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Tool Accessory


The FasciaBlaster Extenders are your favorite Blaster Tools’ new best friend! Specially designed to grip tight to the handles of any FasciaBlaster, these Extenders make self-use even easier! Adding almost 10 extra inches when using both handles.  Blasting those harder to reach areas like your back is a breeze!

You can use it on any tool with a handle:

  • Mini 1
  • FasciaBlaster
  • PartyBlaster
  • MasterBlaster
  • BigDaddyBlaster
  • PaddleBlaster (use extra caution because this is the heaviest tool and the small claws are delicate and can break if dropped)

Each extender is 8.5 inches tall by 9 inches high (adds almost 10 inches to your tool when both handles are in use).

Each extender weighs 8 ounces (16 ounces /1 pound when both are in use).

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