Fasciablasting effects on hair

Hair, Hair, the Fasciablaster has spoken! Hair, Hair, the Fasciablaster has spoken!

Over the years, we have received hundreds, if not thousands of testimonies and pics about hair growth. So, in true Ashley Black fashion, I wanted to do the research and decided to enlist the help of The Applied Science Performance Institute. We still have a lot more to do using a control group in order to have these findings peer reviewed and published, but I thought I’d share some of the initial findings so we could all get excited about what’s on the horizon!

Using a special instrument we can look more closely at the hairs.
What we saw over a 90 day period with use of the FasciaBlaster tools was:

More hairs in one hole

More hairs in one hole

More holes

More holes

More thickness of the follicle

More thickness of the follicle

More Holes, More Holes, Thicker Hair

This is very exciting news! As I said before, we still need more data to complete the study, but all of this led me to wonder exactly why fascia could play such an important role in hair growth? This lead me down an “Alice in wonderland” rabbit hole, but here’s a summary of what I found:

#blastersister Jamie


“New hair growth in an actual balding area I believe has been coming on from using birth control for years. After I had my baby boy I got off of it but didn’t notice any hair regrowth until I started blasting that area of my head in the shower. This is after maybe 5-6 times very spread out over a month or 2. Praise God! I was starting to get very sad and scared at how bad it was looking. Now feeling renewed! Thanks #AshleyBlack praise God for your fearless work and determination to help people!”

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It's all about the blood flow


WebMD states that [1] “Blood vessels nourish the cells in the hair bulb, and deliver the hormones that modify hair growth and structure at different times of life.” 🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸 Well this is amazing because we already know that the FasciaBlaster tools increase temporary blood flow to the site of blasting! Just ask any one who blasts, you can see the skin turning pink almost immediately!

And we already know that the fascia is what houses our blood! This is so important, because fascia can choke out a blood vessel, just like a kink in a hose. So, blast away and get temporary blood FLOW to the hair follicle!

Ashley's dance instructor


“For those of you who have been following my dance instructor’s hair growth with the face blaster .... drum role... this is last May until January! He said that someone told him nice “haircut” and he was like “I haven’t had a haircut in 20 years” Hahahah”

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It's in the biology


The secret is always in the “naming” of something. In all my years of studying fascia it continues to amaze me how fascia is still called so many different things, and it can be confusing. In the [2] Histology guide to skin, many of the anatomical structures ARE fascia, we just give them fancy names. In the graphic above, you can see the full labeling taken straight from the histology guide.

What they don’t tell you is that the following structures ARE fascia. And this is important because that means part of the hair follicle itself is made of fascia, AND that the hair follicle is COMPLETELY surrounded by fascia. So, having loose and pliable fascia is important to the actual integrity of the structure. Get ready, here is your “Code name to fascia guide”:

It's in the biology
  • 1. Connective tissue sheath

  • 2. External root sheath

  • 3. Glassy membrane

  • 4. Internal root sheath

  • 5. Matrix

  • 6. Connective tissue papilla

Isn’t this mind blowing? SO MANY hair studies published just graze over the subject of fascia as if it’s irrelevant. I would say not! In fact, I would say it’s as or more important than any other function of hair growth! Boom 💥

#blasterbrother Michael


“I blast 12 min almost daily with the Faceblaster. My hair has grown in so much, I can’t believer I was even that bald. First and last picture are 5 months apart. I’m a believer now! ”

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Oh! The Sebaceous Gland


The sebaceous gland, that secretes an oily substance on the follicle, is an integral part of hair thickness and durability because it essentially makes the hair “waterproof”. According to the Biology Dictionary [3] “Without sebum (what the sebaceous glands secrete) hair would have no protective barrier against becoming brittle or even evaporating” Ok so what does this have to do with fascia? EVERYTHING

Without getting too technical, the sebaceous glands are surrounded by fascia. The sebaceous glands are not innervated by blood supply. So, how are the sebaceous glands fed? Well the fascia that surrounds them, sucks up the nutrients like a sponge and delivers the nutrients via osmosis. So, keeping sebaceous glands healthy is key to beautiful hair and also skin (but I will save that for another blog)

Sometimes the simplest answer is the right answer


We have yet another mystery under investigation by Ashley Black and her whacky tools for fascia 🤔 Wouldn’t it be something if healthy fascia was the key to healthy hair? Only time will tell, but in the meantime, if you would like to begin your FasciaBlaster journey, or share this email with a friend, here is the tutorial:


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