskly like a washboard. Do not “dig” into the tissue or massage slowly. Use light at first, and then descend into the tissue as it allows. For a full blog of all the tips to make your FasciaBlaster journey successful, click here and here for video tutorials.
You can use all of the Blaster devices from head to toe. Click here to learn which tools are best for which depths and body parts.
No, but the FasciaBlaster is most effective when the tissue is warm. You can heat up internally with some cardio or yoga, etc, and/or heat externally by getting in a sauna, hot bath or shower, hot pads, a space heater, or a sauna suit.
Start off light and brisk! And gradually go deeper as it feels good. For a full blog of all the tips to make your FasciaBlaster journey successful, click here and here for video tutorials.
BlasterOil allows the device to glide over the skin instead while softening the tissue. DO NOT USE over clothing or without oil, as the product will NOT work.
We recommend our Blaster Oil. You can CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE!
These oils are formulated with Ashley’s personal touch and can help take your results to the next level!!!
Simply wash with warm water and antibacterial soap.
Yes, bruising can be expected as tissue is restored. Not everyone bruises, and bruising is not the goal. Click here to understand the FasciaBlaster bruising side effect.
You need to make this personal choice with your healthcare provider. You can follow an independent group of blasters here.
Please email; they will assist you in getting a new one. You can also use a fingernail file or buffer to smooth.
No, we do not recommend it. If you are on blood thinners or have a history of blood clots, consult your trusted healthcare professional about using the FasciaBlaster.
Check out our full blog on how the FasciaBlaster works here.
Here is the quick answer:
1. Use on bare skin with oil (Preferably BlasterOil)
2. Use a light and brisk scrubbing motion, like a washboard
3. Allow the body to open and follow it with the tools, pushing harder and harder as your tolerance increases
For our complete FasciaBlasting tutorial breakdown, check out our comprehensive guide! Perfect for following along with the type of tools you have or which part of the body you want to FasciaBlast!
The ideal frequency really depends on how much blasting you want to do, given you are not sore or bruised. Listen to your body and don’t go too hard or too fast. Starting out with 3-5 days a week for 2-5 minutes per area is ideal! The best place to start is right here in our comprehensive how to guide
Sensitive tissue is a sign of unhealthy fascia and an indication of where you should focus your efforts. Ease into your blasting, slowly adding more pressure little by little, layer by layer. Without it hurting, It will progressively open up and desensitize. Lucky for you we created the perfect explanation here.
Thanks to our peer-reviewed and published scientific study, we can confidently tell you that 100% of study participants saw and felt progress within 90 days! Everyone is different, but you must listen to your body while you build your routine on your fascia journey.
You can technically start off with any tool, on any part of the body, in any way you want! It all depends on what you're using it for! Skin, surface fascia, super deep restoration or stubborn adhesions? All have specific tools, but we recommended one of each type for the most effective routine. Check out our comprehensive guide for navigating our top-rated Fascia massage tools here
Amazing for you, we designed tools specifically for the delicate fascial tissue! The best way to go is the Face Blaster, OMG Blaster, or Brush Booster. For a deeper understanding on all our tools and to make a personalized decision check out our complete guide here
The best places to check out these incredible transformations are on our Facebook or Instagram pages! For a scientific dive on behind why it works as well as our Before and Afters from the study check out this page!
For free, personalized FasciaBlaster coaching reach out to our coaching team here! They are the best resource to talk to about curating Fascia Blasting to your specific needs. For a general overview of Fascia Blasting check this page out!
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