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How to Use the FasciaBlaster Tools
A Step-By-Step Guide

Congratulations! You have taken a much bigger step than you realize by using the FasciaBlaster Tools. This is a great way to have new control over your body and participate in self love, with the support of new friends and with me as your personal guide. When it comes to fascia and FasciaBlasting, there is an overload of information, so set your frustration, confusion, and everything else aside and JUST FOCUS on these first steps. I am here to hold your hand through the entire process, but your KEY TO SUCCESS is really in the basics. This ONE GUIDE is all you need!

1. TO HEAT OR NOT TO HEAT? That is the question:

Ashley Black Guru - To Heat or not to Heat?

This is NOT REQUIRED! We have had thousands of success stories from people who completely skip this step. Especially if you have only 5 minutes, skip the heat and JUST BLAST. If you have time, you can begin with ANYTHING that makes you break a sweat. A walk on a hot day, a hot shower or bath, a sauna, a workout, a warm pack. The heat is just a way to prep the tissue so it is more malleable, but the FasciaBlasting technique itself heats the tissue as well. So, the point is, heating up is ideal if you can do it. If not, the FasciaBlaster works regardless!


Ashley Black Guru - Strip and Lube

This IS required for the FasciaBlaster to work as designed. Some people blast in shorts and a tank top, some in a swimsuit, some in the buff! As long as the body part you’re blasting has exposed skin, you’re good to go. Then you will need a lubricant, such as massage oil or coconut oil, that lets the FasciaBlaster tools glide easily over the skin. Be as creative as you like. I ALWAYS recommend the BlasterOil because it has the perfect smell and spray. It even has special fat-burning ingredients.


Ashley Black Guru - Blast On

Simply take ANY FasciaBlaster tool and scrub it on your body. Scrub up and down and  side to side. It’s best to start at the skin level—push into the skin slightly, then into the top layer of muscle WHEN IT FEELS GOOD TO YOU! Slow and steady, little by little wins the race. If you’re brand new to Blasting, try a “test patch” to see how it feels. You can do long strokes like rowing a boat or tiny little strokes like brushing your teeth. Remember, you are in TOTAL control of the FasciaBlaster and the pressure you use. It’s like a dance. You will find your rhythm, but probably not the first day. So be patient and realistic and TRUST yourself and the process! Here is a link to tutorials by body part to help you blast. We show the use of different tools on the body for variety, but ANY FasciaBlaster tool is a good tool to use with the body tutorial.

To understand the difference in each tool’s design, you can read more here, but let me stress that ANY FasciaBlaster Tool is a good tool! Get started and see why this process is so AWESOME! The journey begins!

ONE exception—if you’re going to blast your face, please order a FaceBlaster.
Please don’t use a large clawed tool on the delicate tissues of the face.

4. TO CHILL OR NOT TO CHILL? That is the question:

Ashley Black Guru - To Chill or Not to Chill - Kryo Packs

FasciaBlasting, like any body care treatment, especially when breaking up “crappy” fascia, can cause inflammation. So IF YOU DESIRE, or feel like you need aftercare, cooling the tissue is a great idea. You can do this with a frozen bag of peas, a cool pack, or a cool bath. I recommend our new KryoPacks. These get really cold, come in a variety of sizes from spot packs to full body wraps, and are the perfect post-blast recovery tool.


We are always here to help you on your journey and do offer FREE guidance. Just message us or email us so we can help you.


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