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Does Fasciablasting Really Work

by Ashley Black

Does the FasciaBlaster Really Work?

FasciaBlasting Cellulite
FasciaBlasting Muscle Definition
FasciaBlasting Research

The FasciaBlaster tools do exactly what they claim to do: regenerate 1 fascia tissue. You don’t need anyone’s opinion to know if this is true; we have empirical data and hundreds of thousands of testimonies of real-life users, but let’s clear up any confusion about what a FasciaBlaster does.

When answering the question, Does the FasciaBlaster really work, we need to ask what does the FasciaBlaster actually do? Despite its popularity as a “cellulite stick,” the FasciaBlaster was never designed for cellulite; it was created for the system of the body called fascia, which we will get into later in the blog. So let’s answer the probably most asked question: Does the FasciaBlaster work for cellulite? The answer is yes 1,2,3. You can read all about it here: and browse tons of pics here. The reason FasciaBlaster tools work so well on cellulite is that cellulite is caused by, according to the Cleveland Clinic, “collections of fat that push against the connective tissue beneath your skin.” The connective tissue is just another name for fascia, so while most cellulite treatments are geared at the fat, the FasciaBlaster targets the connective tissue.

The topic of cellulite is what the media globbed on to when we launched the FasciaBlaster. That, and many very excited women shouted their FasciaBlaster results from the rooftops. But at Ashley Black, we enjoy talking about how healthy fascia tissue is linked to things like autoimmune disease, reducing inflammation, 1 helping someone in pain,4 or helping with the longevity of sports careers,5 which we talk about in many of our blogs. We get most excited about our scientific discoveries and teaching our knowledge and techniques to professionals at The FasciaAdvancementAcademy.

So, let’s move on from Does the FasciaBlaster really work to HOW does the FasciaBlaster really work?

FasciaBlasting Connective Tissue

How the Fascia Blaster impacts collagen fibers, the blood markers, hormones, and fat.

In the dynamic landscape of health and wellness, the Fascia Blaster has emerged as a groundbreaking treatment backed by a medical research study1, sparking curiosity and inspiring conversations within the realm of Fasciology, propelling it to the forefront of fascia discussions.

Like any trailblazing innovation, the Fascia Blaster has naturally raised some questions about its effectiveness. Everyone has something to say, from Massage Therapists to board-certified plastic surgeons to dermatologists, and we're here to shed light on the actual scientific facts about Fascia Blasting. There is so much that we don’t know about FasciaBlasting, and we look forward to learning more, but here is what we know for sure so that you can be informed. In a nutshell, the FasciaBlaster tools have been shown to:1

FasciaBlasting Research Study

At its core, Fascia Blasters are ingeniously designed tools that harmonize with the fascia system, a network with profound implications for the body. Think of fascia as the essential support structure surrounding every cell, nurturing it as soil surrounds and nourishes a plant. Tending to this fascia is pivotal for overall human well-being. For more on What is Fascia, click here.

Social Media Vs. Peer-Reviewed Science: The Truth About Fasciology and The Fascia Blaster

Amidst the rise of buzzworthy fascia-related trends, it's essential to recognize the distinction between the genuine science of Fasciology and fascia-derived solutions vs. marketing-driven misrepresentations. The confusion arises from a historical oversight of fascia in anatomy and literature. Fascia was only mentioned in passing, like in references to “plantar’s fascia,” which understates its true significance.

In the world of modern medicine, fascia has been hidden inside a “cryptic code” of sorts because of all of the alternative names it has been called by different schools of medicine. Some of the fascia’s nicknames include:

  • Membrane

  • Sheath

  • Aponeurosis

  • Connective tissue

  • Collagen fibers

  • Extracellular MATRIX

  • Arachnoid Mater

  • Pia Mater

  • Dura Mater

  • Tethered cords

  • Jelly Like

Fascia was recently described in a scientific paper by the National Institute of Health as6

“Fascia is a covering, with common origins of layers of the fascial system despite diverse names for individual parts. Fascia assists gliding and fluid flow, holds memory, and is highly innervated. Fascia is intimately involved with the nourishment of all cells of the body, including those of disease and cancer.”

Fascia’s significance transcends mere “sheath” terminology, as it plays a multifaceted and vital role in the body’s overall function and well-being.6 The worldwide medical industry reflects this, as more and more people are turning to this new definition of fascia and holistic medicine to seek alternative treatments!  With the emergence of the Fascia Blaster, as a prominent player in this multi-billion-dollar industry7 of Fascia Massagers, it is more crucial than ever to sift through the noise and misinformation to understand exactly why these products work unlike anything else on the market!

Beneath their unassuming exterior, the results of the Fascia Blasters rival bold treatments such as stem cell therapies, platelet-rich plasma injections, Ultrasonic Cavitation, and Radiofrequency interventions. Scientifically validated for their ability to induce cell proliferation and regenerate fascia tissue1

Join us on our deep dive, where we untangle the science from the hype, uncover the multifaceted impact of fascia, and answer the question: Does the Fascia Blaster really work?

