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Ashley Black Guru - Before and After



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Ashley Black Guru - Before and After Face 1

#BlasterSister Dana

“The first series is the live results from my introduction to face blasting in early 2017. I blasted once a day during this period following Ashley’s videos on freshly steamed skin. I switched to once a week shortly after the last pic in 2017. Today, at 50 years old I am happy with my face. I haven’t had any injections or fillers in my face (maybe some day but not yet). I tune up my face about one to two times a month but I blast my scalp daily still. The only thing that I do that Ashley didn’t have in her videos is I finish by washing my face with my Clarisonic to prevent breakouts.”

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After Face 2

#BlasterSister Cheryl

"Before and after 5 months of somewhat consistent blasting, and I’m 61. Can’t believe I’m posting OR telling my age! Thanks, all, for the encouragement. I am overwhelmed. These photos are not scientific, different lighting, etc. but both are without makeup and in natural light. “Before” is mid morning with dry hair and “after” is after sauna with wet hair a couple of days ago in the afternoon."

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After Face 3

#BlasterSister Christianne

"I blast everyday in the shower just a couple minutes. I have been trying to get rid of the wrinkles. Starting to see some improvement! Will keep face blasting! Gotta do better on that neck though!"

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After Face 4

#BlasterSister Holly

"Been trying the face blaster and starting to see a difference. I’ve lost about 60 lbs but I didn’t want to sag along the way which is why I’ve been blasting. I love having a jaw line!"

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After Face 5

#BlasterSister Mary

"I blast at least 4 nights in hot bath just with steam to heat after about 5 minutes sitting! I faceblaster about 5 minutes total on face then 2 total on neck & cleavage. I use Ashley’s oils religiously! The after blaster cleanse is a must!!!"

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After Face 6

#BlasterSister Maria

"I am a 68 yr young women. I have never had any work done to my face. I work out regularly and eat healthy. My esthetician is amazing, the pictures she took was my first face blasting experience with the mini 2. I try to use the face blaster at least 2 to 3 times weekly. What a difference it has made in my life I feel beautiful and I definitely look amazing!"

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After Face 7

#BlasterSister Monica

"I have been blasting since Aug. 2016, although I took the first photo in Oct. 2016. I believe consistency is key. I was not always consistent, imagine if I were, where I'd be. I do have makeup in the top two but I think there is no denying the lifting that is occurring. I do not look nearly as tired. It is working! Blast on!"

Neck & Jaw

Neck & Jaw

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Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Neck and Jaw 1

#BlasterSister Carmen

“I've noticed a reduction in migraines since I've been blasting my face for the last year I also noticed my jaws more relaxed so I'm not having TMJ issues which also reduces the strain in my neck I used to get. As for my job I sit for 8-10 hours a day so blasting my legs, lower back, hips, neck and rib cage area really help me reduce the tension and my body overall and allow me to have more flexibility. I blast three to five times a week in the shower with my cleansing lotion.”

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Neck and Jaw 2

#BlasterSister Gail

"Tonight I felt a little better and thought omg I need to use my new face blaster. I did take a photo in the daytime last week a close up to show all my wrinkles. Did a session tonight not too long as was watching a video on youtube how to do it. Took a photo again and compares ok the lighting is different and my angle is slightly off but omfg check it out. Look at my neck and this is with my first session. So one on light is natural lighting one on right is tonight in artificial lighting but still the difference is noticeable."

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Neck and Jaw 3

#BlasterSister Megan

"48yo. Same bathroom. Same two lights turned on. Slightly tanned. Attempted same smirk. I wish I took a before pic of my vulture neck, which is almost gone. Folks have noticed a longer neck during video calls. Others have notice slimmer face and youthful look. Got regular FB March 10 and went away for a week, then started around March 25. Got mini2 and faceblaster surprisingly March 30. When blasting my face, I do face/chin/neck/scalp/chest with face blaster only. First month or so: blasted a diff body part each day for 5 days/week. Since then: blast 3 times/week, upper body/lower body/anything missed."

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Neck and Jaw 4

#BlasterSister Lucia

"I only faceblast on random occasions about once a week. Working on my turkey neck which I hated. Took a before pic about three months ago when I received my faceblaster just to see if it actually worked. Then I took another pic about two months ago and again this month. I am so glad I took the photos."

