introducing the


introducing the


The Nugget is a pocket sized FasciaBlaster tool best used to “poke, wiggle, wiggle” and loosen tight tissue. You’ll find it empowering to work the jaw, dents, chunks and stubborn areas. The nugget has two sizes of tips to choose from for detailed tissue work which also makes trigger point therapy a breeze.

Easy to use

You are in complete control of your progress so put some music on and get to blasting! Short on time? Use it in the shower with body wash.

Oil up

Make sure to use the tool on bare skin with oil


Push the Nugget tip into the tissue until you feel pressure into the muscle and hold for a second. Hold for longer if sensitive.

Wiggle Wiggle

After poking, wiggle the Nugget tip to loosen the tight tissue. Repeat as needed and follow the muscle line.

Nugget in Action

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