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Week 11 Live Feed - Stress Management

We are coming up on the finish line in the Heart Butt Challenge! I have something very near and dear to my heart (wink, wink) to share with you this week. You might not think stress has a clear relationship with booty shaping, but you’d be surprised! So often we want to go hardcore with our diet and exercise and Blasting to get the fastest...


HeartButt Week 10 - Advanced Heart Butt Exercises

I want to bring home the Heart Butt Challenge in a big way, so this week we’re kicking it up a notch! We’re taking the exercises you’ve been doing throughout the challenge to the next level. These variations are specifically for those who have been doing the exercises for several weeks and faithfully working on hip extension and glute activation. If you need to start...


HeartButt Week 9 - Advanced FasciaBlaster Techniques

There are definitely times it’s amazing to have a partner help you with a FasciaBlaster session, whether it’s for areas that are harder to reach yourself or times you want to just relax and enjoy. For the Heart Butt Challenge, it’s particularly helpful to have a partner reach that glute/hammy tie-in! Before you ask a friend or loved one to get that close and personal,...


Week 8 Live Feed - Advanced Fasciablaster Techniques

Take Your Heart Butt to the Next Level We are now DEEP into the Heart Butt Challenge, and this week I want to bring you some more advanced techniques! I can see from our Heart Butt Challenge private group you guys are in it to win it! If you have stubborn areas you want to give some extra focus, these are for you! Before we...


Week 7 - How to Care for Your Tissue While You Shape Your Booty

Recovery is a wonderful topic, and you might be surprised just how big a role it can play in the appearance of your Heart Butt! When you think of recovery, do you think of recovering from FasciaBlaster® sessions, from doing the Heart Butt exercises, or from life in general?

HeartButt Week 6 - Eating to Grow Your Booty

Eating to Grow Your Booty We’ve been learning throughout the Heart Butt Challenge to sculpt our backsides in a whole different way, and I’m thrilled this week to take it beyond exercises into the health of our tissue! Nutrition interfaces with both the health of our fascia and our ability to build muscle. I’m not a nutritionist, so I’m here to guide you to the...

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