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Neck and Jaw 5

#BlasterSister Jeri

"I came across this group after finding Ashley’s ad page and was asked to join. After ordering my first 2 blasters back in May and getting almost immediate results on my neck (4 weeks) I coined myself the neck lady, how could I not with these phenomenal results? I was showing my before and after pics to everyone I could and inviting them to join the group and directing them to Ashley’s website, even strangers! I still do, I can’t help myself. Anytime a woman asks me what I’m doing I tell her all about Fasciablasting and whip out my pics! I can’t help myself but to #bethemovement"

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Neck and Jaw 6

#BlasterSister Bonnie

"I have the master too but bought the face blaster because I am super self conscious about my neck. I’ve blasted 3x since the end of last week lol. I didn’t mention the timeline because I didn’t want to seem crazy thinking I saw some sort of results already. I looked on YouTube under Ashley’s channel to find a video on face blasting."

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Neck and Jaw 7

#BlasterSister Vanessa

"Got the face blaster. Only blast for like 3 min on face in shower. And did not blast for about 10 days because I was sick. Notice my eyebrows are growing back! And slowly my chicken neck is going away!"



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Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Posture 1

#BlasterSister Allysa

"I never realized just how out of whack and uneven my shoulders were until my hubby took a "before" pic for me to monitor my progress tonight. This is after my very first blast tonight. I am absolutely floored at how much more even my shoulders are. I hope the longer I use my blaster the better I will feel and the more permanent my results will be."

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Posture 4


"My son has scoliosis and I started blasting him on November 18th. What's not really showing is that the bump to the right of his curve has greatly reduced. You can see he had a few stretch marks appear in the December picture, but more have appeared and they've gotten much deeper as his bump has released even more. That area feels sooooo much better to touch now, it feels so relaxed. edited to add that when looking at the latest picture vs Decembers, I feel like his spine has come in a bit more from the top and bottom. I am also noticing his bump appearing smaller, but I am not sure if I only noticed it since I know how huge the difference is in person. I also think that his right shoulder looks a little better, as well as the left shoulder blade/neck trap looks more relaxed."

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Posture 5

#BlasterSister Kandice

"I can never thank you enough Ashley Black for this tool. Im still working on trying to full release my right shoulder but my ROM is greatly improved as is my chronic back pain and migraines. I have started a new workout routine and my strength just keeps getting better and better with more and more muscles firing. My blasting routine is 3 to 5 times a week for 20 minutes per session on my back. I warm up with working out and lay on a heating pad for 15 minutes afterwords then blast. I blast my whole back. Up and down and side to side."

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Posture 6

#BlasterSister Ashley

"I blasted the hump and entire body every day faithfully from the third to the 10th then I was bruised from head to toe so I took five days off to rest and recover with only light massage type blasting in the time that I took off (and I didn’t even touch the hump area.) Then on the 16th I started blasting the hump again and have done it every day since then very lightly because I’m still recovering from overdoing it the first week. Here are the results."

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Posture 7

#BlasterSister Jennifer

"I’m overly excited! From April 26th to today (May 21)! Little by little It will be gone before you know it! Thanks Ashley Black! My routine: I use heating pad for 5 mins on that area. Then for another 5 mins I use the master blaster with extenders until that area is red then put the extenders on the fasciablaster. The movement is back and forth. I recently started blasting my chest before I do that area... it was has been great!"

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Posture 8

#BlasterSister Reina

"Holy cow ladies!!! Take your before pictures for sure!! The pic on the left is during my first couple of days blasting at the beginning of April and the one on the right is tonight before I blasted 😲😮 I'm still in shock! I have had my hump for 36 years, it quite literally has always been a part of me... I got it after a horrific fall down cement stairs framed in steel panels at a park when I was 3. As for this unwelcomed guest who's been hitching a ride my whole life and stealing ponytail confidence, messing with my posture and causing necklaces to ride up the front of my neck and choke me...I will not miss you. Not one bit. Thank you Ashley Black! #proudlywearingponytails #blasterforlife The routine for my hump: For the first 5-6 weeks, I literally blasted my hump for maybe 30-45 seconds. It hurt like hell and I couldn't take it. Now I spend about 3 minutes on it. I heat up with cardio and blast before the shower. I used to do it in the shower, but out has really worked out better for me space wise. I use the large blaster side to side (in the beginning it was all I could do) and I also do a little up and down and diagonal. I use the mini2 after the large one for the tops of my shoulders and the sides of the hump. I am not a consistent blaster. I usually get a full body blast in twice a week for the last month.



