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Ashley Black's Kryomat™ Large

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    The Large KryoMat is the crown jewel of all the KryoPacks for me. The goal with cold therapy was to emulate the experience of a Cryo Freeze chamber or cold tub dunk. After years of working with professional athletes, this type of therapy was a staple, but it is almost inaccessible to the general public. This massive mat (63" x 31.5" ), can be laid on, laid under, or can be wrapped around like a burrito. It is heavy and will require a full-size freezer to store (17.7" x 16" x 4.7" and 27 lbs), but will be well worth the extra effort. For full-body inflammation, this is a must-have product and practice in your health care regimen.

    ⭐ Cold blanket for overall cold
    ⭐ lay on it to mold to the spine
    ⭐ a practitioners fantasy for post-treatment
    ⭐ get two and lay on one and under one
    ⭐ Like a traveling Kryofreeze

    ✅ Skin
    ✅ Fascia tissue
    ✅ Bruising
    ✅ Muscles
    ✅ Fat pockets
    ✅ Tightness / Tension
    ✅ Discomforts

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    You can buy this product in 4 installments with

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