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The truth is, people are desperate, overwhelmed and have no idea where to go for answers for living in daily discomfort. You are not alone! I overcame a crippling prognosis after a deadly bone-eating infection, and now live a life of freedom. All you need to bridge the gap is knowledge of where the pain originates, and someone to walk you through the process to give you the tools and motivation to make it happen!
Buddha says: A jug fills drop by drop, and I’m here to support your transformation one step at a time!

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Quick glance video

Your Body is Being Held captive by a Surprising Culprit

If you’re more the “video type,” The Today Show’s team did a beautiful feature on the backstory of the FasciaBlaster tools and the medical team explains the solutions beautifully. The Today’s Show piece is a great introduction to my story, which has turned out to be a lot of people’s stories. Drowning in a sea of overwhelm? Here’s your lifeboat. Knowledge is power.

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The Secret is below the surface

Take a breath, we will start at the beginning

Pain is something that is quite misunderstood as it turns out. We think we have pain because of tennis elbow, nerve pain, plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia, weak or stiff joints, and so forth. Yes, these diagnoses are “labels” for the pain you’re experiencing, but they are not at the ROOT of the pain. So what’s the root of pain? In all my research over the past 21 years, I keep coming across the same explanation for what pain actually is:

Ashley Black - Fascia Structure Graphic v2


Medical News Today reports that:
“Pain is an unpleasant sensation and emotional experience that links to tissue damage.”

2. 😕 By and large, the public doesn’t know how to address tissue damage, and the medical community is addressing it with other means that don’t relate directly to tissue damage, such as surgery, anti-inflammatories, etc.

Professors Diane Mathis and Bruce Spiegelman through Harvard Medicine report:
[They] hope to gain a better understanding of how inflammation is “‘supposed to happen, and how it eventually resolves.’ The sequence, [they say], occurs in four steps: ‘There’s damage, inflammation, resolution of inflammation, and repair. These phases are very different.’ [They] hope to learn how these processes unfold––and ultimately, perhaps, to learn how to stimulate, support, or mimic the body’s natural mechanisms of resolution and repair.”

I love that researchers are looking for the body’s natural mechanisms of resolution and repair, because that is code for REMODELING, something we are proud to report that our tools have been shown to affect in a clinical study!

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Where to turn?

Start here! The Secret is out and This is What it Looks Like

Ready for the most amazing news? If we know that one of the root causes of pain is tissue damage, all we need is a mechanism to assist in restoring it. I’d like to introduce you to an all-natural process that’s affordable, and allows you to address tissue damage in the privacy of your own home on your own schedule. We’ll get to that in just a minute, so just hang with me, I want to explain this in very simple terms.

Discover the miracle of fascia

The surprising Roadmap to healing, and how to read it

First, we need to understand what tissue is. The tissue, in short, is soft structures of the body that are not organs. One of the most important aspects of tissue that affects all the other surrounding tissue is the fascia. If you’re new to that term, it’s also commonly called “connective tissue”.

Collagen icon

Fascia is primarily made of collagen, covers and penetrates virtually every system of the body and exists EVERYWHERE in the human body; head to toe, from the skin to the bone and everywhere in between. Fascia is not just a tissue system, it’s also a fluid system, a communication system, and a vast network that literally holds us together.

In the animation, you can see the progression of tissue damage and the effect of the FasciaBlaster in the remodeling process. Fascial adhesions are called a lot of different things in medical books and alternative fields, so keep an eye out for words like scar tissue, blockages, microtrauma, tissue damage, fibrosis, “thickening” of the tissue... these are all types of fascial adhesions. The adhesions of fascia without intervention can continue to stick to themselves, and to other structures that are housed in the fascia, causing disruption to anything they connect to. No wonder tissue damage is considered the root cause of pain.
You will be surprised what your body is telling you. I am here to help!

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It’s not snake oil it’s science

There is No Greater Agony Than Bearing an Untold Story Inside of you

Ultrasound - 90 days difference

Let’s address this little by little together! Remembering that [if] tissue damage is the root of pain, and researchers are hoping to discover a better way to address it, this image from our peer-reviewed and published study, “The effects of fascia manipulation with fascia devices on myofascial tissue, subcutaneous fat, and cellulite in adult women”, shows evidence of tissue REMODELING.

