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Jerad and Lau are very special people to me. If you follow me regularly, you may have seen the Sound Journeys that last year’s winner attended and that I attend on a regular basis. Sound journeys allow us to enter theta waves; simply explained, this is the state of brain activity that allows for our beliefs to change. This team has devoted their lives to bringing a holistic health approach to everything they do, including food, so that the new habits will “stick” and will be a pleasure to continue! Not only will this nutritional program give you a step-by-step eating guide, it will give you a new RELATIONSHIP with food and is designed to raise your vibration, food included.

Lau, after 10 grueling years of medical training in medical school to become a veterinarian with a specialisation in Clinical Pathology Diagnostics (UNA - UNAM), and Jerad having the epiphany of realizing that the majority of the results in every area of our lives are determined by the beliefs that reside deep in our subconscious mind, this incredible couple has made a paradigm shift in the way they approach food and true health.

Lau became certified as a Holistic Health Coach for the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NYC; she also received her Sound Therapy certification from Dharma Salud School, Lamat Yoga School & Shanti Sounds. She was also personally trained by Miranda Gray as a Moon Mother.

In addition to a daily meal plan for weight management and overall health, Jared and Lau have designed a special “school” with a specific lesson and intention for each week of the 9 week program. This detailed and mindful curriculum will completely change your approach to food. It will empower you to design your own nutritional plan for the rest of your life. Most importantly, if followed with real intention and purpose, even the cleanest eater can take it to a whole new level with these techniques. This is the most AMAZING food program I could bring you, because it works with ANY nutritional program, including the FODMAP used in the Gut Health component or any other program you want to follow.

I will be doing this component personally as a student and a motivator. I strongly encourage you to open your mind and jump into FOOD SCHOOL with this amazing level of expertise and the next level in energy and frequency based living.



  • Reduce meat consumption
  • In case of consumption only buy range free, grass fed, grass finished, cruelty free and ethically raised meats or animal products
  • People with the highest longevity rate eat only 2 oz or less meat per month which is only a portion 5 times a month
  • Eliminate dairy and or reduce it as much as possible
  • In case of dairy consumption choose only range free, grass fed, grass finished, cruelty free and ethically raised animal products


  • Diminish process and refined sugar consumption
  • Eliminate eggs, or do not eat more than 3 times a week maximum
  • In case of egg consumption choose only range free, cruelty free and ethically raised animal products
  • Regulate fish consumption to 3 times a week maximum. Choose only wild caught fish and nothing cultivated


  • Best snacks: nuts and seeds, just 1 - 2 handfuls a day
  • Drink room temperature water, ideally filtered and always use glass or metal containers, try as much as possible to avoid using plastic bottles
  • Coffee, tea and alcohol in moderation
  • Beans: you can eat from 1/2 to 1 cup a day. Make sure to pre soak them and rinse them adequately
  • Eat simply: whole foods, raw, cooked, fermented and not highly processes
  • Avoid using the microwave to cook or heat the food
  • Try to go 95-100% plant based, ideally organic and non GMO

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