The Problaster Kit The Problaster Kit

A Little

Our mission falls under one unified concept:
to bring joy and higher consciousness to the
people of this planet so they choose to take
care of it differently. We intend to lead by
example and influence with stamina.

This passion stems from our founder, Ashley
Black’s bone marrow eating infection that led to
an NDE. She believes that living healthfully
beyond 100 years of age is natural. She believes
reversing planet damage is possible. She believes
the solutions lie in empowering people to escape
their daily grind and step into their truth. She
believes it’s as simple as little by little, person by
person, decision by decision, making higher
conscious choices. The Ashley Black Brand is a
giant first step to bringing her vision to life.

The Problaster Kit The Problaster Kit

Longevity and
Quality of Life

All of our products are designed to extend lives
and improve the quality of life by supporting the
system of the body called fascia. Fascia is the
support system for every living cell, like soil is
to plants. To have healthy cells, one must have
healthy fascia. Our founder has always been
fascinated with living the fullest expression of
life and moved to the Blue Zone of Costa Rica
to immerse herself in an elevated health
environment. Anyone can use our “forever” tools
at any stage of life. This has enriched our
mission to educate the world in fascia science
and bring non-invasive fascia products into the
daily lives of everyone on the planet.

Ashley Black

Diversity and

We are not transitioning to a company of
diversity and inclusion; Diversity and
inclusion is our DNA.
 Our entire executive team is female and
minority. Over 95% of our company is
composed of an underrepresented and
marginalized population. Our team spans
the globe from Africa to Serbia, the United
States, Costa Rica, and Russia. Our team
members have the opportunity to
participate as shareholders, and we develop
talent from within the organization. Our
foundation is diverse races, ages, genders,
sexual orientations, and neurodiversity.

Social and Ethical

Ashley Black Ashley Black

Social and Ethical

Mental and physical health is the bedrock of our company, with staff being allowed to set their own hours, live anywhere in the world, and be encouraged to prioritize happiness and creativity.

Our founder was a Fasciologist for professional athletes in the NFL, NBA, PGA, MLB, Olympians, etc, for 20 years before the FasciaBlaster. She saw first hand athlete’s careers not taking off or ending early. Sometimes sports is all they know. They also tend to form charities while playing, and it taps into our roots as a business. We wanted to provide careers for this population that has close ties to sports. We are partnering with Year Up to provide scholarships to our LMT school and our Fascia Advancement Academy to provide careers in Sports Fasciology for this population.

We are also passionate about women starting their own businesses and being more empowered. Ashley wrote a #1 National Best Selling Book, BE: From Passion and Purpose to Product and Prosperity, about tapping into Divine Feminine to create authentic brands, responsible products, and impactful businesses. She and her co-writers have wrapped retreats, a weekly podcast, and ongoing socials around this book and continue to inspire the underdog.

Ashley Black

Eco-Conscious Products

Our sustainability model is just another reflection of our umbrella mission to be kind to ourselves, others, and the planet. We are on a short trajectory to be not only carbon neutral in our manufacturing but to be net positive. Over 80% of our packaging is made from recycled materials, and all of our FasciaBlaster products are recyclable. We have a partnership with Ocean Voyages Institute  and Dollar Donation Club, working on removing  millions of pounds of ghost net plastics from the ocean. Our ultimate goal is to leave zero footprints, chip away at the damage caused by those who prioritize profits over people and the planet , and encourage other businesses to do the same.

We also have local projects to which we donate our time and resources, including Blue Flag Costa Rica.

The Problaster Kit The Problaster Kit


Our team is dedicated to achieve net-zero
manufacturing and products by 2025.

This will be made possible because we are building our own manufacturing facility in the eco-driven country of Costa Rica, where our founder resides.

The Problaster Kit The Problaster Kit

Female Owned & Run

We are proud to be a female founded and female run products, services and manufacturing business. We are excited to announce that our founder, Ashley Black has been awarded an International Stevie Lifetime Achievement Award for Consumer Goods and Woman of the Year. We will continue to develop and promote women to executive level positions. Currently our CEO, CFO, COO, and CMO as well as Chairman of the Board are female.

Ashley Black Guru - Mini Paddle Kit Desktop Hero Image

Join us and
be about it

To Impact Invest, contact an executive.

To get involved, contact us.

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