This is no longer anyone’s opinion; empirical data from the study evidences remodeling. Even the untrained eye can see that all the “white stuff” circled in red (the fascial adhesions) in the before ultrasound picture is tissue damage. In just 90 days of FasciaBlasting, you can see in the after picture new collagen fibres are present.💥Unleash your health from the vice grip of fascia!

We can all stop looking and start Blasting... Feel better as you age, not worse!

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There's more than meets the eye 👀

🩸Blood Doesn’t LIE!

Remodelling fascia has so many other outstanding benefits! The results below were also discovered in the blood analysis, ultrasound evidence, photographs, metabolic testing and other measurements within the study. Use of the FasciaBlaster tools is like the “blood whisperer! Here’s what the data showed!

Collagen production icon

Increased collagen PRODUCTION
(you make it in your blood)

Inflammation icon

Decreased systemic inflammation (the cause of so many health problems)

Metabolsim icon

Increased metabolism (helping with weight control)

Irisin levels icon

Increased Irisin levels (the exercise hormone)

Reduction in cellulite icon

100% saw a reduction in cellulite (fascia is what pulls the skin inward)

Hair growth icon

Hair growth (yep! Follicles are fascia)

Fascia is a significant part of our health and an innovative hack has been discovered!

The Proof is in the Pudding!

Julie is one of hundreds of thousands of users to inspire our journeys!

“I have been blasting 5 years now and have never been healthier. I was living an active lifestyle but... For 10 years I struggled to live my life bearing the agony trying every treatment and bought every product available. In July 2015 the FasciaBlaster popped up on my search. After one fascia blast, I experienced the biggest relief in 15 years! I won my war with the FasciaBlaster and took my life back!”

#Blastersister Julie

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What is FasciaBlasting

Your body is the Stone, The Result is the sculpture, You are the Sculptor and the FasciaBlaster is Your Tool

FasciaBlasting is the act of scrubbing a FasciaBlaster tool light and brisk across lubricated, bare skin, the same way you would scrub with a loofah. Check out our users in action!

That’s it? Yep, that’s it! In the shower, while you watch TV, in the sauna, after a workout or anytime you have free time, you can FasciaBlast to get results in just minutes a day. Brush your teeth, brush your hair, brush your fascia!

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Here’s the Roadmap,

I will be your guide...

When we are uncomfortable and have sensitive skin or other pain sensations, it’s super important to start with a small claw tool. The tiny claws allow you to ease in lightly, at a pressure that meets your level of comfort. And don’t worry AT ALL, because my book and your daily tracker will make sure you understand everything and move at a perfect pace for you. Kit includes Spot Kryopack, my #1 national best-selling book to use as a quick reference guide, my fat burning blaster oil, the Nugget for stubborn tissue, the FasciaBlaster with big claws for deep blasting and a FaceBlaster for your face or any small area for surface blasting.

No guesswork! Everything you need is included at over 40% off!

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Contributing author: Ashley Black

Our inventor, founder and CEO

About Ashley Black:
Ashley Black is a #1 National Bestselling Author of The Cellulite Myth, co-author of the scientific paper “The Effects of Fascia manipulation with Fascia Devices on Myofascial Tissue, Subcutaneous Fat and Cellulite in Adult Women'' and Inventor of the FasciaBlaster®.

After suffering from Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, a bone-eating infection, and a total hip replacement, she had no choice but to look for answers that would defy her medical prognosis of a life of pain management and debilitation. She discovered that limitations and pain in her body were due to the thickening and scarring of fascia, the “sheets'' of connective tissue that connect, penetrate, envelope, and surround every organ, joint, muscle, and system of the body. This contributed to the creation of a new field of science: Fasciology™ - the study of fascia.

Since 1999, Ashley has forged a career as a fascia authority with personal clients in pro sports and Hollywood. The results with her personal clients inspired her to invent the FasciaBlaster® tools in 2014. Many versions of the FasciaBlaster® and complimentary products have followed, and Ashley is dedicated to helping the masses. Her mission in life is to bring evidence-based body hacks to reverse aging and improve health naturally to market. Her motto is “if it doesn’t exist, invent it”, which has led to her creating products that empower users to take care of themselves, as well as, teach her knowledge to progressive health care practitioners and healers. The world is listening and responding, and Ashley couldn’t be more thrilled about the shift.


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