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Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Abs 5

#BlasterSister Robin

"I decided to purchase a masterblaster and faceblaster because I had tried everything else and this was my last option before a tummy tuck. I truly expect to be disappointed and I am completely shocked by the results! Here are my results after just 2 months of blasting for a few minutes while I'm in the shower. The first picture was taken November 27th (124 pounds) and the second picture was taken on January 26th (122 pounds) I can not thank you enough Ashley Black!!!"

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Abs 6

#BlasterSister MaryAnn

"I decided I wanted a change in how I felt. I started eating better, exercising, and fascia blasting and I am blown away that I actually have had my own results!!!! I can't say the fascia blaster is a cure-all but it honestly is pretty close. It doesn't replace eating right and exercise but it encourages your body to move in the right direction. The picture on the right was taken yesterday. Thank you Ashley Black!"

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Abs 7

#BlasterSister Cindy

"My latest update! I use the tools In the pictures. I full body blast in the shower every other day for about 10-15 minutes. I go up and down and side to side. I did have to take a break in early March due to a MVA injury! I am unable to work out at this time from the gyms being shut down and from injuries. I do intermittent fasting from 9pm- 12noonish the next day. I do not diet at this time, just choose smaller portions. I LOVE having this time off as I am able to blast every day. I can also get extra sleep too!"

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Abs 8

#BlasterSister Angie

"Here is the results of using my paddleblaster in just these short few weeks. My skin has tightened up more and I am starting to get definition on my “abs,” which I NEVER thought would happen. I have been blasting for over 2 years and am so excited about the results I am getting from the paddleblaster. AMAZING! Thank you Ashley Black !!!!"



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Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Back 5

#BlasterSister Jacquie

"I've been feeling discouraged weight/change wise but the 3 month difference is actually noticeable. Feeling happy to be seeing a difference. Have also been dieting and lost 15lbs but this tool is so helpful. Thank you."

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Back 6

#BlasterSister Robin

"My routine for the month is as follows: 1.) No change in diet(but it's coming) 2.) Walk 20-40 mins on TreadClimber(cause that's all I have) 3.) Sit in sauna for 30mins 4.) Do my stretching 5.) Blast (Flushing) 6.) Warm shower ending in cold shower. I have all 3 tools as of this week and have read Ashley's book."

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Back 7

#BlasterSister Tanya

"6 month back fat check in. 42 yrs old. 28 total back blasts 30 mins each. Heating pad to heat. I take a lot of breaks in that 30 mins. Prob about 20 mins actual blasting time. I bend all sorts of ways to keep the skin taut and blast at angles most of the time. I do go up and down and side to side for a moment but I get much better leverage at angles. Crappy diet. Not near enough water. No exercise. Just blasting. ** I started controlling my portions 3 weeks ago. Still eating my crappy diet, just a little less and doing the heart butt exercises and planks on alternate days -- and have lost almost 5 lbs this month. But my back fat results are 100% blasting. Thankful for Ashley black and the fasciablaster!"

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Back 8

#BlasterSister MaryAnn

"I decided I wanted a change in how I felt. I started eating better, exercising, and fascia blasting and I am blown away that I actually have had my own results!!!! I can't say the fascia blaster is a cure-all but it honestly is pretty close. It doesn't replace eating right and exercise but it encourages your body to move in the right direction. The picture on the right was taken yesterday. Thank you Ashley Black!"

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Back 9

#BlasterSister Joyce

"I had bought a pop up infrared sauna and I heated up with that - 3-4 times a week and blasted using the face blaster and the master blaster."



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Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Glute 5

#BlasterSister Lana HeartButt Challenge Winner

"I learned how to walk with my glutes on, and how to activate my core properly. Well, at least I think I did! I have been able to feel the different muscles a little more than I have in the past. I have had to blast in the shower, in the car, at the hospital bedside. I have learned that despite huge obstacles that were suddenly thrown in front of me, that I have still been able to find a way to take care of my body. I have reminded myself daily that posture is so important, and continue to be aware of it with everything I do. I have learned to activate my muscles throughout the day, every day."

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Glute 6

#BlasterSister Yvonne HeartButtChallege

“I learned that bumps in the road will happen. I almost let Life situations and obstacles stop me, and although they slowed me down, doing this challenge only makes me want to participate in more.”

