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Prep and Journaling

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First and foremost, we are going to spend January devoted to getting our minds right and addressing BELIEFS! If you’re not resonating at the frequency of where you want to go, it’s difficult to maintain ANY program. I invite you to start to clean up your diet, begin your movement or exercise program, and start the ball in motion to prepare for our hard launch FEBRUARY 1st, 2020.

I carefully selected two people y'all are going to love to kick us off in January, and I’ll tell you more about them in the component section. Jerad and Lau are an amazing scientific-yet-practical duo, who ditched years of traditional medical training and education to focus on their new beliefs about how to be as holistically healthy as possible. Their techniques are largely based on the simple concepts first brought to the public by Nicola Tesla, who believed that energy, frequency, and vibration were the secret key to advancing science. They designed an evidence-based journal to help all of us raise our energy, frequency, and vibration along the way, and I encourage you to buy it or simply follow along with a notebook of your own. In January, Jerad and Lau are going to take us through a series of lessons to help us set our energy in motion and get us in the habit of self-examination, goal setting, creating a vision board, learning how to get into a theta wave state to change beliefs, and journaling to prepare for the February 1st launch. For those who are really “chomping at the bit” to get going, by all means, please start trying out different things with FasciaBlasting, exercise, nutrition, mental work, etc, so you will be ready to design your own program for February 1st. Click here to purchase the journal!

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1/18/2020Brainstorming Vision Boards with Jerad and Lau
1/22/2020Challenge Prep: Refine and Focus
1/25/2020Challenge Prep: Balance and Vision
1/26/2020Challenge Prep: Beliefs, Brain & Behaviors
1/29/2020Challenge Prep: Creating Your Daily Schedule

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