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What is Fascia: Part 4
The Fascia Continuum
Theory - By Ashley and Luke Black

Fascia’s true nature, connectivity to the universe and the planet, and its potential to re-imagine the anatomy books and quantum theories

Black’s Fascia Continuum Theory states that Fascia, in its various states, enters and transcends the body as one continuous organism as a 3D, energy-producing extracellular and intercellular matrix. The fascia continuum extends to the smallest known material of the body and behaves in the manner of known quantum physics. It puts forth the theory that “as above, so below” applies, and the fascia continuum connects humans to the quantum field of the universe and the mycelium of the planet in a unified mechanism.

Is Fascia a continuum in the human body?

Fascia, inside of fascia, inside of fascia, inside of fascia …

In studying the human body, you must learn the fascia code words- many of them exist. We realized that as medical books were being written if scientists didn’t know what it was, they just “gave it a name.” Usually based on what it looked like, a Latin root word, or both. Our personal “WTF is this” terms are mater, substance membrane, matrix, fibers, tubules, tissue, and lattice. 🧐 One of the more funny terms is just “other.” Other substances…. Okaaaayyy, medical terminology. I am continually shocked at our lack of congruency and lack of interest in fascia while studying and naming human anatomy.

Living Fascia

Once you start to understand that all of this “connective tissue” is fascia, it’s easy to make a case for the fascia continuum in the body. Another important thing to understand in the body is that fascia has many states, like water. It can be liquid-like, gel-like, with little fibers or tubes, dense sheaths, and possibly solid, as in bones (We’re still working on that). 

It’s also important to recognize that the “information” housed in fascia could be pre-conception. A sperm is defined as “a packet of information housed in a membrane, and an egg is wrapped in “zona pellucida,” the membrane of the egg. Remembering that membranes are fascia.   The fascia is the first cell of human life, and we grow the rest of our parts, like the brain, heart, and lungs, inside the fascia. In science, they call these undifferentiated cells or unspecialized. Stem Cell researchers describe them by saying, “Undifferentiated cells refers to a cell that has yet to develop into a particular cell variant.”This means fascia cells can turn into any body part or function from the genesis of a human being (ya, soak that in). 


This is in contrast to differentiated cells or specialized cells that become body parts like the brain, a specific organ, or cartilage. This is interesting because no one really “gets it.” Scientists theorize that “it is likely that all cells originate from stem cells and acquire their roles as they develop. The stem cell population is often positioned at the top of a hierarchical structure that represents cellular composition.”4 We put forth that the FASCIA is at the top of the hierarchical structure, and that fascia IS the structure. Cryo-cell ™  describes stem cells’ nature by saying “they lie dormant until needed to regenerate lost or damaged tissue.”5 Stem cells and fascia both originate from the embryo and are undifferentiated. Y’all, the stem cells are the fascia’s army! 


If information is held within the fascia, and fascia surrounds the sperm and the egg and the zygote, etc, this could be our connection to generational trauma.

The Fascia Continuum Theory recognizes that fascia is like Matryoshka Dolls, the Russian doll inside a doll.

Brain Gif

Except here, it’s fascia inside the fascia. Fascia in it’s different states, containing and connecting to itself. Connecting itself to all the other parts or cells. The brain is the perfect example. Take the meninges, which are “layers of fascia.”  Dura is the thick, dense fascia. Arachnoid Mater is below the Dura and is a thin, wispy spider web-like version of fascia. Pia is a very thin jelly-like fascia that directly adheres to the surface of the brain and spinal cord, subarachnoid spaces, an unnamed fascia “space” that houses the cerebral fluid. And the cerebral fluid is liquid plasma or liquid fascia. So, the brain fascia is fascia-inside-of-fascia-inside-of-fascia, and so on.

This phenomenon is not isolated to the brain; it is omnipresent in the nature of the human body. Gel-like fascia surrounds the heart; we call this visceral fascia around fibers, as in heartstrings.

Liquid fascia surrounds the cells of the skin, which descend into a thicker fascia, which we call the basement membrane. Liquid or plasma fascia surrounds the sheaths of muscle fascia, which envelop the myofascial tissue, and we call this the suppleness of muscles or the plasticity.


If you apply the Fascia Continuum Theory to the entire human body,  the Matryoshka doll model holds true at every level.

