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What is Fasciology™?

Modern Medicine’s Missing Link: Taking A Birds Eye View

What is fasciology

Fasciology™ is a science that is centered around the system of the body known as fascia. The terminology of fascia is broad, including but not limited to deep fascia, superficial fascia, myofascial tissue, visceral fascia, soft tissue, plantar fascia or plantar fasciitis, thoracolumbar fascia*, etc. This is a unique field of health because, in the study of Fasciology™, the genesis anatomy and physiology are different. Instead of learning the traditional model of individual body parts like muscles, bones, nerves, organs, and so on, a Fasciologist’s perspective from day one starts with the definition of fascia. A Fasciologist’s fundamental understanding of human anatomy begins with knowledge and perspective that fascia is the first cell of life, the embryo, and a human being develops within the framework of the fascia system. Their approach to human health, performance, beauty, and anti-aging is fascia-centric. Because of this commencement, the field of Fasciology™ approaches preventive and regenerative medicine from a completely different vantage point on the study of the human body than traditional medical fields and jargon such as Physical Therapy, Orthopedics, Neurology, etc.

Although doctors, osteopaths, massage therapists, and other bodywork fields are emerging with the realization that fascia therapies are essential to incorporate into their disciplines, their foundational knowledge is skewed by the training of the traditional anatomy model. Their dissection training consists of removing the fascia and then removing and observing the parts. A Fasciologist would study the anatomy by dissecting the body layer by layer, focusing on the structure and ubiquitous nature of fascia. When a Fasciologist designs treatments, the focus is to restore the entire fascial system, not just the system of the body presenting with pain, like the nervous system or elbow tendonitis. Even with fascia becoming “trendy,” treatments should not be added to a doctor or therapist with classical training’s arsenal in a siloh. Massaging fascia in an isolated area or looking at fascia to create symmetry is an incomplete model to a Fasciologist. For a Fasciologist,   fascia treatments are the epi-center of the understanding, and treatments are fascia-centric. A Fasciologist approaches health believing that if the fascia is healthy, everything else is healthy. For a deep dive into the importance of understanding fascia, click here.

After almost losing her life to a flesh-eating bacteria, Ashley Black used the knowledge of fascia to heal herself. In 1999, when this incident occurred, Black traveled worldwide and had source documents about fascia translated into English to learn about fascia. Her quest for knowledge to help others led her to realize that there is no core education program for Fasciology™. Practitioners of fascia treatments stumbled on pockets of enthusiasts and scientists scattered around the globe. Knowing firsthand how important this approach to health is, Black wanted to ensure that fascia knowledge and treatments were preserved and brought to the public accurately. Since there is no Fascia University, Ashley founded the Fascia Advancement Academy, a charity for fascia research. She trademarked the term Fasciology™ to reserve it for her education system. She now owns an accredited school where Fasciology™ is taught as a core curriculum, and students can become certified in Preventive and Regenerative Fasciology™.

What is fasciology

Exploring The Significance Of
Fascia and Fascia Treatment

Delve into the field of Fasciology™

In a brief summary, Fascia plays an important role because it is, in essence…lifeforce. Our bodies are a collection of trillions of cells that function together in mind, body, and soul as a collective energetic unit. Our cells are surrounded and permeated by fascia, which gives them life, literally.

Fascia is important because it is like the soil of a garden for our body. The soil that surrounds our growing cell roots. What would you do if a plant was wilting and headed for death? What would you do to breathe life into this precious plant? Would you do something to the plant, address the soil that is giving it nourishment, or both? Most people would look at the quality of the soil. Fascia is what feeds our cells, like the soil of a plant. And fascia doesn’t just provide our cells nourishment. It transfers energy, possibly making it the body's most advanced and essential system. It is literally the support system for all the functioning cells. Malfunctioning cells are literally the root of all diseases. For more on fascia and its ubiquitous nature, click here to learn about Black’s Fascia Continuum Theory.

The World of FasciologyTM

Unveiling the Role of Fasciologists in Health and Healing

Fasciologists begin their journey with a fundamental understanding that fascia is the foundational matrix of life. They recognize that a human being develops within the framework of the fascia system, making their approach to health, performance, and anti-aging entirely fascia-centric.

Fasciology Fascial System

While other fields are now recognizing the significance of fascia therapies, their conventional training often lacks a deep appreciation for fascia's central role. A Fasciologist, in contrast, meticulously dissects the body, layer by layer, with a relentless focus on the structural and ubiquitous nature of fascia. Their treatment strategies aim not only to address specific pain or issues but to restore the entire fascial system, viewing it as the body's epicenter of health.

Ashley Black Clinical Study

For a Fasciologist, optimal health hinges on the well-being of the fascia itself. They believe that when fascia thrives, the entire body thrives. It serves as the body's support system, a role that extends beyond physical health to address the root causes of diseases. In the grand symphony of our bodies, Fasciologists stand as conductors, orchestrating harmony and vitality by nurturing the life force that is fascia.

Examining The Ground-Breaking Research In Fasciology™

From Disconnection To Fascia Manipulation Techniques

Ashley Black Fascia Research
Ashley Black Fascia Research
Ashley Black Fascia Research

While most of the research dollars and energy are flowing toward understanding the nature of fascia, more must be dedicated to techniques and technologies that can impact it.

