Skin Rejuvenation 2

The secret TO the skin is

Under the skin

If you’re lost and overwhelmed with how to care for your skin, you’re not alone and you’re not LOST in the sea of marketing mayhem. You are just in uncharted waters and I am here to help.

“I came across this group after finding Ashley’s ad page and was asked to join. After ordering my first 2 blasters back in May and getting almost immediate results on my neck (4 weeks)

#BlasterSister Jeri

You may be wondering how

the heck does this work?

Is it magic? No! It’s not magic, it’s SCIENCE 🧬! The science is of the FASCIA- the most overlooked system of the body, made primarily of COLLAGEN! The Fascia can pull the skin inwards into skin distortions such as wrinkles. The FASCIA also houses the blood! This is important because the blood is what carries the nutrients to the cells of the body, including the SKIN! You can see here in this animation how the fascia distorts the skin at the surface by the fascia BELOW!

Remember that all the expensive lasers, topicals, massages, and other skin rejuvenation treatments

are trying to do 2 primary things:

stimulate collagen production by faceblasting
Nourish the skin by flushing blood to the face

How would you like to stimulate collagen production and nourish the skin in just minutes a day, with total control? Welcome to FACEBLASTING!

Brush your teeth, Brush your hair, BRUSH YOUR FACE, AND NECK FASCIA!

“Before and after 5 months of somewhat consistent blasting, and I’m 61. Can’t believe I’m posting OR telling my age! These photos are not scientific, different lighting, etc. but both are without makeup and in natural light. “Before” is mid morning with dry hair and “after” is after sauna with wet hair…in the afternoon”

#BlasterSister Cheryl

This is not our opinion

In Peer Reviewed and Published Science

Of 33 subjects, the FasciaBlaster tools used with Blaster Oil and AfterBlaster Cream (Spoiler alert: I’m throwing them in for free) showed an increase of collagen production in the blood, by measuring PICP markers. Boom 💥 - collagen. Secondly, the study showed a remodeling of tissue which would allow for better distribution of nutrients. AND by massaging the fascia of the face with the Faceblaster, you will flush temporary blood flow right to the surface of the skin and turn red quickly! Boom 💥 - nourishment!

I’ve put together a special offer just for

new customers!

$79 $100

You get our award-winning FACEBLASTER at the regular price of $79, for remodeling fascia and flushing temporary blood flow to the skin and I am throwing in the Face Care Essentials FREE! 2 cleansers and the famous BlasterOil and AfterBlaster Cream, infused with ingredients scientifically proven to tighten the skin. Over 20% savings!

You don’t have to HOPE it works - it works!
We have a 1000 days Money-back guarantee to ease your mind!

Beauty based on science, not BS!

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