If you adopt the Fasciology™ lens to every area of medical science, you bring order to understanding its nature, and it opens a new understanding for the treatment of virtually every disease known to mankind up to this point. Just like we’ve talked about in ‘What is Fascia 1, 2, and 3,’ the fascia is the soil of the body. It’s time to shift the medical industry onto tending the terrain of the body and nourishing fascia. 

The Fascia Continuum; How Small Are We Talking?

Down the rabbit hole of fascia-inside-of-fascia-inside-of-fascia

Fascia Inside

How deep does the fascia-inside-of-fascia-inside-of-fascia continuum go? This got us thinking. Could the whole Yin Yang Doctrine of fascia being the support system of the cellular system be wrong? Is the Extracellular Matrix and the idea of fascia surrounding the cells (which I talk about extensively) wrong?  If fascia-inside-of-fascia-inside-of-fascia is true, then there is no extracellular matrix and cells; it’s all one continuum.


Is fascia inside the cells? And if it is, how small can it go? Trillions of atoms are inside a human cell, so could a “fascia atom” exist? What about protons and electrons? Could they be the piezoelectric effect of fascia? What about quarks? Are there “6 flavors” of behaviors of the fascia inside a cell, inside an atom?  What about preons? Are we going to abandon them with their plus, anti-plus, zero, and anti-zero behavior? Was the preon behavior actually fractal expansion and contraction? TBH, we’re really into quantum measurements and behaviors these days, so forgive this nerdy line of questioning. But could fascia transcend to the level of Planck’s quantum theory of a “quantum” or Planck? Could our cells withstand the higher temperatures required for quantum behavior, but we just can’t measure it yet? Is what’s inside the cell actually unmeasurable exotic states? Is fascia a continuum from the surface of our skin (and later the universe) to our Plancks? Whew…

Spoiler alert* We have no idea…yet… but the good news is we’ve come to the level of the cell. We have chased the fascia continuum right into the mitochondria, the “powerhouse” of the cell.

The Fascia Continuum; Transcending the Human Cell

Human cells, are they also Fascia-inside-of-fascia-inside-of-fascia?


We know that claiming fascia transcends as a continuum into the cells will require letting go of a lot of limiting beliefs about cells and is going to be controversial, but that doesn’t make it untrue or not worth discussing. So bring it. Go with the idea that “if it looks like a duck and behaves like a duck, then it’s a fu*king duck.”


For visuals, fascia, like water, has different states. If an alien 👽 came down from another planet, he might describe ice as different than steam and steam as different from water. I believe this is what happened in the times of naming the human body. The autopsy doctors peered into the body and didn’t recognize the states of fascia, the way an alien wouldn’t recognize the states of water.

In fact, they would remove the fascia and throw it in a bucket on the floor. So you can clearly see how we “missed” it. The Fascia goes from the top layer and transcends through the innermost parts of the body. So what about the actual cell?

Okay, let’s descend to the cell level through the gel-like fascia. This is not our opinion; you can research all of this yourself. The gel-like fascia we must transcend to reach the cell is usually called plain old-fashioned ECM or extracellular matrix. Basic biology textbooks say, “The extracellular matrix is directly connected to the cells it surrounds.” (1) So go with us through the gel-like fascia. You will be greeted by the more fibrous and tubular cellular offshoots, kind of like the hair on your head.

The offshoots are usually referred to as Microtubules, Microfilaments or the Microtubules Matrix. Again, with the Matrix! Together, they are described as a 3D network. Sound familiar, *Quack Quack? Again, basic undergraduate biology explains microtubules this way(2) “Microtubules play a vital role in all eukaryotic cells. These cells release protein tubulin in a normal manner that involves transcription of the gene coding for tubulin, which yields RNA and is followed by transcription of mRNA to produce proteins. Lumen is the inner space of the hollow cylinder of microtubules.”(3) “Microfilaments assist with cell movement and are made of a protein called actin.”


Don’t worry; we’re going to unpack that in the next paragraph, so stay with us. Both microfilament and microtubules and their 3D network serve as part of what we call the cytoskeleton, which I will also explain shortly.  Their 3D network is responsible for protecting the cell (from things like free radicals), cell shape, movement, and transporting materials inside the cell. And speaking of transporting materials inside the cell, the 3D network extends INSIDE the cell and into the cytoplasm. *QUACK QUACK.

Cell Cell Cell

Spoiler alert: Crystals have been observed in microtubules, which scientifically relates to structured water molecules, fiber optics, holograms, Mohits Motifs, exotic matter states including electromagnetism, the Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) or Superfluid state, and so much more we will discuss in What is Fascia 5.