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Glute 7

#BlasterSister Ashley

"I have been blasting 18 months! I was beyond bound. My favorite way to blast... light and brisk! Too much digging too often makes me rebound terribly! I lightly blast the area of the body I am lifting for that day before my session. When I shower off after my session, I lightly blast again. I try to do one full body a week with an infrared heater (those are my deeper sessions). Blasting before lifting has given me better muscle access and a strange adrenaline rush. I also notice faster muscle recovery. My biggest tip is to follow the fascia lines! Blasting the booty and back is so important for releasing most women's most bound area, hamstrings!"

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Glute 8

#BlasterSister Sheia HeartButt Challeng

"Hello beautiful sisters, this challenge is sadly over, I wish we can do 60 more days! Entering the challenge was a way of holding myself accountable and made me follow the HeartButt Calendar religiously. Here are my progress pictures, first half from today, second half a comparison of 4/20 vs 6/20. "

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Glute 9

#BlasterSister Traci HeartButt Challenge

"Here are my results from left to right 4/20 5/20 and 6/20 Good luck everyone. I feel like I can see that my waist got smaller. Yea!"

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Glute 10

#BlasterSister Christy HeartButt Challenge

"I am proud to present my new & improved body & mind!! To me this represents so much more than a physical transformation. Over the last 60 days I gained muscle mass, I dropped several sizes & wore a 2-piece bikini for the first time in 31 years of my life! Most importantly, I regained my confidence & self-love!! My thoughts to YOU: Remember that it is not about the number on the scale. It is about the personal journey and those moments that set your soul on fire! Like wearing a bikini for the first time ever & feeling absolutely happy in it. Embrace the journey & trust the process!! Thank you Ashley Black for your amazing products."



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Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Legs 1

#Blastersister Elizabeth

“I feel so much better about my body. My butt is more toned as are my legs and abdominal area. I feel like my cellulite has been reduced. My teenage daughter who is usually very rude/blunt with me about my body, saw me for the first time in a month or so today and said ‘your legs look good, not nasty like they used to!’ She told me to send her the info. My husband who is a very skeptical radiologist told me that I am getting better with age. I am grateful to have participated in this challenge. I have routinely done the heart butt exercises and blasting. Thank you!”

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Legs 2

#Blastersister Yvonne

"These results are during 1 year of blasting. My 61 year old legs now look amazing. Blast 3x a week with my Mini2 in the shower for 10 mins total for both legs. Hope this encourages the ladies that need it. Keep blasting!!!! Thank you Ashley"

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Legs 3

#BlasterSister Tiffany

"Who ever says fascia blasting don't work is not using it right or just not doing the work! I have been fascia blasting on and off for almost 3 years now. Life happened a couple of times and I fell off the wagon. But I'm back on it and boy do I feel better!"

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Legs 4

#BlasterSister Joanna

"Im happily adding a new pic from constantly blasting for the last 3 weeks, 1 and 2 pic is one week apart and 3 pic is 2 weeks apart, I’m becoming a blasting addict just to see the results I’m having, Anyone else feels the same 😬 every body is different some will take longer then others but the key is not to give up, I’m also watching my diet, drinking a lot of water and exercising... #healthylifestyle"

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Legs 5

#Blastersister Amanda

"7 month results. I'm really happy with results so far. I still have work to do but I'm getting there! Happy dance! Tried for same position, time and lighting. No filters here. I blast 4 times a week and each time is a different body part. So each body part 1 time per week. Plenty of time for Fascia to rest and let bruises heal."

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Legs 6

#BlasterSister Bridget

"I have always had those lines above my knees! I am excited looking better!! I started blasting in March but I seen quick changes in front of my legs within a couple months !! At first good only blast them a couple minutes at a time (all I can handle) lately I have been so focused on back of my legs and butt because of Butt challenge so now time to start giving front of my legs more love tonight I blasted them about 10 mins a leg."

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Legs 7

#BlasterSister Sarah

"I do a full leg twice a week now, at first I couldn’t do it more than once every 5 days or more. I also spot treat in the shower on any place I can find without bruises. It’s truly amazing to see life literally returning to my legs and feet, I had all kinds of neuropathy issues down my legs and the pins and needles and hot water and ice water sensations down my legs, those are almost completely gone! And it’s so crazy when I walk barefoot that I feel the cold tile, it never felt cool to me before, it’s just amazing! I had what seemed like large knots all around, I know it’s changing because now those same knots are not as tender and are smaller! Not to mention the relief from pain! I always felt like my legs look like they don’t belong to the rest of me. I walk 2 miles or more almost every day, so I hit 10-12,000 steps easy but you’d never have known it by looking at my legs! I live in Florida and I would always wear jeans ;( now I have confidence to strut it in shorts! I walk to heat up internally and then I also enjoy blasting in tub or shower!”

