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Skin & Fat

The blood supply that carries nutrients to the skin runs through the fascia, so fascia-care is very important in keeping the skin youthful and vibrant. In a peer-reviewed and published study, the science indicates that the FasciaBlaster tools also increased collagen production and reduced the fat layer at the surface.

Massage and Refining Tool

Mini 2™

$75.00 $49.00
Prep Tool


$69.00 $48.00
Refining Tool

FasciaBlaster® Nugget

$30.00 $21.00
Save 30%
Prep Tool


$175.00 $122.00
Oils and Creams

3.4 OZ Blaster Oil®

$19.00 $13.00
Clothing and Accessories

Sauna Suit

$39.00 $11.00
Save 72%
Clothing and Accessories

Mini Back Pack

$29.00 $8.00

Fasciablasting is most effective when used as a system

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