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Reconstructing the Cell Network

We learned that the skin is made up of fascia in part 1/10 and that palpation like FasciaBlasting increases stem cell proliferation in the dermis in Part 2/10. So, now we need to understand if the stem cells in the dermis can become functional. In order for them to become functional, the cells need to operate together as a network and produce collagen to truly prove skin regeneration.

And guess what ladies, it worked! In award winning research, the examiners studying the effects of pressure on the dermis (much like FasciaBlasting the skin), did, in fact, observe the reconstruction of the cell network. They noted that {2} the proliferated cells connected to each other and reconstructed a network. This promotes stem cell proliferation, leading to a functional state.

You can imagine that when I get pictures like the one below, I am blown away at how effective the tools really are. Now I can clearly understand exactly how this process works, not just for fascia, but for the skin. How exciting for all of us to have new solutions for reconstructing the cell network and tightening our skin!

How many times have you seen a beautiful tight face, but the neck gives away their age? What a great option for necks, chests and anywhere we may want a little lift.

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“After ordering my first 2 blasters back in May and getting almost immediate results on my neck (4 weeks) I coined myself the “neck lady”. How could I not with these phenomenal results? I was showing my before and after pics to everyone I could and inviting them to join the group and directing them to Ashley’s website, even strangers! I still do, I can’t help myself. Anytime a woman asks me what I’m doing I tell her all about Fasciablasting and whip out my pics! I can’t help myself but to #bethemovement”

Regain Elasticity in Your Skin

It’s All About the Collagen

And even more exciting to me, is that not only does palpation of the tissue like FasciaBlasting cause the reconfiguration of the network, there is a domino effect–– the stem cells are released and proliferated into the dermis, restoring the network and as a result, there is MORE COLLAGEN in the dermis!

This was visible in their 3D findings and the researchers went on to note {2} that pressure could regenerate the dermis. Collagen in the skin significantly decreases with age, resulting in the deterioration of skin elasticity. On the other hand, cells that have reconstructed a network produce collagen, and the production of collagen allows the dermis to regain its elasticity. The team confirmed the production of collagen. This result suggests regeneration of the dermis. This is what collagen production looks like in action in the dermis:

Ashley Black Guru


From the Inside and Out

We see skin changes over and over with our users. We already knew that we were increasing collagen production in the bloodstream as found in our peer reviewed and published research on the FasciaBlaster tools{3}, which ultimately feeds the skin, but this new research suggested that collagen is also being produced in the skin though other mechanisms as well. This is a powerful combination, and I will soon be discussing joining our research with others research in part 4 of this blog series! Now it’s getting really good!

This means that we are remodeling or regenerating {3} collagen from the inside AND at the skin level. This is amazing news, because tight skin and rejuvenated myofascial tissue means everything gets tighter! And since the FasciaBlaster tools can be used anywhere on the body, the world is your oyster! Just look at what some of the million+ users have accomplished.

I love this pic of a blaster sister that used the FaceBlaster on an old scar. You can see that the skin and the tissue underneath have experienced significant changes!

Ashley Black Guru


“For anyone who does not know this is called morphia or scleroderma. Less then 1% of the population gets this. There was no reason for it to pop up but did. No cure! I feel the progress is very slow but there is progress. This is a very awesome product. Thank you so much Ashley for creating the blaster!! I will say I got my hair cut last night. I cut 8" or so off. I'm pretty sure me blasting my scalp has helped hair growth!!”

Ashley Black Guru


”I feel so much better about my body. My butt is more toned as are my legs and abdominal area. I feel like my cellulite has been reduced. My teenage daughter who is usually very rude/blunt with me about my body, saw me for the first time in a month or so today and said ‘your legs look good, not nasty like they used to!’ She told me to send her the info. My husband who is a very skeptical radiologist told me that I am getting better with age. I am grateful to have participated in this challenge. I have routinely done the heart butt exercises and blasting. Thank you!”

Ashley Black Guru


“I’m beyond bound so it has taken quite a while to get this progress but I didn’t get this bad overnight so it isn’t going to get better overnight. Getting healthy is a marathon, it’s lifestyle changes you can sustain not a magic pill or wand. I’m obsessed with blasting! I blast every other day for about 3-5 mins per area typically in a super hot shower with a space heater in my bathroom. I use Ashley’s oils, but if I run out before I can order more I use coconut oil with a few drops of grapefruit essential oil. I focus on my butt, thighs, love handles and abs. I try to do a full body blast once every 2 weeks. I do blast my whole booty, relaxed not flexed. I’m down a total of 28lbs now and almost all of my cellulite is gone!”

Ashley Black Guru


“My diet did not change much and to be honest, it wasn’t as clean as it should have been, but it was never terrible. I mostly blasted in the bathtub, sometimes in the shower, with shower gel. I use the FaceBlaster on my whole body (but started incorporating the MasterBlaster when it became available). I spend about 5 minutes per area and focus on one area at a time, but do my whole body. The difference between the first two pictures is roughly two years, but I was blasting for a little over a year (maybe a year and a half?). I don’t remember exactly. I didn’t have a more recent “before” picture, but this is still what I looked like when I started. The difference between the 2nd and 3rd pic is the 60 days of the heartbutt challenge. The difference in weight between the 1st and 3rd picture is about 10 pounds.”

Ashley Black Guru


“Started blasting against migraines and then peripheral neuropathy from RA. With those successes, I decided to commit to the whole body protocol and to start documenting. First photo is Sept 13 (a couple of weeks into blasting), second Oct 13 and last Nov 13. I am 64 years old.”

This week's special is our Budget Box! It has a small clawed tool for skin layer blasting, a large clawed tool for blasting into the muscle tissue and the dual nugget tips for stubborn fascia. I also threw in my #1 National best selling book, your new fascia bible, with a sample of our amazing Blaster Oil and After Blaster Cream.

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I hope your #BlasterSisters have inspired you, and I hope that this new layer of knowledge will give you the motivation you need to make FasciaBlasting a part of your regular schedule. #Blaster for life.

Ashley Black Guru

"Ashley Black, creator of the FasciaBlaster, has a huge following full of faithful "Blasters" who swear by the transformative abilities of her noninvasive treatments. So much so that her newest product launch, already has a 70K-person waiting list.

Ashley Black Guru
Ashley Black Guru

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