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Legs 8

#BlasterSister Yvonne

"Even a 62 year old can achieve great results.I've been blasting for 16 months. I started because I had plantarfacitis and my IT band hurt so bad that my legs were always in pain. In only 2 weeks I got rid of my Plantarfacitis, and after a month my lT band and legs quit hurting. The bonus was in the process of maintaining my pain management, and in one year I smoothed out my cellulite too. I blast in the shower with shampoo for 10 mins total, 2-3 days a week. Patience paid off. Thank you Ashley!!!"

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Legs 9

#Blastersister Kiola

"June on the left November on the right. I blast my legs about 2 minutes each 3 times a week. I blast at a pretty heavy pressure. Im obsessed with this tool!! I use the crayon method A LOT!! The crayon method is using either the pointy end on a nugget or the pointy end on a mini two. You’re essentially using that pointy end like a giant crayon coloring smooth skin onto the back of your leg"

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Legs 10

#Blastersister Tina

"7 month pics. I blasted every hour a leg for the first few weeks. Then 3-4x per week after that. Now I try to blast 2x per week for 15-30 min per leg. (Evening-watch tv- change positions, change pressure. YOU CAN DO IT TOO!!) (I also blast the rest of my body - but that is what I do for my legs). My hubby says "that thing has worked miracles!" has!!"

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Legs 11

#BlasterSister Rosha

"Sooo, I know mirrored photos are not preferred but I was so embarrassed by my ass and cellulite that I wouldn't allow hubbs to take a photo back in Feb '19 but you can see the difference?!! JUST started blasting in the shower on August 29th 2019, about 5x per week. ***Routine*** 5x per week (m - f usually) Shower in hot, steamy water about 10 minutes. Now, ladies. I am a bigger sized girl, wearing an 18 in pants, dresses, etc. So, please be assured that if you are thicker, it STILL CAN WORK for you."



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Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Hair 1

#BlasterBrother Michael

“I blast 12 min almost daily with the Faceblaster. My hair has grown in so much, I can’t believe I was even that bald. First and last picture are 5 months apart. I’m a believer now! ”

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Hair 2

#BlasterSister Jaime

"I blasted with the mini 2 in the shower every once in a while. Probably 1-2 times a week on my scalp in the front and the perimeter of my face for about 30 seconds on my scalp and 30 seconds on my face. I also blast my legs about once a week. I am still thin in that area but not nearly as bad as I was!!"

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Hair 3


“I have been using the fascia blaster on my head for 3 weeks. Did have my hair done but you can see a big difference! I'm so excited.”



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Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Feet 1

#BlasterSister Lindy

"I took a picture of mine not intending to even blast it because I was too afraid that if it started to shift it would hurt really bad, it would just cause pain in general, or maybe even make it worse. But I took a picture of mine just for fun that day and tonight as I looked down at my feet I hadn't even realize the difference in size! I'm truly shocked! I've had this sucker for 25 years and I can't believe how much smaller it is right now. I'm truly amazed. I blast my feet a couple times a week for just a few minutes and give a little extra attention to my big toe - but that is all I do (as far as my feet go I blast my entire body a couple times a week). Thank you Ashley Black for this amazing gift and for being so passionate about sharing it and your wisdom ❤ (Sorry for the feet and the chipped polish!!) Orange polish is about 6 weeks ago purple is today."

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Feet 2

#BlasterSister Wendy

"Left was 1st treatment (4/23) after watching Ashely's video on bunions. Right side is tonight (4/27)after 2nd treatment 😀 #byebyebunion #fasciablastingsuccess"

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Feet 3

#BlasterSister Jeri

“Not only has my body transformed from head to toe but I was able to get off my daily preventative migraine meds that I took for about 8 years! I was able to decrease pain throughout my body. I do a full body blast 2-3 times a week…I used the faceblaster for my face and neck and the mini2 and original along with the master blaster for the rest of my body. I heat up in the shower or hot bath."

