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Yoga Philosophy and Meditation

New Year New You > Yoga Philosophy and Meditation
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I have always been into prayer, “quiet time,” reading higher consciousness books, and striving to be a peaceful, loving person. I tried many programs over the past decades, and there are periods of my life when I can honestly say that my energetic and spiritual self-development have gone into exponential hyperdrive. Hands down the most significant and positive addition to my life in the past 2 years has been understanding meditation by learning from the most amazing guru here in Costa Rica. Learning how, why, and really practicing meditation while being guided by a guru, has completely changed my life’s trajectory and brought me more peace and success then I could have fathomed.

I asked my guru to participate in NYNY, because I wanted my followers to be exposed to her magical way of teaching, but like many gurus, she is on her own path. So, I decided to step into the role of teacher. I am by NO MEANS an expert in this philosophy; in fact, the more I learn, the more I realize how deep the rabbit hole is and what an infant I am in the philosophy and techniques. However, I have always been a good “bridge” person, to pull back the velvet ropes and expose my followers to new avenues for growth. I want to be clear that all of the credit for this program goes to my teacher, her teachers, and their teachers.

For a good majority of you, true meditation is something you have yet to experience. The messaging is convoluted on the internet, and there are also false gurus. So, for this component of NYNY, I want to help express what my guru has taught me in a very practical way. I am praying that I can be a vehicle to take these incredible concepts and strategies and make them digestible for all of you.

I think one difficult part is that people mistake guided relaxation for meditation. THEY ARE DIFFERENT! Meditation is eventually done in silence. I also see that people don’t learn the techniques to experience meditation and just give up - my favorite excuse is: “I just can’t stop thinking.” I can tell you firsthand that using real strategies to calm the mind will lead the way for you to tap into the real power inside you. I have experienced in my meditations the universal energy that has led to the best decision making in my life, by coming from the heart and from wisdom - not knowledge.

I hope to help you make the jump from a busy life with work, family, outside stresses, social media, etc, to your connection with yourself and God. I hope to help you reconnect to your humanity and the universal energy that is available to us all. In this group, I will give a weekly lesson, broken up into daily messages and a meditation technique to do every day.

This group works amazingly well with the journal, my main group, food school group, and any other component you chose, because meditation will help you set intention for the other components and teach you how to mentally incorporate these philosophies into your daily life. The feeling and information that come from meditation set the stage for the way you live. I couldn’t be more excited, as this is the most vulnerable and most powerful component I could share with you.

This group is open to all religions and philosophies and people who believe in God and universal energy. This is not a religion, rather a practical guide to inner peace that can be applied to any belief system.

Week One: The Basics

Special notes:

  • Beginners - just try! Try one of the techniques we share in the group (or in the daily tips) to settle your body and mind, and then try for 1-5 minutes this week. 1 minute consistently really is enough to start building your practice, and we want you to feel empowered to stay consistent with this practice.
  • Everyone - Note time of day, how long you meditated, and how you felt before/during/after in your journal.

Week Two: Physical vs Energetic Practice

Week Three: Energy

For this week: You may be ready to increase your time in meditation this week. If not, try more of the strategies that have been shared to prepare for meditation to see what works best for you. You might simply need a little more prep time to settle your mind and body.

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