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“For those that need a little inspiration. I achieved this in a years time blasting 2-3 days a week in the shower for 10 minutes total. Even at 62 you can get amazing results!”

#BlasterSister Yvonne

"50 yrs old and more comfortable than ever in my own skin because of fascia blasting!"

#BlasterSister Laura

"7 month pics. I blasted every hour a leg for the first few weeks. Then 3-4x per week after that. Now I try to blast 2x per week for 15-30 min per leg."

#BlasterSister Tina

"I spend about 5 minutes per area and focus on one area at a time, but do my whole body. I blast about 3 to 5 times per week. I blast over my actual butt cheeks with the face blaster and use the scraping technique with the mini 1 on my saddle bag areas. In addition to blasting, I did the heartbutt exercises 3 to 5 times per week."

#BlasterSister Lindsay

"Turning 40 this year and going on a beach vacation this summer. Entering the challenge was a way of holding myself accountable and made me follow the HeartButt Calendar religiously."

#BlasterSister Sheida

" I had no idea I had this much improvement until I compared the pictures! I will keep blasting!"

#BlasterSister Alice

Ashley Black Explains

How our tools are different
and how they work

That FasciaBlasting works is not our opinion

FasciaBlasters eradicated cellulite in a 90 day peer reviewed* and published study at the skin and fascia level

perfect cellulite kits for you

Easy, affordable, guaranteed

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