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How To Use The FasciaBlaster: A Step-by-Step Guide

Ashley Black’s Tools are Crafted to Palpate and Regenerate1!

How to use the Fasciablaster

Here is the quick answer to how to use a FasciaBlaster:

  • 1. Use on bare skin with oil (preferably BlasterOil)

  • 2. Use a light and brisk scrubbing motion, like a washboard.

  • 3. Allow the body to open and follow it with the tools, pushing harder and harder as your tolerance increases.

Don’t overthink it. FasciaBlasting is scientific, but it is also an art. The only way to truly learn how to FasciaBlast is to try it. Once you get going, you will find your ebb and flow. It looks and feels strange, but once you experience the FasciaBlaster results, you will become a #fasciablasterforlife.

FasciaBlaster tools are easy-to-use medical devices that are instrumental in positively influencing the fascia system. This 3D connective tissue network has a profound impact on our well-being. The FasciaBlaster Massage Tools designed by Ashley Black have excellent results. You simply grab your blaster of choice, then follow our video tutorials for step-by-step instructions!

We are often compared to gimmicky Amazon products, such as spiky foam rollers, percussion guns, and Gua Sha tools. However, the appearance of these items may be similar to a FasciaBlaster, but the results are different. Those products are designed for temporary muscle relief and lymphatic flow, whereas our tools regenerate fascia tissue1. Just know you are taking a step towards significantly improving your quality of life and not just “doing a massage.” This is about a total restoration of the fascia tissue, which has benefits beyond our wildest dreams1.

With this incredible knowledge in tow, let’s get down to the point of this article: Equipping you with the essential knowledge and resources to thrive in your FasciaBlasting journey!

The Visionary Behind the FasciaBlaster Science So You Can Pick the Perfect Technique

Are You Ready to Unlock the Potential?

The best way to begin this journey is by checking out our little video, where Ashley explains the technique, going in little by little, layer by layer, that makes it easy for anyone to get started!

Our step-by-step approach ensures you’re in control as you navigate the world of fascia. This approach is like peeling away the layer of an onion, gradually revealing the healthier you beneath. It’s not about pushing deep; it should be mildly uncomfortable, never causing unnecessary pain. Switch to a lymphatic tip tool if it is too painful to ease in. Allow your fascia to warm up, promoting temporary blood flow to the FasciaBlasting area.

As you do this, another helpful analogy is this - picture fascia and myofascial tissues as layers in a cake. The icing represents the fascia layers; the cake is the muscle beneath. When you start FasciaBlasting, begin with the top layer of fascia, the cake’s icing.

The movement should be brisk but light, never pushing beyond the tool's weight. The aim is to work in harmony with your body. We recommend a small claw tool to do this in the best way possible. As the superficial fascia's top layer gives way, transition to the next layer, gradually increasing the pressure. Think of it as moving from the icing into the cake or from surface fascia to superficial fascia to muscles.

Fascia Blaster Connective Tissue

Repeat this process, opening the fascia, step-by-step, layer by layer, with the recommended FasciaBlaster tip. This allows your body to guide the way, gradually increasing the pressure each session until deep FasciaBlasting becomes comfortable and pleasurable. This is how you know your fascia is getting better! To perform deep blasting effectively, consider using a large claw tool and a nugget tip for amplified results!

FasciaBlasting Tutorials By Body Part

Dive Deeper Into The World of FasciaBlasting

Ashley Black explains FasciaBlasting by various body parts. Comprehensive, full videos that are informative and offer valuable insights into the world of fascia massage. We hope these resources are beneficial on your journey to better well-being!

FasciaBlasting Tutorials By Tool

Invaluable tips, categorized by tool for your convenience. A Full How-to on effectively using each kind of tool and technique for different areas of concern

Discovering The Perfect FasciaBlaster For Your Unique Needs

At Ashley Black, we offer a diverse range of tools to cater to everyone’s specific requirements and various types of fascia conditions

Each tool features a range of tips and surfaces designed to address your fascia needs precisely! Just like the peeling back of the layers of an onion, we designed our product suite to restore fascia vitality from the “lightest” to the deepest.”

Lymphatic Scrubber

Lymphatic Scrubbers

Our Lymphatic Scrubbers boast long and short silicone bristles, ideal for brushing and scrubbing the skin's surface. They excel at flushing temporary blood flow to the surface, desensitizing the skin, and invigorating the lymphatic system. These scrubbers even stimulate blood circulation in the surface capillaries, a crucial step in skin quality1.

Lymphatic Flusher

Lymphatic Flushers

Our Lymphatic Flushers feature edges designed to flush muscles, promoting fluid movement gently. Their unique ability? They help you discover areas of concern, uncovering dents, lumps, and various fascia issues like restrictions, adhesions, and dysfunctions.

Small Claws

Small Claw Tools

Resembling the original FasciaBlaster claws but in a more compact form, our Small Claws penetrate the superficial fascia and address shallow depths, such as the initial muscle layer. Start with these until you can confidently apply more pressure, gradually transitioning to our larger claw tools.

