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FasciaMechanics with Ashley Black

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For those of you who follow me or have read my book, you know that fascia is fickle! It requires restoration through bodywork (like FasciaBlasting), it requires maintenance, and it definitely requires for you not to “mess it up” in the first place. People always ask me why fascia gets messed up; there are a myriad of reasons. However, in my 30,000+ hours of fascia evaluation and care, I believe the #1 reason fascia gets jacked up is from being biomechanically unsound.

So what does that mean? It means that how we walk, sit, stand, workout, and move through this world is screwing up our fascia. How so? Well, if you had one foot that turned out ever so slightly (look down right now and check your feet), or if you had a hip that was jammed a little, or a slouch in your back, or a little twist of the knee, your fascia would begin to sense these things as injuries. Fascia is a protective system, so it tightens to help stabilize. BUT, in the process of stabilizing, the fascia becomes tight, it can adhere together, it can stick to muscles, and it actually begins to CREATE the problems we feel. These little “discrepancies” in our biomechanics might not present right away, but if we were to take 1 million steps like that, or do strenuous exercise like that, all of a sudden (which isn’t really so “all of a sudden”), we have a problem with our fascia that we can now see or feel because of our biomechanics.

So what’s the solution? We can clean up our biomechanics by moving properly, by making the right muscles strong, and by giving our body the proper neural signals to move. I have been working with biomechanics longer than fascia care, because I realized over 20 years ago that poor movement and working out wrong was at the root of people’s “injuries”.

So how do we do it? I am finally going to teach you how to contract every muscle group in the body. I am going to write 3 levels of programming for: the “first time weightlifter”, the “getting back into shapers”, and the “hardcore lifters.” They will be the same exercises, just organized with more weight and sets for the more advanced folks. For anyone with loose skin, chronic tight places, people who are injury prone when exercising, or anyone that just wants to be more toned, this is the group. I will be placing specific intention on posture, corrective movement, and deep core training. I am personally teaching this group and I will have a team of Ashley-ites helping me execute your programs.

You will need weights, accessories, and the FasciaYoga ball.

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