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Ashley Black Ashley Black
We’ve all been told to start and end workouts with some stretching, but did you know you can use that warm-up and cool-down time to support your fascia health and body goals? If you stretch your hamstrings, IT bands, calves, and quads, that’s a great step - but we can make it more effective! Let’s discuss stretching the whole body via the FASCIA! All those body parts I mentioned... they are connected to A LOT of other body parts! Your hamstrings could be tight because of your mid-back, your IT bands could be tight because of your rib cage! Don’t worry if it sounds complicated... that’s where I come in to make it EASY... not to mention FREE! 
I know that we’ve talked about fascia before, but for my newbies, fascia is the fibrous connective tissue that runs all throughout the body. It provides a framework that helps protect and support individual muscle groups, organs, ligaments, nerves… basically the entire body. And stretching to target the fascia is different than the muscle stretches you may already know. We want to stretch BOTH! And we have a funny saying, but it’s true. “The muscles are the fascia’s bit**,” and they are! If the fascia is tight the muscles won’t stretch! 
In FASCIAYOGA, I teach you to stretch full lines of fascia to get at that overall framework, and it feels completely different from stretching one specific muscle! You might even discover areas you didn’t realize were tight when you address the system as a whole like this. Stretching in general helps get blood flowing to the tissue and supports recovery, and moving these tissue fibers even helps with tissue hydration, reaching the areas that actually need it! We’ve had so much feedback from users that they feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and even sleep better after doing FasciaYoga!
Whether you’ve dealt with injury, inactivity, or are working toward higher levels of fitness, stretching your fascia is a great idea! All of those factors can leave you feeling stiff and tight as the muscle and fascia bind together. If we want to signal those fibers to loosen up and allow more range of motion, we need to stretch our fascia CONSISTENTLY. So many of my fascia stretchers have improved their freedom and mobility just by incorporating a few minutes of FasciaYoga every day! And it’s great for beginners, google #fasciayogamodifications to see variations that anyone can do! 
So to answer your question, can fascia be stretched?  Of course it can, and I make it so easy with my free FasciaYoga App!  Adding fascia line stretching to your fascia repair program will be a game-changer!
Be sure to check out our app and post your experience on our Facebook page.  We love to hear from you!
Happy Blasting with Love and Light to you all,

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