Trauma And Fascia

Can you release trauma from the fascia? Can you release trauma from the fascia?

Can you release trauma from the fascia?

..and calm the nervous system?

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New Science is emerging

Quantifying the theory of trauma and fascia

In this study, researchers found a direct link between psychological dysfunction like Major Depressive disorder and the connection with the condition of the fascia. In addition, the patients responded well to self-myofascial release, suggesting that treating fascia impacts emotions.

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The fascia and the Chi The fascia and the Chi

It’s not just
western Medicine

The fascia and the Chi

Traditional Chinese Medicine identifies 16 major meridians - 14 traditional and 2 contemporary. Science has proven that these meridians, or electrical current pathways travel through the fascia. When the meridian pathways are open (and a person is experiencing optimal health), they allow the flow of Qi (energy) to the body's tissues and organs.

Healthy fascia serves as the conductor, which is essentially your energy. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it’s called Qi. When fascia becomes dry and stiff - or thick - energy can’t pass through it. That stagnation in your body’s tissue translates into illness, pain, and lack of movement.

The root of Chinese Medicine is to remove these energetic blockages for healthy Chi. We believe the Fasciablaster may be able to release blockages in the Chi.

Where you may store trauma Where you may store trauma

Where you may
store trauma

A quick glance at areas you could focus
your Fasciablasting and Kryotherapy

Calming the nervous system Calming the nervous system

Calming the
nervous system

Why KRYO therapy is so effective

Susanna Søberg, Ph.D., a scientist who specializes in metabolism, resilience with stress, cold and heat, and the author of Winter Swimming. “When you handle this short-term stress and learn to calm the nervous system, you learn to stay calm in other stressful situations.”

This is why we include the KryoMat as part of our trauma kits, to lie down on and elicit the parasympathetic nervous system that allows us to rest and digest. The perfect state to release trauma and calm the body after blasting.

Free your Fascia Free your Fascia

Free yourself

Free your Fascia

“I have been obsessed with stored trauma for many years after experiencing my own releases and witnessing hundreds of releases in my clinic. I tried to bring some of the associative science to you, but I truly believe that we have so much to discover on this topic. Imagine FasciaBlasting literally opening energy channels and restoring our emotional health.”

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