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"50 yrs old and more comfortable than ever in my own skin because of fascia blasting!"

#BlasterSister Laura

"I spend about 5 minutes per area and focus on one area at a time, but do my whole body. I blast about 3 to 5times per week. I blast over my actual butt cheeks and use the scraping technique on my saddle bag areas. In addition to blasting, I did the heartbutt exercises 3 to 5 times per week."

#BlasterSister Lindsay

"Today, at 50 years old I am happy with my face. I haven’t had any injections or fillers in my face. I blasted once a day during this period following Ashley’s videos on freshly steamed skin."

#Bllastersister Dana

"I have used so many medical devices to help with my pain and after a year of using it. I have been able to stand up straight every morning along with many other improvements. Within my first year I lost 33 pounds and 23 inches overall. I didn’t change my diet or exercise route."

#BlasterSister katt

“I blasted the hump and entire body every day faithfully... Here are the results."

#BlasterSister ashley d

"I'm truly shocked! I've had this sucker for 25 years and I can't believe how much smaller it is right now. I'm truly amazed. I blast my feet a couple times a week for just a few minutes and give a little extra attention to my big toe - but that is all I do. Thank you Ashley!"

#Bllastersister lindy

"New hair growth in an actual balding area I believe has been coming on from using birth control for years...didn't notice any hair regrowth until I started blasting that area of my head in the shower. This is after maybe 5-6 times very spread out over a month or 2."

#Bllastersister jaime

Ashley Black

explains how
fasciablasters work

Fasciablasting remodels and
regenerates tissue… period

In ultrasound images you can see the reverse aging of the fascia tissue

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