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Is there a FasciaBlaster Dupe and everything you wanted to know about FasciaBlasting

by Ashley Black

Is there a FasciaBlaster Dupe and everything you wanted to know about FasciaBlasting

So you’ve been browsing online and are wondering if there are other alternatives to FasciaBlasting. Still, the truth is there is no other way to get the results of the FasciaBlaster, without a FasciaBlaster. While FasciaBlaster knockoffs and bandwagoners who have found “fascia massage” and “fascia therapy” to be nice keywords can give some mild massage benefits, you won’t get the fascia tissue, aka collagen remodeling* effect. Fascia remodeling is what FasciaBlasters do… The dupes just massage, beat, roll, and pet the tissue.

We are not just the makers of FasciaBlasters but the authority on fascia care. Our brand comes with a lot of perks. One of which is free coaching on our products. We are here to answer all your questions below.

Is there a FasciaBlaster Dupe?

Simple answer, NO! The FasciaBlaster is the only tool on the market scientifically proven to remodel the collagen fibers of fascia (see the study above). Fascia does not respond to massage guns that pound the tissue, wood tools that roll or slide over the fascia, stone massaging, etc. The claw design of the Fascia Blaster is what makes it unique and what makes it work. No other tool is designed to go “brush” into the fascia.

So what is FasciaBlasting?

FasciaBlasting is the act of scrubbing the FasciaBlaster tools on the body on bare skin with oil to improve overall health and beauty through contouring and skin palpation with the FasciaBlaster tools. We have wonderful tutorials you can watch to learn how to get started.

Is there a Fascia Blaster alternative?

FasciaBlasting uses claws that act like a brush to “penetrate INTO the fascia,” the way a brush penetrates into hair to smooth out tangles. Would you try to brush out a hair knot with a brush with no bristles? NO. Similarly, we can’t smooth fascia tissue and remodel collagen by rolling or pounding. However, if you just LOVE to use your rolling, pounding, or scraping devices, make sure you use the FasciaBlaster tools FIRST! This will allow you to palpate the fascia before using other methods that target different body systems, like muscles and lymphatic systems.

Does FasciaBlasting really work?

Yes, FasciaBlasting really works! Not only are our FasciaBlaster tools backed by peer-reviewed and published research, but we also receive pictures and testimonies from real customers daily!  We have one of the largest groups on Facebook, with over 400k women sharing their pictures, routines, and tips on how they have added FasciaBlasting into their regimen. We hope you join us! Below you will see amazing pictures and testimony from another of our customers in our women's group who shared her progress.

“The difference in weight between the 1st and 3rd picture is about 10 pounds. I spend about 5 minutes per area and focus on one area at a time, but do my whole body. I blast about 3 to 5 times per week. I did the heartbutt exercises 3 to 5 times per week.”  #BlasterSister Lindsay

Does FasciaBlasting work on the face?

Yes, we have the FaceBlaster and OMGBlaster tools specifically for the face. Remember, our tools were scientifically proven to increase collagen production and remodel collagen, so the benefits for the skin are incredible! Just a few minutes a day, a few times per week can create the changes you are looking for. Consistency and working to flush temporary blood flow to the blasted sites while using the FasciaBlaster tools are key. All you have to do is scrub the FasciaBlaster tools for the face on the face in a gentle motion and target any areas you would like to improve. We love the OMG Blaster for the face as it has five different tips that allow you to get more precision and all the finer details of the face. This comes with a Skin Invigorating Tool for bringing blood flow to the surface and scrubbing away dead skin cells for gentle exfoliation, a Single Claw Wrinkle Blaster for targeting the whole face effectively, a Mini Nugget Trigger Point for the areas with tension or tight spots, a Fine Line Eraser for small spaces for extra defining, and a Lymphatic Gua Sha Flusher for targeting lymphatic flow in the tissues. We are so happy to share this revolutionary all-in-one face tool with the public for at-home skin care enhancement! Check out the pictures and testimony from one customer below.

“Today, at 50 years old I am happy with my face.  I haven’t had any injections or fillers in my face. I tune-up my face about one to two times a month, but I blast my scalp daily still.” #BlasterSister Dana

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