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Ashley Black's Experience Ashley Black's Experience

Founder Ashley Black invented the award-winning FasciaBlaster after spending nearly three decades studying the science behind mobility and pain.

Having a natural aptitude for problem-solving and an insatiable desire to learn, Ashley’s lifelong passion to help others heal grew out of a combination of curiosity and necessity.

Ashley Black's Experience

Ashley's early career

After being diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis as a child, Ashley defied her doctor's predictions when she was told she would need a wheelchair by 25 years old. Instead of relying on painkillers and doctors to control her debilitating chronic pain, young Ashley used logic and creativity to invent healthier and more effective solutions of her own. Thanks to a wide array of self-help methods such as hot-cold bath therapy, rigorous stretching, and strength training, she was able to reverse her symptoms and become an accomplished athlete with a lifelong mission to help others.

Riding her newfound passion for optimal athletic performance, Ashley’s early career began when she worked as a fitness trainer under the legendary strongman pioneer Bill Kazamier for many years. Next, Ashley became the national Pilates trainer for a major fitness chain and developed more expertise in alignment, breathing, and flow of movement in order to improve flexibility, coordination, balance, and build core strength. Ashley rounded out the performance trifecta by joining a dietary company, where she discovered that food really is nature's best medicine.

Ashley Black's Experience

Discovered a scientific breakthrough

Ashley Black's Experience

The upward trajectory came to a sharp halt when she contracted a near fatal, bone-eating infection that entered her nervous system and left her in excruciating pain. Despite doctors telling her she was lucky to be alive and Western medicine failing her, Ashley embarked on a quest to find the root causes and effective treatment of her new excruciating pain.

On her mission to heal, she traveled across continents, perused thousands of international research papers, and subjected herself to every new and non-traditional therapy that had promising outcomes.

She discovered a scientific breakthrough that altered her understanding of physical pain. Ashley immersed herself in theoretical and practical studies concerning fascia, seeing it as the holy grail to her healing.

Ashley discovered that global medical literature consistently alluded to connective fibrous tissues in pain studies and realized that fascia was the missing piece in the picture. She then doubled-down on her research on the subject, undertaking a variety of theoretical and practical studies that she saw as the holy grail of healing.

After years of refining the technique on herself and patients, Ashley emerged with a clinically proven fascia release method to eradicate pain - the revolutionary, patented Fasciology system.

Ashley Black's Experience

Award-winning FasciaBlaster device

The experience led her to successfully launch a nationwide athletic therapy chain, which she ran alongside a team of chiropractic, orthopedic, physical therapy doctors and other body worker specialists. Hollywood celebrities to Olympic/professional athletes to the uber rich flocked to her Fasciology method for pain relief and performance optimization. When demand for her services finally outgrew her flourishing practice, Ashley crafted the award-winning FasciaBlaster device.

Originally designed as a complementary home therapy tool for clients, the invention transformed into a revolution as clients raved about their reduced cellulite.

After a number of double blind studies backed up their clinical evidence, the Fascia Blaster launched to an expanded and ever-evolving market. The system has since grown to include a series of specific tools with a vast community of loyal users in addition to a growing number of professional practitioners and education centers around the globe.

Ashley Black's Experience