Unveiling The Scientific Insights Of The Fascia Blaster

The Bottom Line Is, FasciaBlasting Works

The Peer Reviewed and Published study was meticulously designed to assess the impact of FasciaBlasting on different physiological markers and conditions in a group of 33 adult women. The study aimed to provide definitive insights into the validity of the claims surrounding this practice. Here's a detailed breakdown of the significant findings that emerged from this study:

  • Fascia Blasting Lowered The C-reactive Protein (CRP) - C-reactive Protein, a crucial blood marker associated with systemic inflammation, exhibited a noticeable decrease during the course of the study. The most remarkable reduction was observed within the initial 30 days of FasciaBlasting. This outcome offers a ray of hope to individuals dealing with inflammation-related challenges and highlights the potential of FasciaBlasting to contribute to the reduction of inflammatory markers.

FasciaBlasting Research Study
  • Fascia Blasting Increased PICP Markers for Collagen Production - A pivotal aspect of the study was the observed increase in PICP markers, indicative of enhanced collagen production. Collagen, accounting for 30% of the body's protein composition, is vital in providing structural support and strength to various bodily tissues—from skin and muscles to bones and connective tissues. The upsurge in collagen production underscores the potential of FasciaBlasting to impact the body's regenerative processes positively.

  • Fascia Blasting Enhanced Serum Irisin Levels - The study revealed a significant elevation in Serum Irisin Levels—a hormone typically associated with High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This finding suggests that FasciaBlasting may trigger physiological responses similar to those induced by vigorous exercise, thereby possibly contributing to enhanced overall fitness.

  • Fascia Blasting Was Proven Safe with No Overtaxing Indicators - One critical aspect addressed by the study was the safety of FasciaBlasting. Researchers closely monitored markers that might indicate an overtaxing of the body. The absence of spikes in such markers emphasizes that FasciaBlasting can be incorporated into wellness routines without inducing excessive strain or stress on the body.

  • Fascia Blasting Spot-Reduced Subcutaneous Fat - FasciaBlasting demonstrated the potential to reduce subcutaneous fat in the targeted areas while participants' overall body fat remained unchanged. This suggests that FasciaBlasting could have a role in spot-reducing fat deposits, providing insights into its potential contribution to body contouring and appearance enhancement.

  • Fascia Blasting Diminished Cellulite Appearance -  A significant revelation from the study was the reduction in the appearance of cellulite. The study connected the visibility of cellulite with the condition of deep fascia within the leg. The observed reduction suggests that FasciaBlasting may offer a non-invasive approach to cellulite treatment

  • Fascia Blasting Provided Ultrasound Evidence of Collagen Remodeling - Ultrasound imaging provided tangible evidence of collagen remodeling, a process that involves regenerating or restoring collagen fibers to their native state via myofascial release. This aspect is particularly noteworthy since FasciaBlasting emerged as the sole non-invasive device capable of producing this result. Uh, oh, dimples, dents, and fat cells!

The study's meticulous design and execution were carried out by the experienced team at ASPI in Tampa, Florida. The rigorous peer-review process and subsequent publication in the Cogent Medical Journal lends credibility to the study's findings and conclusions.

Fact From Fiction: The Fascia Blaster Works

The insights gleaned from this rigorous study present a compelling case for the efficacy of FasciaBlasting. These findings, supported by scientific evidence and expert scrutiny, challenge misconceptions and solidify the potential of FasciaBlasting to continue to contribute to holistic well-being.

At Ashley Black, transparent exploration is our guiding principle, ensuring that users can confidently make informed choices and experience FasciaBlasting's benefits.

FasciaBlasting Work Results

See The Study’s Fascia Blaster Results For Yourself!

The Proof is not in the pudding; it’s in the pictures

Get ready to be amazed by our Before and After photos featuring incredible ultrasound transformations from our 90-day study! These pictures are concrete evidence that fasciablasting can work wonders like you’ve never seen before! Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional medicine and foam rollers - our results speak volumes!

Users and Social Media Has Been Raving

The Fascia Blaster really works!

FasciaBlasting Doug Barron

Doug Barron

PGA Tour Professional Golfer

“Ashley is a pioneer in her field. There's a reason that people seek her out, and she is far and beyond anybody I've ever met for getting people healthy and getting their body moving right.”

Dr. Swet Chaudhari

Dr. Chaudhari,

MD Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

"The FasciaBlaster™ tool helps to break up the abnormalities of scarring within the fascia and release it, so the body can now take its natural shape."

FasciaBlasting Travis Hafner

Travis Hafner

American former baseball designated hitter

“Ashley Black unequivocally extended my MLB career by 6 years. Her FasciaBlaster™ is a revolutionary tool for athletes. A self-treatment with the FasciaBlaster™ has the same results as hours spent with a Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist, etc., all put together.”

Users and Social Media Has Been Raving

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