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Ashley Black Experience
Ashley Black Experience
Ashley Black Experience
Ashley Black Experience

Beginner's Kit

A little bit of everything

Ashley Black Guru - Beginner's Kit

Diamond Kit

Our most luxurious experience

Ashley Black Guru - Diamond Kit

Budget Box

Our Cheapest All-in-one

Ashley Black Guru - Budget Box


Reach your back on your own

Ashley Black Guru - BackPack

Skin Rejuvenation Kit

Cleanse, Blast, Tighten and Kryo

Ashley Black Guru - Skin Rejuvenation Kit

De-Stress Pack

You don’t have to suffer

Ashley Black Guru - De-Stress Pack

Facelift Kit

The secret is the collagen MATRIX

Ashley Black Guru - Facelift Kit

Muscles kit

Grow, Perform, Detox, and Sculpt

Ashley Black Guru - Muscles kit

PAIN kit

Feel better in minutes

Ashley Black Guru - PAIN kit

Hair Kit

One of our coolest Discoveries

Ashley Black Guru - Hair Kit

Men's Kit

Our Onyx tools in a great kit

Ashley Black Guru - Men's Kit

Arms Kit

Shrink and tone

Ashley Black Guru - Arms Kit

Glow Up Face Kit

Curated for a luxurious experience

Ashley Black Guru - Glow Up Face Kit

Mini Kit

Small but Mighty all-in-one Bundle

Ashley Black Guru - Mini Kit

“Just the Basics” Face Kit

Blast, Kryo, Tighten, and GO!

Ashley Black Guru - “Just the Basics” Face Kit

Sensitive Skin Starter Kit

A gentle but powerful combination

Ashley Black Guru - Sensitive Skin Starter Kit

Hair Growth Basics Kit

Simple, but effective! Blast and grow!

Ashley Black Guru - Hair Growth Basics Kit

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From our Founder

It’s not a business, it’s a mission

Thank you so much for coming to Ashley Black, Inc. Taking care of your fascia is such an important part of health and beauty, and I genuinely hope you take that first step today!

*The effects of fascia manipulation with fascia devices on myofascial tissue, subcutaneous fat and cellulite in adult women