But first, let’s keep unpacking the 3D network of microfilaments and microtubules and put some plain Fascia-inside-of-fascia-inside-of-fascia language around it. So earlier, I mentioned that microtubules play an important role in eukaryotes. Eukaryotic cells are described as “membrane-bound” cells. *quack quack* A membrane is fascia. So basically, this means that eukaryotic cells have a ring of fascia around them. Then we have all the fancy language around the tubulin, RNA, and Lumen, all this means is that the microtubule carries the “gene expression” out of the cell from the DNA. And by the way, the Lumen, defined as the “space” inside the microtubules is another fascia-inside-of-fascia-inside-of-fascia that carries proteins. However, the lumen also carries electromagnetic resonance, optical properties, and other cool stuff, which we will discuss in the next blog - What is Fascia 5. And don’t forget microfilaments, which give movement to this 3D matrix.

Congratulations- you’ve made it inside of the cell!

The Fascia Continuum, Transcending the Mitochondria

Mitochondria: is it fascia-inside-of-fascia-inside-of-fascia?


OK, we know that calling mitochondria fascia-inside-of-fascia-inside-of-fascia is grounds for hater-raid, but this duck is quacking. We’ve journeyed through the fascia of the ECM, greeted the cell’s bodyguards,  the microtubules and filaments 3D network, and burst through the doors of the cytoskeleton, which is fascia-rama, only to enter into the actual cell. And guess what we find? Fascia. It's basically a Jello ™ mold of fascia inside. We’ve named it all kinds of crazy fascia code names like - Plasma membrane, rough endoplasmic retinaculum, smooth endoplasmic retinaculum. We even have names for fascia surrounding other “structures” and call them sacs or envelopes, like the nuclear envelope. The cytosol (liquid crystal fascia), also known as cytoplasmic matrix or groundplasm, is one of the liquids found inside cells. It is separated into compartments by membranes (fascia).  And floating in a sea of fascia, we find the mitochondria.  I’m just going to drop this GIF right here


There has never been a better example of fascia-inside-of-fascia inside-of-fascia than transcending the walls of the mitochondria. Are you ready? Look for your fascia code words! Here we go: First, we meet the outer membrane (fascia), then we meet the intermembrane space (fascia), then the Inner Membrane (fascia), and finally, we get inside the inner membrane to find the mitochondrial matrix (fascia). Fascia inside fascia infinity! Quack, Quack, and QUACK.

You’re welcome, we will take our Nobel Prize.


The mitochondrial matrix is what houses our Mitochondrial DNA, Ribosomes made of RNA, Soluble enzymes, Nucleotide CoFactors, Inorganic Ions, and Small Organic Molecules. Mitochondria are so important because mitochondria are responsible for “creating energy to drive cellular function and basically all of our biological processes.”2 Drop the mic 🎤, we out. In all seriousness, if The Fascia Continuum Theory holds true, then this is as significant of a shift in medicine and health as the printing press was to publishing, the motor was to the car, and microchips were to computers. Why is it that many aspects of the medical field have been stagnant? We put forth that we have been looking at the body the wrong way. Having “specialists” understand various body systems, when we believe the body only works as a whole. It is like a shift in thinking from Newtonian physics to quantum physics. We think we know everything about the body, but I would argue that we know very little. If all medical and health research has omitted the fascia system and its true nature, how could we know anything about preventing or curing disease or extending life and health span? I would argue, we don’t and that we are on the precipice of a medical renaissance.

So, how important is fascia? It may be the driving force of life itself. 
To continue reading, check out the ‘What is Fascia 5’ blog.

The Background of The Fascia Continuum Theory

How This Baby Was Born


This blog is going to need constant updating. The research surrounding the quantum body is still very new, and scientific studies are just beginning. I’ve been talking to quantum physicists studying the nature of reality. I’ve been chatting this up with a Nobel Prize laureate in regenerative medicine. I’ve also had deep conversations with my yoga teacher and even alien enthusiasts. I have a neighbor in Costa Rica who is a Lama (as in Dalai Lama) and another who is an astrophysicist, which makes great late conversation over a glass or bottle of wine. Throw in our indigenous friends, our permaculture expert, the Chi Gong master, bio-resonance tester, and microbiologist, and you’ve just described my “friend group.” Most significantly, I’ve had in-depth co-research with my son Luke, who has lived with a fascia-centric perspective since he was born. To say the least, this has led to some interesting perspectives on the true nature of fascia.

