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We know our results are SHOCKING! But they are REAL!

Over a million women have experienced the life changing benefits of healthy FASCIA!

In just a few minutes a day, 3-5x a week, Blast your way to smooth, youthful and supple skin!

YES! It’s that easy


one-time investment for a lifetime of results

Ashley Black
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Everything our celebrity clients use for FasciaBlasting


MasterBlaster: The ultimate prep tool with small claws to start light at the surface before moving on

FasciaBlaster: #1 Selling FasciaBlasting tool with larger claws for myofascial tissue.

FaceBlaster: Specifically designed for the face

Mini 2: Smooth transition between FasciaBlasting and trigger point therapy.

Nugget: Target small or stubborn areas


Deluxe Serum: Immediate tightening, lifting and smoothing

Roll-On Blaster Oil: Roll on the perfect amount, hands-free, making FasciaBlasting easier. The Blaster Oil is infused with patented Fat Burning technology


KryoMat Small: Squishy gel-packed blanket for lowering the temperature or spot cold pack treatment! Lay on it, under it, or wrap up like a burrito!

KryoPack Face Wrap: Cool down and revive your complexion with Face Wrap, a refreshing wrap inspired by the rejuvenating effects of cold therapy.


Large BackPack: Luxurious Sport Pack features triple magnets and it’s equipped with padded compartments throughout for all your tools, oils and creams.

The Cellulite Myth Book: #1 best-selling book all about fascia. Equip yourself with all of the knowledge you need for worry-free FasciaBlasting!

Headband: For mess-free FaceBlasting routine

Extenders: Easily blast hard to reach areas like back - fit all tools

easily works for everyone

We take all the guesswork out, by providing free follow-along tutorials, a FREE daily program sent to your email, and FREE access to coaching. All you need is your Beginner kit & 5 minutes in a day, and you’re on your way to smoother skin!


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