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Ashley Black Guru - Belly Ashley Black Guru - Belly

It is so amazing how our clothing can affect our fascia. I started seeing this many years ago in my clinics, where clients would have “unexplained” fat pockets or dents. When our clothing is pressed into an area for an extended amount of time, our fascia can be affected. Check out this pic of a woman who had a dent below her belly button from the button of her jeans!

Ashley Black Guru - Belly

So, with this in mind I became a big fan of the UNITARD! I rock a unitard all the time! I hope one day to have a whole line of them, but for now, I wanted to create something fun and fascia friendly that was also a great compliment to FasciaBlasting. And so, the UNI was born! I LOVE this for the whole family! And it’s not just cute, it has some awesome features too!

Ashley Black Guru - Belly

First of all, you wouldn’t think something like this would be flattering, but it is. I designed it to have structure with a tapered waistline and drop crotch for a fun style! The zipper opens from the top and from the bottom, and it also has a zippered back end for convenience 😉

It is made of high quality sweat material, and the hood is lined with faux fur, making it super warm and UBER COMFORTABLE. The Ashley Black UNI is perfect for pre and post FasciaBlasting! And it’s amazing loungewear as well as outerwear. This is the item you had no idea that you wanted, but CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT!

So excited to offer this ONE TIME sale for all of you who have been asking! TRUST ME, you will love it. And it makes a great gift as well! ME and Jordi rock our UNI’s on the regular and so does my whole family! We even travel in them... it’s quite the show!

Ashley Black Guru - Belly


Ashley Black Guru - Belly

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