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Dear Blaster Family,

As you know, I love a good sale, and I’m the queen of all things affordable! I do my best to give a lifetime of value for as little as possible. So, in ALL HONESTY I feel like I need to offer my Goddess clients the pack we send to celebrities, my personal friends and my colleagues! We all know about the Platinum Pack in my company, we have just never offered it to the public… UNTIL NOW! 🥂

This is what Ashley Black's

Platinum Pack

looks like. It will not disappoint!

I always feel better when I can launch new things at a big ole’ discount, and this time I have outdone myself! Our Platinum Pack is a $705.99 value for only $299. And for those of you who want to take advantage of this limited supply, this would make the perfect gift! They can buy now, and gift later on a Birthday, an anniversary, Christmas or just because. The best part…there are enough tools for partner blasting! BOOM! 💥

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“I've seen the question and often, "why so many different blasters"?
Well, let me tell you what I like about having so many to choose from...
The FaceBlaster is tiny & perfect. Obviously, it's the only one recommended for the delicate tissue of the face, because of its small claws but, it's also great for the hands, feet and I love it for the knees too!
The MasterBlaster, with it's small claws, is perfect for the rest of the body.
The PaddleBlaster, also with small claws, makes fast work of a full body blast and with it's extra length, it's great for doing your back, by yourself.
For a full size blaster with big claws, you have your choice of the OG FasciaBlaster & the BigDaddy. The extra length of the BD makes it the perfect choice for doing your back, by yourself when you need those bigger claws.
If you want a smaller blaster, with big claws, you get to choose from the Mini1 & the Mini. These are both compact blasters, with different handles, so you get to pick the one that you like best to get the job done. I prefer the Mini1, with the long handle and Nugget end, for arms, lower legs and feet.
I love having so many options!”

Buy now Buy platinum PACK $299

Why get it all?


There is a reason that women post the rooms they’ve made, their saunas they’ve bought and their arsenal of FasciaBlaster tools and accessories! It’s because once you understand the VALUE of 🧬 TISSUE REGENERATION, how could you NOT become a #Blasterforlife? Fascia tissue has been proven through our peer reviewed and published study to REMODEL. So, if you LET GO and get into it, and LIVE it, you will WANT and USE every single tool and accessory! AND, if you’re like me, I would NEVER give up my tools, not for a million dollars…LITERALLY! They are far more valuable to my life than any amount of money! #TRUTH

SMALL CLAWS For Surface Fascia

For super tight, sensitive tissue, or the delicate tissue of the face – start with a small-clawed tool to work light at the surface before moving on. The faceblaster is great for all over the body as well, especially the hands, feet, knees etc., and the Master Blaster is perfect for larger areas like the legs and tight traps.

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Larger claws massage into the myofascial tissue. Myofascial simply means the fascia of the muscles. The claws are bigger and thicker to make this easy. The difference in size and grip is to accommodate leverage for all areas of the body.

Mini 2
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You will receive one set of the Mini 2 and the nugget. The Mini 2 is a large claw device that has the nugget tip. The nugget is also included as it’s great for on the go use, and will quickly become a favorite! Also great for deep stubborn spots!

Mini 2
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No one to get your back?

No Problem

Extenders fit all FasciaBlaster handles so you can leverage every single part of your body!

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We don't leave anything out

The Perfect Blasting Oils and Creams

Ashley Black Guru - Platinum Pack Landing Page Oil and Cream pack with leaves decoration graphic
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The Blaster Oil is infused with patented Fat Burning technology

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Our AfterBlaster cream is infused with patented Skin Tightening technology

You don’t know what you don’t know!

FASCIA PhD in a book!

Included is a copy of my #1 best selling book all about fascia! You can use it as a Quick Reference Guide to equip yourself with all of the knowledge you need for worry-free FasciaBlasting!

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Ashley Black Guru - Platinum Pack Landing Page The Companion Guide by Ashley Black

Progress is the road to perfection

I’m here to hold your hand every step of the way

Also included is the Companion Guide with daily motivation and tips to keep you on track! A blast a day keeps… A LOT a way!

Ashley Black Guru - Platinum Pack Landing Page Kryo Blanket

AshleyBlack kryopack blanket

The Benefit of Kryofreeze without the $$$$

My newest Crown Jewel Product! Squishy gel packed blanket for lowering the body temperature or spot cold pack treatment! Lay on it, under it or wrap up like a burrito!

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Who doesn't love a backpack?

Ours feels like a luxury sport pack

This is no ordinary backpack. I hand designed it from the ground up. One of my favorite features is the triple magnets that allow you to “toss close”, and it’s equipped with padded compartments throughout for all your tools, oils and creams. It’s also waterproof with a separate compartment in the back for clothes or a towel! The quality is super luxurious while still being durable... For FasciaBlasting or just for great STYLE.

Fascia knowledge is a lifestyle

Change your health and beauty trajectory

People always tell me that the day they had their ah-ha moment 💡 with fascia, it changed every single health decision they ever made following it. From waking up with a little ache or tension to starting an exercise program and even how they address their mental health. Fascia knowledge IS that life-changing and EMPOWERING! It’s like the secret key to the castle. So, for me, for a lifetime of care, the MSRP of $705.99 is a BARGAIN! But, my overriding goal is to make sure my customers have the “little push” they need to once and for all - HELP THEIR FASCIA! So, I’m going for more than a little push, I’m doing a limited time over 55% off SHOVE! Even if you have a tool or a couple of tools, this might be your motivator! You can always “double hand” multiple tools at once!

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“I took a chance on trying a new tool and got my life back! Having been athletic my entire life I couldn’t understand why I was in my 40’s I all of a sudden had total discomfort and sensitivity throughout my body from head to toe. Little did I know my fascia was freaking out!!! After 5 years I am a #BLASTERFORLIFE! I incorporate FasciaBlasting into my massage therapy practice. I see phenomenal changes in myself and my clients. The FasciaBlaster’s unique ability to remodel* tissue has allowed me to live my life without limitations and to make a difference in the lives of others through my teachings and treatments.”

Buy now buy platinum pack $299
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#BlasterSister Crystal

“When I first found the FasciaBlaster tools, I was frantically searching for a vain cellulite* fix. Being smooth would solve all of my health and weight problems right??? Little did I know I would stumble upon an amazing self-care gateway that changed my life. I began blasting off and on at first because everyone thought I was crazy, and I let that slow me down. Once I started blasting consistently I noticed an urge to move my body. I am so thankful to Ashley for opening my eyes to treating the whole instead of the part. I have changed my life completely with the help of a magic plastic stick. I wouldn't have it any other way.”

Buy now buy platinum pack $299

The best part of my life is helping others! I hope you will join us today or share this incredible offer as a gift for someone you love!

Love and Light,

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* The science to support claims in this blog

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