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Cupping Set

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    The AB Cupping Set is far superior to other cupping sets! The trigger for suction is robust and provides maximum suction. The suction is what stretches the fascia so that is a huge feature that makes them work. The cups are larger than most, allowing for more coverage in less time. Housed in a beautiful and substantial linen carry case and customized AB bag!

    The Cupping set should not be used on or within 6 inches of surgical implants, cosmetic implants, on or near recent skin graft or recent incisions without consulting your health care provider.

    The cups are made of plastic and are not flexible.

    Quantities and external dimensions of the cups in the set:

    1 - 3.6 CM
    3 - 4.5 CM
    4 - 5.3 CM
    6 - 6.2 CM
    6 - 7.0 CM
    4 - 7.8 CM


    Benefits: Fascia Release, temporarily provides local pain relief and helps with muscle relaxation. Cupping may help increase blood flow to a particular muscle region or help temporarily reduce pain.

    Cupping set manual.

    All sales final.


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    You can buy this product in 4 installments with

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