Large Claws

Large Claw Tools

Engineered for deep penetration into the myofascial tissue, our Large Claw Tools empower you to navigate beyond the surface and into the muscle. As you advance, you may access deeper layers of fascia and the muscles beneath.

Nugget Tips

Nugget Tips

Our versatile Nugget Tips cater to a wide range of needs. Use them with light pressure or engage in deep trigger point therapy. They can be tapped lightly to desensitize tissue to address substantial "clumps," fascial adhesions, restrictions, or dysfunction. Nuggets shine in tackling stubborn and sensitive tissue, offering much-needed release.

Explore our thoughtfully curated kit, featuring various tips to suit your unique requirements. Whether targeting specific areas or pursuing full-body rejuvenation, these kits have you covered.

Your fascia restoration journey begins with the right tools and knowledge, paving the way for a healthier, more vibrant you.

Amplify Your FasciaBlasting Experience for Maximum Results

Unleash the Power of Healthy Fascia

When it comes to FasciaBlasting, there's no wrong way – we always say, "When in doubt, blast it out." However, there are ways to take your experience to the next level, maximizing your results. Here's a guide on how to make the most of the FasciaBlaster system, following a strategic order.

  • Heat up. Fascia tissue can vary from rigid to pliable. It becomes more pliable with heat, whether generated internally by elevating your heart rate or externally through saunas, hot baths, or steam showers. We offer sauna suits for an affordable heating option and endorse Sunlighten Saunas with infrared technology.

Sauna Warm Up
  • Oil. Enhance your FasciaBlaster experience with Blaster Oil, personally formulated by Ashley Black. This specially crafted oil is enriched with botanicals that soften the tissue, amplifying the effectiveness of your Blasting sessions.

  • FasciaBlast. Utilize the FasciaBlaster tools – apply them lightly and briskly on bare skin, paired with Blaster Oil. Proceed little by little, layer by layer, and for in-depth guidance on layer-by-layer FasciaBlasting, click here.

  • Flush and Scrub. Incorporate techniques like flushing and scrubbing to boost your experience further. Lightly massage using our lymphatic flusher tools for effective flushing. Silicone scrubbers bring temporary blood flow to the skin, promoting healthy blood circulation in the capillaries.

Fascia Blaster Connective Tissue
  • Stretch. After FasciaBlasting, give your fascia some love by stretching. This helps reinforce the improvements you're making. Ashley Black is passionate about Fascial Stretch Therapy, offering a FREE app with her FasciaYoga program for fascia line stretching. You can also find instructional videos on YouTube; you'll need a specially designed-ball for these exercises.

  • Cold Therapy. Cold therapy offers a range of benefits, from aiding in weight loss to soothing the nervous system. Post-FasciaBlasting cold therapy is fantastic for addressing acute inflammation. Explore our selection of Ashley Black KryoPacks and KryoMats, available in various sizes for your convenience. Our cold packs are colder and more pliable than standard options. Consider cold plunges for an invigorating experience.

Amplify your FasciaBlasting results with these steps, unlocking the full potential of your fascia health!

Ashley Black, Inventor Of The Fasciablaster

Ashley Black - About Author

Ashley Black is a decorated inventor, thought leader, and entrepreneur. She is best known for her work in the field of Fasciology. Fasciology is the study of the system of the body called fascia. Fascia is publicly known as the connective tissue, or web, that holds our body together, but fascia is also the viscous system that surrounds and feeds every cell in our bodies. Her work is directly related to the regeneration of this system of the body and the astounding effects this process can have on beauty, sports performance, and medical conditions.

She is best known for inventing instrument-assisted fascia techniques and tools, commercially known as FasciaBlasters. The tools entered the marketplace in 2014 and have become a household product. Black was the first person to write a #1 National Best Selling book about fascia, and she was the first person to do a TED Talk on fascia. By 2017-2018, her innovations and perseverance were rewarded with the American Business Association Stevie Award for Entrepreneur of the Year. IAOPT also awarded her with the Inventor of the Year. She also hit Inc's Fastest Growing Companies in America for the first time. This era was wrapped up with Ashley's self-reported highest accomplishment to date: the peer-reviewed Medical Publication of Research proving that FasciaBlasters can regenerate fascia tissue.

Since then, Ashley has received several awards, beginning with a second #1 National Best Selling Book about the struggles of females in business and authenticity in branding. She also received two global Stevie Awards from the International Business Association: Woman of the Year and a Lifetime Achievement Award for Consumer Goods.

In 2022, Ashley founded The Fascia Advancement Academy and the Fascia Advancement Charity to teach bodyworkers Fasciology. She has hit Inc's Fastest Growing Companies list for a second time, with over $150MM in revenue, profitable and growing. She boasts over 9 million social media followers and over 1 trillion unique media impressions for her work. She plans to expand into the beauty, sports, and medical professional markets and create a billion-dollar business in the next two years.

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