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Feet 4

#BlasterSister Jacqueline

"Well I never thought my first post would be of my TOE!! I’ve had this hard callus on my toe for so long(it was also on the side too). I’ve tried callus creams/pad/oil removers & even took an electronica foot file to it once. OMG that hurt for a full month. However after seeing someone’s post here on their finger I thought let me try my toe! Well I am so happy with the results. Amazed actually. I’m going to keep at it as there is still some on the top. I will feel better wearing flip flops now."



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Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Scar 1

#BlasterSister Zara

“For anyone who does not know this is called morphia or scleroderma. Less then 1% of the population gets this. There was no reason for it to pop up but did. No cure! I feel the progress is very slow but there is progress. This is a very awesome product. Thank you so much #ashley for creating the blaster!! I will say I got my hair cut last night. I cut 8" or so off. I'm pretty sure me blasting my scalp has helped hair growth!!”

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Scar 2

#BlasterSister Rosa

"When I first bought the FB I was just wondering if I can blast my face for my acne scar so I mentioned it to Ashley and frankly I had nothing to lose and started experimenting on my face and kept Ashley posted by sending her my pics and she actually saw an improvement .. at first I didn't think I saw any improvements ..just my scars getting worse but then when I compared my beginning pics I started to see the changes and that motivated me to keep at it."

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Scar 3

#BlasterSister Adrienne

"My scar on my hip. I have had this scar since I was 2. I have hip dysplasia so I started surgeries at 2yrs old and I have NEVER SEEN it this long an healthy. Still working on it but thus is my 3 month progress. I did poke an wiggle along with hard an fast (after my first 10 light an fast). I work on my hip every 2-3 days an make sure I get it hot with heating pad or in a hot bath. I have not felt the top part of my leg since 2002. I am feeling those uncomfortable stinging yes. It doss hurt some but it's so exciting An I did the poke an wiggle on the inside an the outside part of it.. it's working great."

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Scar 4

#BlasterSister Gail

"This is simply awesome! I had major shoulder surgery Aug 31 to prevent the shoulder from the continual dislocations I was dealing with. At 8 weeks post op, my PT told me to start digging with my fingers in the scar as hard as I could stand it to break up the scar tissue. I used my blaster very lightly and broke up the scar tissue in no time! Much easier on my hands. FYI, Ashley does recommend waiting 12 weeks before using the blaster on a surgery site. However since I was told to dig in and break up scar tissue I was able to use the blaster earlier. Left photo is 3.5 weeks post op and right is coming up on three months. The lower scar which intersects the new scar is from 12 years ago. Thank you #AshleyBlack for this incredible tool! I am ecstatic about my results. I can't wait to see how this works on my whole body now that I can use this arm again."

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Scar 5

#BlasterSister Cynthia

“I blast every night in the shower or spa. I use the face blaster on my hands and feet and face. The paddle blaster back, stomach, legs. Regular blaster full body. Mini 2 legs, shoulders & arms.”



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Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Knees 1

#BlasterSister Gabriele

"Look at the difference. Even my scar that I have since I was 14 got smaller. I only blasted a few times with the original blaster."

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Knees 2

#BlasterSister Robin

"Just wanted to show you what happens with consistent blasting and restoring your fascia, even in a really tough area like your knees!"

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Knees 3

#BlasterSister Stacie

"Well, I’m nearing my two year mark and I thought I would share my progress. I started with sitting in my infrared sauna 5 days a week and then blasting. I didn’t really change my diet. I did this for one year straight. Then, just because of time, I did the sauna and blasting about 3-4 times a week. These are my photos, I beyond happy with my knees! I can’t believe the difference! This is a process, I’ve gotten great results ..I will do for the rest of my life! Thanks Ashley Black"



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Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Arms 5

#BlasterSister Sher

"Started blasting against migraines and then peripheral neuropathy from RA. With those successes, I decided to commit to the whole body protocol and to start documenting. First photo is Sept 13 (a couple of weeks into blasting), second Oct 13 and last Nov 13. I am 64 years old."

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Arms 6

#BlasterSister Loretta

"Those couple minutes in the shower every other morning sure pays off."

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Arms 7

#BlasterSister Adria

"I am not hugely consistent with them because I bruise badly and take a while to heal. So maybe once a week since March (picture documentation but actually started in January). I use a heating pad to heat up my arms. I use the mini 2 and face blaster."

