Turkey Neck 2

Dear Blaster Family,

One of the body issues I get asked about the most is how I help women get such great results with turkey neck! And the answer is simple – FaceBlast! Let me break down the reasons with scientific research...

Ashley Black Guru - Turkey Neck


“I only faceblast on random occasions about once a week.
Working on my turkey neck which I hated. I am so glad I took the photos."

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5 Really Good Reasons

Collagen Production- In peer-reviewed scientific studies, the FasciaBlaster showed to increase
systemic collagen, the primary building block for sturdy skin. It’s mind-blowing that when the study looked inside the blood for PICP markers, it was proven that collagen levels were increasing!

Fascia is the “blood-gate” to the skin- The
fascia is what houses the blood, but if the fascia
is dysfunctional, then it could impede the blood from reaching the skin. The blood is what carries all the neck tightening nutrients to the skin, such as collagen and oxygen! Open the floodgates
with good fascia and let your skin be nourished! FaceBlasting your neck also provides temporary blood flow to the skin of the face. So, open the blood-gates and LET IT FLOW!

Long Muscles create a long neck- The FaceBlaster relaxes muscles and fascia locally in the neck
to allow the head to rest properly on top of the spine. Long necks, lengthen the loose skin. Postural changes alone help with the look of the “turkey neck” and FasciaBlasting makes it easier!

Secret and Patented Ingredients- Our AfterBlaster Cream is infused with patented technology
from Sweden, that has proven skin tightening agents. Use on the neck fo r youthfulness and vitality.

Fat Reduction- The FasciaBlaster tools have shown in scientific studies to spot reduce fat at the
site of blasting! Whoo-hoo! Blast that neck fat!

Stop being frustrated and become empowered! I am here to help! Let’s save the turkey for Thanksgiving and start blasting today! These 5 reasons are an innovative and totally new approach to the issue! START sculpting your neck TODAY!

Tutorial and step by step guide to using the faceblaster

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Ashley Black Guru - Turkey Neck

You’re not alone in your quest

for non-surgical solutions!

Remember, I am here to help and so are thousands of women
who have already addressed their turkey neck!

Ashley Black Guru - Turkey Neck


“Tonight I felt a little better and thought omg I need to use my new face blaster. So one is natural lighting one on right is tonight in artificial lighting but still the difference is noticeable."

Ashley Black Guru - Turkey Neck


“Got the face blaster. Notice my eyebrows are growing back!
And slowly my chicken neck is going away!"

Ashley Black Guru - Turkey Neck


“I came across this group after finding Ashley’s ad page and was asked to join. After ordering my first 2 blasters back in May and getting almost immediate results on my neck (4 weeks)"

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