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Ashley Black - Article Author Ashley Black - Article Author

Our founder, Ashley Black, has always valued cutting edge science blended seamlessly with attainable, clean beauty. Ashley spent over a year with the country’s most elite chemist formulating her specialized oils and creams, combing over every detail of her renewables for optimal FasciaBlasting enhancement!

The packaging is a reflection of us all bursting out of our cocoons of fascia and unveiling our inner beauty. The smell was inspired by Ashley’s surfer lifestyle in Costa Rica. Every use feels like a vacation, with coconut, lavender and fresh breeze essence to invigorate the senses.

How does Blaster Oil burn fat?


Ashley Black Experience - Before and After

Blaster Oil heats the tissue as shown in thermal imaging


Ashley Black Experience - Brown and White Cells

Blaster Oil converts stubborn fat storing cells to fat burning cells

How does the AB Deluxe Serum work?


Ashley Black Experience - How Serum Work

My deluxe serum is infused* with fermented microalgae that are uniquely cultivated in CO2 and light in photobioreactors. You can feel the effect on your skin for up to 4 hours after application, and long lasting tightening benefits when used regularly.


Ashley Black Experience - Special Sugars

Special sugars contain a tri-dimensional and high molecular weight configuration to target the cellular network.


Ashley Black Experience - 3D Cell

3-D express lifting technology that is based on cross linking the glucan biopolymer network.

How does After Blaster Cream Work?


Ashley Black Experience - Arnica

After Blaster Cream is Infused* with arnica, a well known healing agent. A perfect companion for the bruising and sensitivity of FasciaBlasting.


Ashley Black Experience - Oat

Scientifically proven oat derivative that tightens and firms the skin.


Ashley Black Experience - Aloe

Infused with Vitamin C and aloe, providing antioxidants to the tissue and reducing inflammation.