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Arms 8

#BlasterSister Ashley

"Not only has it given me aesthetic results via cellulite reduction and muscle growth, but has helped my shin splints, scoliosis, sciatica, tension knots, muscle recovery, etc. Thank you so much!"

full body

Full body

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Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Full Body 9

#BlasterSister Lindsay

“My diet did not change much and to be honest, it wasn’t as clean as it should have been, but it was never terrible. I mostly blasted in the bathtub, sometimes in the shower, with shower gel. I use the face blaster on my whole body (but started incorporating the master blaster when it became available). I spend about 5 minutes per area and focus on one area at a time, but do my whole body. The difference between the first two pictures is roughly two years, but I was blasting for a little over a year (maybe a year and a half?). I don’t remember exactly. I didn’t have a more recent “before” picture, but this is still what I looked like when I started. The difference between the 2nd and 3rd pic is the 60 days of the heartbutt challenge. The difference in weight between the 1st and 3rd picture is about 10 pounds.”

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Full Body 10

#BlasterSister Kelli

"I'm beyond bound so it has taken quite awhile to get this progress but I didn't get this bad overnight so it isn't going to get better overnight. Getting healthy is a marathon, it's lifestyle changes you can sustain not a magic pill or wand. I'm obsessed with blasting! I'm not on a diet, I don't count or restrict my calories but I naturally tend to lean towards more ketogenic meals. I blast every other day for about 3-5 mins per area typically in a super hot shower with a space heater in my bathroom. I use Ashley's oils but if I run out before I can order more I use coconut oil with a few drops of grapefruit essential oil. I focus on my butt, thighs, love handles and abs. I try to do a full body blast once every 2 weeks. I do blast my whole booty, relaxed not flexed. I'm down a total of 28lbs now and almost all of my cellulite is gone!"

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Full Body 11

#BlasterSister Kym

"Blasting is work, basically a part time job. But ladies the results are worth it. Just turned 49 and feelin fine ha ! I lost 15 pounds and blast on and off for 8 months, I still have work to do on my legs but I feel so much better about myself. I am weight loss coach and a personal trainer so this shows people it's real and you have to put in the hard work with workouts and good clean eating and lastly BLASTING! I have been with this group since 500 members so it's a special part of my life. Ashley your a true gift to us."

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Full Body 8

#BlasterSister Fabu

"I’m officially a 1 MONTH blaster!!!! I wanted to keep my mind occupied with something positive. I figured I can’t control what’s going on around me, but I can control how much time I invest in myself. I wanted to verify if the sweat dripping down my face, daily blasting for what seemed like hours, and fatigued hands was worth it. If I didn’t see any results in 2 weeks, I was gonna be furious (blasting is an extreme sport)! To my surprise I had results in 2 weeks and drastic change in a month! I knew I was bad, but not that bad...sheesh! I haven’t changed my horrible diet and took a week break from blasting in week 3 to let my bruises heal. My advice to new blasters: JUST BLAST. Don’t over think it."

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Full Body 6

#BlasterSister Els

"I got GREAT results and lost 20 lbs but still had stubborn spots and cellulite. My stomach was bad from 2 babies back to back. I added in the Fascia Blaster in late May, so this is 2 months progress. I kept the same diet and exercise routine. I blast about 3x week. I don't heat up internally (I know I should!) but try to externally."

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Full Body 5

#BlasterSister Ammie

"I have been blasting just over a year. I have learned to love my body again. I was so miserable in pain every day. I could hardly walk when I got out of bed. When I would finally get out of bed, I would walk like a penguin with its feet on fire! My hands and feet would be blue when I woke up! I had no circulation in them. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and was put on pain medication, which I hated. I would suffer in pain most days because I didn't want to take the medication. I couldn't exercise any more, which was a big part of my life before. I'm so grateful for Ashley Black, she is such a beautiful soul. I'm off pain medication! I have lost 25 pounds and many inches off my body. I'm exercising again! I'm not where I want to be yet, had a few set backs. I'm a lifetime blaster. I found out Quickly that taking time off from blasting, is Not good idea! I blast in the shower mostly. I also like to blast in the sun. I do 1-2 full body blasts a week. I use the face blaster daily on my arms and legs, for circulation movement. When I'm short on time I do certain areas that are most needed for pain management. Left pic is my start. Right pic is in May. I haven't taken any new ones recently. But I will soon. These suits are now to big, well the bottoms are! Thank you Ashley! "

