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Anyone who has done FasciaYoga can tell you that it’s in a class of its own. I am a devoted yogi, so I have to have full disclosure that my FasciaYoga is not based in yoga theory; it was created as an amazing way to stretch the long lines of fascia that run throughout the body. The FasciaYoga ball allows us to stretch in a totally new and unique way by providing a gentle traction of the joints and a “tug” on the fascia lines. If you haven’t tried it, you will love FasciaYoga as a part of your New Year, New You program.

This year I am especially excited about FasciaYoga, because it is the perfect compliment to literally every other NYNY Challenge component.

FasciaYoga is perfect before and after FasciaBlasting to determine and address tight areas. FasciaYoga will help enhance FasciaMechanics improving your daily movements, range of motion, and flexibility. FasciaMechanics can help with the biomechanics of FasicaYoga, making it more effective. Meditation will bring focus and intention that can be used as visualization during the FasciaYoga program. The Gut Health and Food School groups will help feed the fascia properly, making FasciaYoga even more effective.

I will be teaching each individual movement to you personally through the FasciaYoga App (App Store) or YouTube and the modifications by searching #FasciaYogaModifications. Motivator Julie Chelberg RYT, LMT and her team will be producing follow-along videos. We will have a daily schedule for those that want to just stretch a couple of body parts a day, those who want a short program a couple of times a week, and for those who want the FasciaYoga to be the focal point of their exercise program.

Get ready to ROCK & ROLL your fascia with my crown jewel program, FasciaYoga.

You will need the FasciaYoga ball and here are some other suggested materials

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Suggested materials

FasciaYoga™ Ball



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