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THe Ashley Black Experience ™


Cellulite is a condition that we believe does not exist. Fat and cellulite are chemically the same; the shape of the fat is determined by the fascia at the surface and deep below the skin. The FasciaBlaster tools are specially designed to address the fascia tissue at all levels.
Massage Tool


$99.00 $69.00
Massage and Refining Tool

Mini 2™

$75.00 $52.00
$19.00 $13.00
Prep Tool


$125.00 $87.00
Refining Tool

FasciaBlaster® Nugget

$30.00 $21.00
Oils and Creams

3.4 OZ Blaster Oil®

$19.00 $13.00
$42.00 $29.00
Clothing and Accessories

FasciaYoga™ Ball

$35.00 $24.00
Clothing and Accessories

Sauna Suit

$39.00 $27.00
Clothing and Accessories

FasciaBlaster® Large Backpack

$59.00 $41.00
Clothing and Accessories

Mini Back Pack

$29.00 $20.00

Fasciablasting is most effective when used as a system

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