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What is Fascia?



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Fascia is the white fibrous connective tissue made up primarily of collagen that lays on top of and penetrates every body system. The fascia houses the blood, nerves, and lymphatic system. The skin is also partially made up of fascia.

As we age or have injuries and traumas, our fascia becomes thicker, disorganized, and in more severe cases, glue-like. The primary reason for unhealthy fascia is that the average person does not address their fascia (think never brushing your hair). Other factors include, but are not limited to, inadequate biomechanics, sugar intake, mental stress, injury, breathing toxins, unbalanced microbiome, hormonal problems, high impact exercise, not enough circulation, and so on.

To regenerate fascia, making it smooth, supple, and hydrated, it needs to be "brushed." You cannot roll it (despite popular belief), massage it, laser it, drug it or do surgery on it. The FasciaBlaster tool penetrates the tissue with its patented claws, similar to how a regular hairbrush penetrates and organizes hair. The brisk scrubbing motion with the rigid claws, over time, regenerates the fascia.

At the Ashley Black Experience, we are thrilled to see so many people interested in the fascia. To better comprehend this universal singularity, we have continued to lead cutting-edge fascia research. Our dream is to have medical degrees based in the field of Fasciology. As we are only scratching the surface of Fascia education and treatment, we are excited at the possibilities of how our products can impact lives as fascia becomes more a part of the conversation.

Keep in mind, the first course in any medical field is anatomy and physiology. Yet, anatomy and physiology currently taught are almost void of fascia. They learn about the body in dissection courses by removing the fascia and pulling out individual parts to study. (Think the kids game "Operation"). In a fascia-based curriculum, the body would be dissected layer by layer in thin slices to understand it more holistically.

The entire basis for our understanding of the body needs a reboot (think changing operating systems). Until the foundation of medical knowledge is shifted, we are going to have to stumble our way through.

Today, more people are becoming aware of the latest fascia research and seeking comprehensive fascial tools to treat their pain, mobility, and soft tissue health.

The bottom line with fascia is that there is a lot of unknown information and misinformation. But the potential for fascia care is limitless.