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Any tool is PERFECT to get started, but the Quick Start Kit gives you EVERYTHING you need for every Blaster technique!

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For Women

The FasciaBlaster tools were designed by a woman, and every detail of a woman’s body was considered for health, wellness and beauty. The comprehensive collection of FasciaBlaster tools allows women to address their fascia from head to toe, with ease of use and a tangible impact at an affordable price.
Massage and Refining Tool

Mini 2™

Prep Tool


Massage and Refining Tool

Mini 1™


Beginner Kit

$250.00 $139.00
Clothing and Accessories

Sauna Suit

Oils and Creams

12 OZ Blaster Oil®

Clothing and Accessories

FasciaBlaster® Backpack

Clothing and Accessories

#Blastersquad Headband

Clothing and Accessories

Aluminum Bottle

From $10.00