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I am so excited to announce that I am starting an advanced FasciaBlasters group! Many experienced blasters have been asking for this for a long time; I felt this to be a great time to give them what they have been asking for. So to all those Fasciablasters who have been blasting for years and want to take their journey to new heights and reach new successes, I invite you to join me in this great advanced program. I will be personally teaching advanced blasting techniques, touching on partner blasting techniques, cupping, massage, and joint mobilization. I will also be doing live feeds with further demonstrations along with answering questions live, providing support, and addressing individual issues or concerns. We will also dive into my book, providing better understanding of fascia, how it works, and every possible thing you can do to gain the healthiest fascia possible.

Janette, my Fasciablasting sister and the author of the Foreword for my book “The Cellulite Myth, It’s Not Fat, It’s Fascia”, and her team will also be joining our group. They will be available to help each blaster manage day-to-day programs when needed.

This will be unlike any other program I have ever offered. It will be the most advanced and informative yet, with hopes to help even the most experienced blasters break through to new successes. With that said, those who are a part of this program will need the right tools to utilize and participate in these advanced techniques. If you are interested in participating in the advanced program, each blaster will need to have my book and a heat source (sauna suit, sauna, steam room, or some other way to effectively heat your fascia). This program will be focused on helping each blaster get the absolute most out of FasciaBlasting and become a #BlasterForLife!

Click here for my personal recommendations for additional tools needed for prep, massage, and refining, making the entire blasting process easier, more productive, and enjoyable.

This advanced program is for all you experienced blasters and those who are preparing to take the Fasciablaster Certification that will be held this coming April in Costa Rica.

This is your daily wakeup call for getting your tissue BOMB for 2020! Let’s accomplish this together! We can do it!

Week 1: Are You an Advanced FasciaBlaster?
Sat Quads, Hamstrings, Calves, Lats, Lower Back
Sun Upper and Lower Abs, Obliques, Rhomboids, QL
Tue Chest, Inner Thighs, Shoulders and Traps
Wed Glutes, Outer Thigh, Biceps, Triceps
Fri Target Day Focus (optional Face and Scalp blasting)

Are you an Intermediate FasciaBlaster?

  • Work up to 5 -10 minutes per zone.
  • Apply deeper pressure as your tissue allows.

Are you an Advanced FasciaBlaster?

  • Work up to 15 - 20 minutes per zone.
  • Always ease in before applying deeper pressure.

Before you grab your FasciaBlaster of choice, be sure to check out these helpful tips:

  • Do not blast over sore or bruised areas.
  • Always use oil (unless in shower), try our BlasterOil which was specifically designed for FasciaBlasting, contains infused fat-burning ingredients and may enhance results!
  • If it’s painful, ease up on pressure. YOU are in control of how much pressure you apply. Listen to your body, don’t over blast a zone.
  • Use a timer for each zone for consistent blasting
  • Apply AfterBlaster Cream after, well, blasting!
  • Apply ice to cool the area after FasciaBlasting.

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Suggested materials

The Cellulite Myth: It's Not Fat, It's Fascia by Ashley Black; (Paperback Book)





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