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Ashley Black - Article Author Ashley Black - Article Author

Now that you know that skin is MADE OF FASCIA (see Part 1/10 of this blog), and that the fascia is largely what is responsible for feeding the skin, I want to dive deeper into the most EXCITING research I have read in a long time...

In the first blog we talked about the 3 layers of skin–– The epidermis, the dermis and the hypodermis. Now we are going to dive in head first and learn about a very interesting structure AND mechanism found in the dermis called the sebaceous gland. The sebaceous gland is generally talked about as the gland in the skin that, when clogged, is responsible for acne. It is also known as the gland that provides a slick coat for hair and is associated with hair health. But today, it has been found to have a new role, functioning as a Stem Cell Reservoir.

In award winning global collaborative research, it was found that {1} With age, the skin loses its elasticity resulting in facial aging such as wrinkles and sagging believed to be caused by the age-related deterioration of cells (dermal fibroblasts), which control skin elasticity. In this collaborative research, the team has already discovered that stem cells which are the origin of these dermal fibroblasts are well-maintained around the sebaceous glands in the skin, and has named them “stem cell reservoirs”.

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So, to put that research into plain English:

Age related skin issues come from the deteriorating of fibroblasts that control the elasticity of the skin.

Stem cells are the origin of the fibroblasts, and could save dying cells

Stem cells are intact, and not deteriorating around the sebaceous glands. Thus, the sebaceous gland with its’ stems cells are now called STEM CELL RESERVOIRS.

This is a huge discovery, because no one knew how to regenerate skin. But with this knowledge, the world is our oasis. Just get the stem cells into the skin and voilà! Read on to the next section because the research further explains how skin cell reservoir palpation, like FasciaBlasting, can be a mechanism to stimulate the stem cell reservoirs and regenerate the skin.

We have seen this with our own eyes for years, with women in our group posting pictures of all parts of their bodies. Again, this is not just good fascia, this is a chain reaction that is set into motion by FasciaBlasting.

What I want you to notice is that these pics show a CHANGE IN THE SKIN. No weight loss and no diet can lift hooded eyes, tighten mommy abs, or change the skin texture of legs. I am so thrilled that the mechanism for skin regeneration has been discovered, and that FasciaBlasting can now be recognized as a viable solution scientifically.

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“I believe consistency is key. I was not always consistent, imagine if I were, where I’d be. I do have makeup in the top two but I think there is no denying the lifting that is occurring. I do not look nearly as tired. It is working! Blast on!”

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“I blasted every hour a leg for the first few weeks. Then 3-4x per week after that. Now I try to blast 2x per week for 15-30 min per leg. (Evening-watch tv- change positions, change pressure. YOU CAN DO IT TOO!!) ”

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WHY FasciaBlasting is so amazing for the skin


Ok so here’s where the research gets interesting! In a collaborative effort with Kyoichi Matsuzaki, Senior Professor of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department at the International University of Health and Welfare School of Medicine, and with the National Institute for Physiological Sciences, researchers found:

{1}Pressure stimulates proliferation of stem cells from stem cell reservoirs: Beauty treatments consist of various mechanical stimulation elements such as “pressure”, “tapping”, “twisting”, “stretching”, etc., and combinations thereof. It is known that beauty treatments are effective for the skin; however, mechanism details such as what specific element acts on which part of the skin had not been clarified. Revealing this mechanism will lead to the development of particularly effective beauty treatments.

Check out what researchers found happening in the dermis in their studies. The first pic is without palpation and the second picture is with palpation. You can see stem cells diffusing into the fascia of the dermis layer.

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Okay, so pressure, tapping, twisting, stretching etc… I mean, am I the only one? Come on! What do you think FasciaBlasting is doing to the skin? We are applying pressure, we are applying tapping, stretching and twisting of the fascia by the poke and wiggle technique and blasting.

And, hello? Proliferation means increasing in rapid numbers!

So, let me get this straight, our stem cells can increase rapidly in the skin, by releasing the stem cells from the stem cell reservoirs into the dermis through palpation! And let me further get this straight: the stem cells are the origin of the dermal fibroblast which are responsible for the elasticity of our skin. Then the skin cells proliferate, and we have skin regeneration!

May sound complicated at first, but it’s really more simple than we all thought, and all this amazing new research is proof! Check out this simple diagram that walks you through how the release of stem cells occurring through FasciaBlasting sets skin regeneration into action!

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You’re closer than you think!

Check out our users in action, blasting from their faces and heads, to the tips of their toes. Skin is everywhere, so get to blasting, and release those stem cells into your skin! Boom 💥FasciaBlasting is easy and fun!

FasciaBlaster tools
used all over the body


I love to see our users jumping right in to address their fascia, and now we know, their skin too! This is as dramatic a moment for me as when I realized that cellulite was caused by fascia. It’s like …. OMG 😱 😱 😱 😱 😱 😱 😱 😱 😱 😱 skin regenerating has been figured out on a cellular level and it is amazing that the solution has already been created!

I am super happy that I created the FasciaBlaster tools before I knew any of this scientifically, however, it is amazing to be validated after seeing this in action with so many unexplainable results with our users. So blast on sisters, and know that you are not only regenerating {3} your fascia, you’re regenerating your skin! (As seen in our peer reviewed and published study.)

I hope for all of you who own the blasters and might have fallen off the wagon, this will be motivation and inspiration to get serious about making a healthy change in your skin. In just a few minutes a day with some BlasterOil and the tools of your choice, you can set this process into motion! If you're not blasting yet.....

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