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Full body blast


The PaddleBlaster is such a unique and important tool because it makes FULL BODY BLASTS so easy, and gets the job done in record time. You can thoroughly blast from head to toe in just 10-15 minutes to get all the fluids moving, bringing nutrients to the tissue right at the surface where these important systems are located:


First Layer of Fascia

The Lymphatic system

The Blood to the Skin

The Peripheral Nerves


Get those fluids flowing

What else flushes fluids like this???

This is so important, because other than intense workouts that force this type of flow, these systems of the body can become stagnant! See some of our users explaining and using the incredible PaddleBlaster!

With the PaddleBlaster it’s all about the surface tissue! The entire PaddleBlaster is made up of 36 mini claws just like the ones you’d find on the FaceBlaster! We lined those claws up in 3 rows to hit huge surface areas of the body–– FAST. We all can have fascial dysfunction just below the skin, so the PaddleBlaster is perfect for the types of adhesions you may come across there, but if you are already a veteran blaster with healthier tissue, it’s also a great way to get a full body blast quickly!

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Blood flow*

Yes Please!

How many times have we heard “you need good blood flow for optimal health”? But wait, how do we do that? You may have seen creams, electric units and blood thinners marketed as ways to maintain healthy blood flow. Also various lasers, infrared technology and in the holistic communities, through breathing, yoga and movement. I subscribe to many of these modalities, but I still have not come across a quicker, easier or better way to temporarily increase blood flow than FasciaBlasting. So I will happily PaddleBlast and wait for the beautiful redness of blasting that increases blood flow locally!

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#BlasterSister ERICA

"I got GREAT results and lost 20 lbs but still had stubborn spots and cellulite. My stomach was bad from 2 babies back to back. I added in the Fascia Blaster in late May, so this is 2 months progress. I kept the same diet and exercise routine. I blast about 3x week. I don’t heat up internally (I know I should!) but try to externally. Ashley- thank you for all that you do for women. For the first time in my life I feel comfy in a bikini at the beach, playing with my kids, instead of worrying about my body. What a gift!! You are going up against Big Pharma and the entire health care industry. Brave Woman!”

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It sounds like a miracle drug

But these results are real and ALL natural

Remember that when we do full body blasts the RESULTS ARE SYSTEMIC! This is HUGE! *In peer reviewed and published science specifically on the FasciaBlaster tools, we saw some incredible changes in the blood! Some of those include:

Increased Collagen Production

Decreased Inflammation

Increased “Good Hormones”

Increased Metabolism

Remodeled Tissue

Less Cellulite

Less fat

Ashley Black Guru - Mini Box Landing Page Testimonial Sarah

#BlasterSister FABU

“I’m officially a 1 MONTH blaster!!!! I wanted to keep my mind occupied with something positive. I figured I can’t control what’s going on around me, but I can control how much time I invest in myself. I’m still depressed about my unemployment and COVID-19 isn’t helping, but I’m gonna keep blasting! My advice to new blasters: JUST BLAST. Don’t overthink it. Learn as you go, watch follow along videos while blasting until you get the hang of it.”

Buy now Buy Paddleblaster $175


This will be a sell out!

Any condition, any age, any reason… No excuses! Don’t think–– grab your PaddleBlaster and BLAST!

Buy now Buy Paddleblaster $175
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