Ashley Black

The Savage Blaster!

Longer, Lighter, More Big Claws, New Easy Grip.

  • 14 large claws
  • Bonus claws at the end
  • 2 rows of 6 claws
  • Super light and easy to use
  • Grip handles or center
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Ashley Black
Ashley Black Ashley Black

The Savage Blaster

Ashley Black

Hollow center unlike the PaddleBlaster

The large claws are great for deep tissue of large muscle groups such as legs and backs

Great for couples use (Give them that back massage with ease)

Easy to reach the area between the shoulder blades with ONLY one hand

31” length, same as the beloved PaddleBlaster

Cover TONS of territory with ease

Blast both legs 360° in JUST 5 minutes

What Our Customers Say


#BlasterSister Kerry

"I think it's going to be a game changer for beyond bound tissue. 🙌🏻 It glides effortlessly over the skin! It's so easy to maneuver. This beauty will be your back, booty, legs and IT bands best friend!"


#BlasterSister Sheila

"I just love the savage blaster as it is the perfect solution for time poor people...two legs at once and twice as quick. If you want a savage body you have to use the savage blaster!"


#BlasterSister Kerrina

"The product is Flawless! I love how large it is but with the spacing in the back, it is so much lighter than expected!!!"


#BlasterSister Crystal

"Everything looks and feels amazing. The claws are so smooth. The weight is perfect to apply some pressure and not have it roll over while blasting. The fact I can do about 10 different grip positions is GAME CHANGER!"


#BlasterSister Darlene

"It’s easy to use and I love the extra places to hold onto it! I can blast quickly and feel like I’ve accomplished something!!"


#BlasterSister Julie

"Move over Big Daddy and PaddleBlaster… The SavageBlaster has won my heart! I love the SavageBlaster’s ability to quickly do a thorough blast deep into my leg muscles for pre workout performance or post workout recovery. When in a rush size matters! The SavageBlaster delivers with its 14 large claws yet not too heavy!"


#BlasterSister Renee

"The Savage Blaster looks amazing and I love how light it is. The two additional claws on the ends is genius and now we have 14 Claws! Oh, and the cut outs are so great for additional ways to hold it. Great tool for sure!"


#BlasterSister Tabatha

"I love the Savage blaster because it just gets the job done!"


#BlasterSister Timberley

"The Savage Blaster was bigger than I thought but not as heavy as I was expecting. I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about the opening but those handles make it so much easier to hold. Since I have been a long time blaster sister I have experienced great success with all my other fascia tools, after having covid my legs have recoiled and I cannot wait to use this on my legs to get them back into shape!"


#BlasterSister Ashley

"The SavageBlaster feels so different than another blaster, it feels like deep rivers of blood in the muscles opening up and rushing through"


How to use
the savage blaster


Optional: Heat up the tissue by exercising, sauna bath


Apply BlasterOil, infused with thermogenic properties to soften tissue, or oil of your choice


Blast- Go up and down and side to side vigorously on desired areas


Get in there- the SavageBlaster is designed for deep tissue so little by little push harder and harder as your muscles open


Optional but suggested - Apply AfterBlaster-Cream infused with healing botanicals


Optional but suggested - Apply a KryoPack or cold therapy of your choice

This whole process takes minutes a day! It's the PRESCRIPTION for regenerating[1] your fascia tissue!


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