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The Truth About FasciaBlaster VS Cupping

by Ashley Black

The Truth About FasciaBlaster VS Cupping

Which is best for your goals? Let’s find out.

We love both! Using the FasciaBlaster and Cupping are different in their intention, but both are great for treating fascia tissue. They are also great when used together. We love cups so much, we even have our own, and they have great suction and strong construction! Below we will break down the differences between FasciaBlasting and Cupping and how to add them to your self-care routine. We will also answer your frequently asked questions.

Cupping vs. Fascia Blaster

Cupping uses little “cup-like” devices with suction to stretch the tissue. The cups grab the skin and pull it upwards, dragging the fascia. Cups also pull blood flow into the cup.

Cups stretch the fascia, and loosening things up. It is a wonderful prep for FasciaBlasting.

The FasciaBlaster tools have hard fixed “claws” that essentially “brush” through the fascia tissue. FasciaBlasters are to fascia what a hairbrush is to a hair knot. You use a washboard-like scrubbing motion and, little by little, layer by layer, descend into the fascia..

Fascia Blaster vs. Cupping for Cellulite

Yes, both FasciaBlasting and cupping can be used for targeting cellulite. However, the FasciaBlaster tools are the only tools to have ultrasound evidence of collagen remodeling* (see photos and study findings below), the tissue under the skin known as fascia, or tethered cords, or fibrous tissue. So if Cellulite is your issue, don’t skip the FasciaBlasting and go for cups. You can use them together, but cups alone won’t do the job.

How easy is Fascia Blasting and Cupping?

Both Fascia Blasting and Cupping are fairly easy to do. With the FasciaBlaster tools, you will first oil up, then scrub on BARE SKIN.

Cupping is also easy. It can be done both in static or in a gliding massage motion. If you use the static method, you can leave the cups on while you relax. Use little oil if you want to glide the cups on the body.

Is the FasciaBlaster better than Cupping?

This depends on the goal. If the goal is to remodel collagen*, which produces fantastic results for reducing the appearance of cellulite, then yes, FasciaBlasting is superior. If the goal is to stretch the fascia in an isolated and deep bony area, such as a knee, then the cups are ideal. They both have different benefits. According to Wed MD: The British Cupping Society says that cupping therapy is used to treat:

The FasciaBlaster tools just tackle things differently. FasciaBlasting has more documented BEAUTY before and after pictures where customers targeted dimpled skin, dented skin, scar tissue, loose skin, wrinkles, and crepe skin. However, both have their place in overall self-care and wellness. Our peer-reviewed and published research study of the FasciaBlaster shows:

Does cupping help fascia, too?

Yes, cupping is an ancient Chinese practice where suction stretches the tissue, increases circulation, has been known to draw fluid into the cupped area, and helps release body tension. Cups can be made of glass or plastic, and both work effectively at releasing tightness in the tissue.

I heard you can bruise with FasciaBlasting and with cupping, is that true?

Yes, both using the FasciaBlaster and Cupping can lead to some bruising. Remember, you control the FasciaBlaster tools and Cupping, so we recommend easing into it and learning how your body responds. In Fasciablasting and cupping, the bruises usually follow the pattern where the body is tight or sensitive. It can be a signal of release.

Can I use both Fascia Blasting and Cupping?

Yes, you can use them together. This will allow you to get much deeper into the tissue. You can also use both individually on different days or cupping while blasting another area. They really do go together like peas and carrots.

Do you have tutorials for Fascia Blasting and Cupping?

Yes, we do have tutorials for each and you can DM us if you need help getting started.

Simple instructions for our cupping set:

  • Connect the tube and cup like the instructions say
  • Place the cup on the area you would like cup (guide have instructions)
  • Pump the handle to pull the tissue into the cup comfortably
  • Take off the tube and allow the cup to stay in place for up to 10 mins when starting
  • Lift the orange tab on the cup when you are ready to remove it

Simple instructions for FasciaBlasting:

  • Simply oil up clean bare skin
  • Grab your favorite FasciaBlaster tool
  • Scrub the FasciaBlaster in an up and down, side to side or diagonal motion for a few mins each problem area
  • Wipe off excess oil or massage into skin

Is FasciaBlasting and Cupping for everyone?

Good fascia is for everyone. Both the FasciaBlaster products and our Cupping Set come with instructions, and we also have support groups and offer free coaching to help you.

Is FasciaBlasting and Cupping safe?

Yes, experts would agree that done correctly, both FasciaBlasting and Cupping are safe*.

Use FasciaBlasting and cups together for a beautiful result and use Cupping FIRST to prepare for an epic FasciaBlasting sesh..


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