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Fascia is the white fibrous connective tissue made up primarily of collagen that lays on top of and penetrates every system of our body. Fascia houses the blood, nerves and lymphatic system. The skin is also partially made up of fascia.

As we age or have injuries and traumas, our fascia becomes thicker, disorganized, and in more severe cases glue-like. Fascia has several reasons to become thickened, disorganized, or glue-like. The primary reason is that the average person does not address their fascia (think never brushing your hair). Other factors include, but are not limited to bad biomechanics, sugar intake, mental stress, injury, breathing toxins, unbalanced microbiome, hormonal problems, high impact exercise, not enough circulation and so on.

To regenerate fascia, making it smooth, supple, and hydrated, it needs to be “brushed”. You cannot roll it (despite popular belief), massage it, laser it, drug it or do surgery on it. The FasciaBlaster tool was created with specially designed claws to penetrate little by little into the tissue, the same way a hairbrush penetrates hair. The brisk scrubbing motion with the rigid claws, over time, regenerates the fascia.