At Ashley Black Inc, we know enough from the current research that fascia is vitally important to human health, performance, beauty, and antiaging. So, we have devoted our research efforts to the effects of FasciaBlaster tools and techniques on the fascia system

Acquiring funding for these studies is also challenging because Fasciology™ is outside mainstream medical capitalism. Ashley Black funded the FasciaBlaster study but utilized a 3rd party, award-winning lab to design and carry out the clinical. She then had it scrutinized by the peer review process. The studies cost over $2MM. Most scientists, or fascia enthusiasts, don’t have that kind of money, and most research dollars go to laboratory science that backs patented drugs or devices.

The National Bureau of Economic Research says that "Most health research funding goes to laboratory science, with smaller but non-negligible amounts allocated to data collection and behavioral/social research. Research papers are the proximate output of this financial support to researchers, and sometimes there are patents as well." 

This explains why there is not a lot of money for fascia and Fasciology™ research because many treatments are performed with hands, which cannot be patented. In the case of Ashley Black, she took a massive risk for the empirical data, not knowing if the FasciaBlasters would produce measurable results. Most makers of fascia devices don't have this type of tenacity. But Black has always surmised that she won't make or sell it if it's not scientifically proven. Black stated in a recent article in Yahoo that it was her "fantasy to just sit in a lab and study the effects of FasciaBlasting on all types of conditions and advance Fasciology™ not only for the knowledge of the system but for treating fascia."

The Current State of Knowledge In Fasciology™

Research Pertaining To Devices Targeting Fascia

Ashley Black Fascia Research
Ashley Black Fascia Research
Ashley Black Fascia Research

The study was designed to examine blood markers for hormones, inflammation, metabolism, subcutaneous fat, and, most importantly, the fascia in ultrasound imaging in 33 adult women. They used the FasciaBlaster tools for 20 minutes, 3-5x a week, for 90 days. Here is what researchers found:

  • The C-reactive Protein was lowered. CRP is a blood marker for systemic inflammation. The most dramatic drop was seen in the first 30 days, which gives hope to people struggling with inflammation.

  • The PICP markers for collagen production increased. This is important because collagen accounts for 30% of your body's protein. It provides structure, support, or strength to your skin, muscle fibers, bones, and connective tissues.

  • Serum Irisin Levels were significantly increased. Serum Irisin is a hormone commonly associated with HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training.

  • There were no spikes in markers for overtaxing the body. This is important because we wanted to ensure that using the FasciaBlaster is safe.

  • The measurement for subcutaneous fat at the site FasciaBlasted decreased. This is important because participants' overall body fat did not decrease, lending evidence that FasciaBlasting can spot-reduce fat.

  • The appearance of cellulite was decreased. The study associates the appearance of cellulite with the condition of the fascia deep inside the leg.

  • The ultrasounds showed the remodeling of collagen or fascia remodeling. Remodeling is the scientific word for regenerating or returning collagen fibers to a native state via myofascial release. This is important because FasciaBlasting is the only non-invasive device to release fascial adhesions.

The staff at ASPI in Tampa, Florida, designed and performed the study. The results and conclusions went through the peer review and were published in Cogent Medical Journal.

That’s a Wrap

In conclusion, Fasciology™ is a fresh take on health that begins with understanding the body's intricate fascia system, the lifeforce of our cells. Fasciology™ nurtures the belief that cells cannot be healthy if their support system, the fascia, isn't healthy. This means a human cannot be healthy unless the fascia is healthy. 

While research on fascia is somewhat overlooked due to its unconventional nature, champions like Ashley Black are pushing the boundaries. They've invested in studying techniques, yielding exciting results.

In the world of Fasciology™, it's all about using science to enhance our health, beauty, and performance. Ashley Black's commitment to science-backed solutions is changing the game, offering hope for a healthier future. So, as we journey into the wonders of fascia, remember: it's not just a part of your body; it's the key to vitality and well-being.

Fascia Advanced Academy

Check out our Fascia Advancement Academy for in-person training on Fasciology.

Learn more

Ashley Black, Inventor Of The Fasciablaster

Ashley Black - About Author

Ashley Black is a decorated inventor, thought leader, and entrepreneur. She is best known for her work in the field of Fasciology. Fasciology is the study of the system of the body called fascia. Fascia is publicly known as the connective tissue, or web, that holds our body together, but fascia is also the viscous system that surrounds and feeds every cell in our bodies. Her work is directly related to the regeneration of this system of the body and the astounding effects this process can have on beauty, sports performance, and medical conditions.

She is best known for inventing instrument-assisted fascia techniques and tools, commercially known as FasciaBlasters. The tools entered the marketplace in 2014 and have become a household product. Black was the first person to write a #1 National Best Selling book about fascia, and she was the first person to do a TED Talk on fascia. By 2017-2018, her innovations and perseverance were rewarded with the American Business Association Stevie Award for Entrepreneur of the Year. IAOPT also awarded her with the Inventor of the Year. She also hit Inc's Fastest Growing Companies in America for the first time. This era was wrapped up with Ashley's self-reported highest accomplishment to date: the peer-reviewed Medical Publication of Research proving that FasciaBlasters can regenerate fascia tissue.

Since then, Ashley has received several awards, beginning with a second #1 National Best Selling Book about the struggles of females in business and authenticity in branding. She also received two global Stevie Awards from the International Business Association: Woman of the Year and a Lifetime Achievement Award for Consumer Goods.

In 2022, Ashley founded The Fascia Advancement Academy and the Fascia Advancement Charity to teach bodyworkers Fasciology. She has hit Inc's Fastest Growing Companies list for a second time, with over $150MM in revenue, profitable and growing. She boasts over 9 million social media followers and over 1 trillion unique media impressions for her work. She plans to expand into the beauty, sports, and medical professional markets and create a billion-dollar business in the next two years.

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