Our Story Our Story


To educate the world that they have fascia and provide treatment solutions that make life longer, better, and more beautifully lived.


To revolutionize the healthcare system, beauty industry, and wellness sector by adding fascia as a PROBLEM and a solution.


To educate the world that they have fascia and provide treatment solutions that make life longer, better, and more beautifully lived.


To revolutionize the healthcare system, beauty industry, and wellness sector by adding fascia as a PROBLEM and a solution.

The Passionate Purpose

From Heaven to Hollywood to Households

We have lofty goals, but we will achieve them because this is not just a business- this is a mission. The success of the FasciaBlaster and the Fasciology movement is rooted in personal health struggles, a crippling near-death experience, and the passionate life purpose of the founder, Ashley Black. It wasn’t an overnight success or an easy road for Ashley to turn her heavenly experience into a Hollywood career and a household product line. Still, it’s an exciting and crazy story. If you haven’t checked out her backstory, click here to Meet Our Founder.

To overcome serious injuries, including multiple surgeries and full-body pain, Black slowly discovered that this connective tissue covering and penetrating our entire body was intricately woven into and responsible for our health, performance, and beauty. So much more than any doctor or medical professional ever led her to believe on her journey back to health. Using her own methods, Black went from completely crippled to physically fit.

For over 25 years, Black has immersed herself in pioneering fascia treatments and has sought to raise awareness about fascia’s science, Fasciology, and her efforts have bred substantial results.

The Passionate Purpose The Passionate Purpose

The Rise of the FasciaBlaster

Finding a Marketplace

Ashley Black initially used her methods in a clinical setting in 1998, owning performance centers and as a CEU Educator for medical providers earning her methods early acclaim. In 2004, she transitioned her secret sauce into a “celebrity therapist role” with clientele like the New York Yankees, ProBowl NFL Players, Olympians, TV stars like Debra Messing, and Patricia Heaton and even movie stars like Leonardo DiCaprio. Realizing that she could not change the world with a handful of clients, she began to figure out how to duplicate her methods for the masses. From necessity breeds innovation, she began to formulate ideas for a self-use tool that would be available to help everyone- the FasciaBlaster, created in 2011

Ashley Black

The FasciaBlaster was initially designed for her to use in her treatments and for her clients to use in between their sessions, but because it was so effective for self-treating, Black thought maybe it could have mass appeal. Black realized that there was almost no public knowledge that fascia even exists, much less that it needs to be treated, so it would be a steep uphill climb. She not only had to meet a demand or solve a problem, but she also had to educate the whole world that they have a problem. The big break came when Black connected fascia tissue and cellulite. Fascia is the root cause of cellulite (this is not a secret in the medical industry), and boom- she had a solution for a multi-billion-dollar industry. She figured that she could hook customers with cellulite and parlay that into an education process about the importance of fascia in pain syndromes, performance, and overall health.

Before and After Result

With a small unofficial study and five before and after pictures, Black hit the early days of FaceBook with some simple ads in 2015. She was able to get some early adopters as her missionaries, and more before and after pictures and testimonies began to pour in. In 2016 she was becoming an internet sensation, and by 2017, the company exploded, doing over $40M in revenue. Her dreams of helping the masses were being realized and her cellulite customers were transitioning to customers for life and using the tools for various issues outside the scope of cellulite. Customers were using the FasciaBlasters in ways Ashley never dreamed possible.

Beyond the FasciaBLaster

The MAking of the Product Suite

Once the FasciaBlaster was in the hands of tens of thousands of people, the users began to experiment with the tools in unique ways. They have sawed the FasciaBlasters in half, used them on their faces, glued several together, and we were excited at the innovative collaboration.


We had barely launched the FasciaBlaster, but we wanted to meet the new market demand. We have the opposite of The Field of Dreams philosophy, and we believe “if they come, we will build it.” We survey our customers before we make prototypes, and we learn what fascia care the customer wants. They wanted tools specially designed for the face, tools that could reach their backs, and tools perfect for all areas of the body, so we made them.