Bone Tissue

I always thought the weird stuff that I enjoy consuming in the evenings and on weekends, such as 50 hours of secret space program theory on Giai and listening to Joe Dispenza's guided visualizations, was a hobby. I thought that reading Anastasia and the rest of the books in The Ringing Cedars of Russia series was my relaxation time. I thought my silence retreats in an ashram and the countless hours I’ve spent in sound baths, hooked up to aura measuring machines, in my hyperbaric chamber, hopping in my cold tub, and investing in energy machines that are banned in the US was just my unique “Ashley Blackness.” I thought I moved to a Blue Zone, where people live well beyond 100 years of age, so I could surf, grow food, and escape politics.


As it turns out, all worlds collide! Research suggests that Fascia could be the common thread, and I am beginning to wrap my brain around what I’ve been studying for decades. It’s beginning to materialize why I was sent back from a near-death experience and told by the “angels” that I had to go back for a purpose. 

The true nature of fascia is revealing itself minute by minute. It might even need a new name to get the proper recognition it deserves. And let’s not call it substance or matter; let’s give it a really great name like iunctio, Latin for connecting, or Dues, Latin for God. Ductio. Okay, I'm still working on that. Moving on…

This blog and The Fascia Continuum Theory are the result of countless hours of research by me and my son, Luke, coming together to craft assets for my business ARRTA: Advanced Regenerative Research Technology Associates the parent company for Ashley Black, Inc. We decided that in order to create content that truly represents what our brand stands for, we needed to cite peer-reviewed and published science for everything we present. Through that process, the light bulbs went off, the dots were connected, and a fire sparked with both of us. We began using FasciaBlasting as a spiritual practice, and by visualizing the science we had been studying, the Fascia Continuum Theory was born.

I was personally awakened at 3:00 am for over a month straight. I was being “downloaded” with information, waking up mid-thought. I wouldn’t have even thought this was realistic until it started happening to me. And I dig it.


The Background of The Fascia Continuum Theory


In the boundless realms of quantum reality, our understanding of the human body transcends traditional understanding. Fascia emerges as the conduit between the physical and energetic realms, weaving through every cell, organ, and thought. Embracing this paradigm shift opens vistas of healing potential, where mind and matter coalesce in harmonious resonance. As we delve deeper, we find the body a symphony of vibrations, each cell into the mitochondria dancing to the rhythm of the universe. With this expanded awareness, we can unlock the mysteries of our being and embrace the infinite possibilities. To get even deeper into the quintessence of fascia, check out What is Fascia 5 (link), where I propose some radical theories around the nature of reality.

Ashley Black, Inventor Of The Fasciablaster

Ashley Black - About Author

Ashley Black is a decorated inventor, thought leader, and entrepreneur. She is best known for her work in the field of Fasciology. Fasciology is the study of the system of the body called fascia. Fascia is publicly known as the connective tissue, or web, that holds our body together, but fascia is also the viscous system that surrounds and feeds every cell in our bodies. Her work is directly related to the regeneration of this system of the body and the astounding effects this process can have on beauty, sports performance, and medical conditions.

She is best known for inventing instrument-assisted fascia techniques and tools, commercially known as FasciaBlasters. The tools entered the marketplace in 2014 and have become a household product. Black was the first person to write a #1 National Best Selling book about fascia, and she was the first person to do a TED Talk on fascia. By 2017-2018, her innovations and perseverance were rewarded with the American Business Association Stevie Award for Entrepreneur of the Year. IAOPT also awarded her with the Inventor of the Year. She also hit Inc's Fastest Growing Companies in America for the first time. This era was wrapped up with Ashley's self-reported highest accomplishment to date: the peer-reviewed Medical Publication of Research proving that FasciaBlasters can regenerate fascia tissue.

Since then, Ashley has received several awards, beginning with a second #1 National Best Selling Book about the struggles of females in business and authenticity in branding. She also received two global Stevie Awards from the International Business Association: Woman of the Year and a Lifetime Achievement Award for Consumer Goods.

In 2022, Ashley founded The Fascia Advancement Academy and the Fascia Advancement Charity to teach bodyworkers Fasciology. She has hit Inc's Fastest Growing Companies list for a second time, with over $150MM in revenue, profitable and growing. She boasts over 9 million social media followers and over 1 trillion unique media impressions for her work. She plans to expand into the beauty, sports, and medical professional markets and create a billion-dollar business in the next two years.

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