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Full Body 12

#BlasterSister Julie

"In 2015, after seeing an ad and purchasing the revolutionary FasciaBlaster, I had my first use and was immediately hooked. After so many years of trying numerous treatments, pills, and potions for chronic pain, my frozen shoulder immediately felt better than ever which encouraged me to Fasciablast my entire body and incorporate into my massage therapy practice. I quickly saw phenomenal changes in myself and my clients. The results achieved the past 5 plus years by using the FasciaBlasters far outreaches anything my hands alone could ever achieve. While Fasciablasting sore hips and tight legs it’s notable to see decreased cellulite, fat, and improved skin tone and texture all while chasing pain away. The Fasciablasters unique ability to remodel connective tissue has allowed me to live my life without limitations and to make a difference in the lives of others through my teachings and treatments. Finding the Fasciablasters changed my personal and professional life. I highly recommend them for self use and anyone in the bodywork profession."



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Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Transformation 1

#BlasterSister Renee

"I’ve been Fascia Blasting for 3 1/2 years and boy what a journey it has been. I’m a #BlasterForLife. My routine has changed over the years but here is what I do now. I do the majority of my blasting every other day. Usually all of my lower body on one day, then upper body on the other. Then a full body head to toe at least once a week. My fave tools are the Face Blaster, Master Blaster, and Mini2. I also love the Paddle Blaster for my back and abs. I use the Face Blaster everywhere and do my face about 2-3 times a week. I have all of them and they are all wonderful but those are my go to’s. Heat up, oil up, and Blast! Don’t overthink it. You will find what works for you as you go. Read the book! You will thank yourself. I’m reading mine again. 😊 Most important is enjoy yourselves, ask questions in the groups. We are all here to help. We truly are #BetterTogether."

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Transformation 2

#BlasterSister Natalie

"I invested in me. And it was the greatest thing I could have ever done, for myself. Because, I am worth it, and so are you...I portion control my meals- making sure I fuel my body with what it needs. I rarely drink alcohol. I blast every few days in the shower. I try to focus mostly on my legs as it’s my problem area! I own almost all the blasters! I drink 1 meal replacement shake a day. And I ONLY drink water!!!!!"

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Transformation 3

#BlasterSister Kerry

"I am 48 years old I feel incredible I have boundless energy there has been a tremendous reduction in the transabdominal fat. I have been battling this for three years due to menopause. It’s never too late to start. I started blasting over 3 years ago and I just can’t believe how my life has changed since I first started! I first ordered the fascia blaster for cosmetic reasons I was unhappy with my legs. Everyone else in my family had tiny thin legs I got the thicker upper legs! I started to notice that when I blasted my body was pain free! What a miracle a hairdresser of 30 years with chronic neck back, shoulder, foot pain I was in the chiropractors office 3x a week for 17 years I went to a rheumatologist and got shots of steroids in my neck every 3 months . I got acupuncture was on anti-inflammatory medication you name it I was on it ...Until I found Ashley Black When I started blasting the only blaster available was the original. We only had videos of ladies in the bathroom in their undies not the fancy stuff you guys have now🤣🤣🙌🏻🙌🏻Thank you Ashley for creating this wonderful tool that changed my life forever ❤️❤️I’m a blaster for life!!

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Transformation 4

#BlasterSister Crystal

"You owe it to yourself and your body to give these tools a try! These "plastic sticks" have changed my life and my muscle recovery. Self care is not selfish. If you are running crazy right now you NEED this self care! If you are home with way too much lonely free time on your hands then opt for SELF CARE!! My self love, mental health, and physical health all benefited from taking a few minutes a few days a week to try to fix a vanity issue (cellulite)! Instead I found relief from pain, less inches, and a confidence to want to workout and eat healthy because I DESERVE IT!!!"

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Transformation 5

#BlasterSister CC

"For those of you ladies on the fence here is a little push, the 1st photos are 1 year ago and the 2nd pic that follows are now 70lbs difference. ✨BLASTING ONLY ✨ I did not change my diet and I did not exercise."

Ashley Black Guru - Before and After - Transformation 6

#BlasterSister Christy

“My dedication to EVERYTHING positive whether health, nutrition, faith, love, fasciablasting, my daily pd or impacting other peoples lives, I stay dedicated to all of this. The life that we are given isn't the life that we have to accept."

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