They wanted fat-burning oils to use during treatments and skin-tightening creams and serums to complement their beauty routines, so we made them. They wanted more treatment options for their aches and pains, such as cold therapy and cupping, so we obliged.

Fat-burning oils
FasciaBlaster treatments

They even wanted reinforcement exercises and stretching for their fascia, so we made the app. They are now demanding professional FasciaBlaster treatments, and we certify medical professionals.

People want to take care of their body in this way. Because Ashley has educated them about fascia care, she can continue to meet their needs with a growing product suite and realize her dreams of helping the masses the way she did with her celebrity clients. By 2022 Ashley Black Companies have over 49 products available and 4 in the works for 2023 launch.

Fascia Care

The Proof

Gaining scientific validation in Published works

By 2018 Black had already had a big growth year and a #1 National Best Selling Book “The Cellulite Myth,” a TED talk about her journey with fascia, a double segment on the Today’s Show and had big-name celebrity endorsements, including the Kardashians. Her customer base was growing and returning again and again. But all the notoriety brought on naysayers, which led Black to want irrefutable evidence that her products were safe and effective. She also wanted to know what was going on at a systemic blood level and tissue level that resulted in customers claiming to be cured of all kinds of diseases.


She enlisted the help of the ASPI, Applied Science Performance Institute, to design a study that would look at blood markers and ultrasound images of the fascia tissue, as well as metabolic indicators. What we thought we would see was a smoothing of the fascia tissue at the surface, where the FasciaBlasters can reach. What we actually saw was shocking and groundbreaking: the fascia tissue had remodeled or regenerated completely, even where FasciaBlasters can’t reach. This is when we understood how profound the FasciaBlaster method was, not from thousands of anecdotal reports but from undeniable empirical data.

30 Days
60 Days
90 Days

We were also able to show that the tools and methods spot reduce fat, reduce inflammation, increase collagen production, increase metabolism, eradicate cellulite, and most importantly, ensure that all of this was safe. The research was then written up, submitted to a medical journal, and published a year and a half later. With this “proof,” Black and her team set their sights on expansion into new verticals, new markets, and new product development.

To Infinity and Beyond

Where are we and where are we going?

With an army of Ashley-ites, over 6 million, you can imagine the customer feedback loop. We always have our eye on the customer and keeping them coming back again and again. The lives we are improving as a result of our products have been and will always be the heart of our company. With this solid foundation, we just simply want to help more people in more ways.

98% of our users surveyed said they would pay to go to a certified professional FasciaBlaster treatment. They’ve actually been begging for it for years. Black lives this model because she feels like she's returning to her roots and teaching her methods to medical professionals. Except for this time, we created the demand first, and now she’s able to not only indoctrinate a new line of rockstar healers, but we can drive patients through their doors. To help our beloved certified practitioners, we created the FasciaFinder App to connect patients to providers. Black has partnered with instructors from Parker Chiropractic University, South American Plastic Surgeons for their members and will also host training for her network of thousands already professionally providing FasciaBlaster treatments.

Infinity tools

We also know that our products work and that customers return for anything we create to help them with their fascia care. Now, we just have to get them in the hands of more people. Our immediate plan is expansion into a Marketplace such as Amazon and Target and then more global expansion. We are also in negotiations for retail placement. And for the first time in our history, we have outgrown our ability to scale on profits, being entirely self-funded, so we are making a small pre-IPO offering to push things along.

Ashley Black

With all the “hard stuff” like global patents, infrastructure, new manufacturing, etc. in place, we have our sights on changing the face of healthcare: self healthcare and the healthcare industry. We want fascia center stage, where it belongs. We want every human being on this planet to be re-educated about their bodies, with fascia being one of the first considerations. When someone wants better skin, we want them to think fascia. When someone has a tennis elbow, we want them to think fascia. When someone wakes up tight and achy, we want them to think fascia. When someone has a migraine, we want them to think fascia. When someone has back or nerve pain, we want them to think fascia. When someone just wants to lose weight or look great, we want them to think fascia. And then we want to be there, leading the charge, with our products, knowledge, and medical professionals. The sky's the limit for this industry and its applications, and we want to be the spark that ignites the flame.

Ashley Black

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