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FasciaBlasting Theory and Techniques for Beginners

New Year New You > FasciaBlasting Theory and Techniques for Beginners
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It never ceases to amaze me how many people I have met that have bought the FasciaBlaster® and never used it, or used it for a small amount of time and then gave it up. I’m so invested in the results that I couldn’t imagine my life without it, but I think each person has to experience that tipping point of change before they become a #BlasterForLife.

So this year for NYNY I want to put a BIG focus on our FasciaBlasters for Beginners group. In this group, our seasoned veterans and I are going to hand-hold you DAILY and educate you on 3 levels of beginner blasting. We are going to make sure you know exactly how to get started and remove any anxiety about FasciaBlasting by daily education and gradual easing in of the tissue.

You will get to choose the components to customize your program to your needs and your schedule, as well as motivation and tips. This group will be led by FasciaBlaster extraordinaire Kelley, who has been blasting since the very beginning. I will personally teach the techniques, and Kelley and her team will be there to guide your programs. If you choose only one component, choose this one! Getting set on a regular FasciaBlasting schedule, and having interaction with those who have changed their lives through healthy fascia, can be a catalyst for a whole new paradigm of health for you!

I highly suggest downloading the book, and if you need a daily blasting checklist, the companion guide is amazing. We also have the audiobook so you can listen while you blast. Understanding the science of what you’re doing will be a huge motivator to take care of yourself in this way. Also, if budget allows, you will have an easier time with each a prep, massage, and a refining tool.

Week 1: Intro To Blasting
Sat Quads, Hamstrings, Calves, Lats, Lower Back
Sun Upper and Lower Abs, Obliques, Rhomboids, QL
Tue Chest, Inner Thighs, Shoulders and Traps
Wed Glutes, Outer Thigh, Biceps, Triceps
Fri Target Day Focus (optional Face and Scalp blasting)

New to FasciaBlasting?

  • FasciaBlast with light pressure and brisk movements.
  • FasciaBlast up to 3 minutes per zone.

Are you an Intermediate FasciaBlaster?

  • Work up to 5 -10 minutes per zone.
  • Apply deeper pressure as your tissue allow

Looking for Advanced FasciaBlasting?

No problem! Join our NYNY Advanced FasciaBlasters group and browse the program.

Before you grab your FasciaBlaster of choice, be sure to check out these helpful tips:

  • Do not blast over sore or bruised areas.
  • Always use oil (unless in shower), try our BlasterOil which was specifically designed for FasciaBlasting, contains infused fat-burning ingredients and may enhance results!
  • If it’s painful, ease up on pressure. YOU are in control of how much pressure you apply. Listen to your body, don’t over blast a zone.
  • Use a timer for each zone for consistent blasting
  • Apply AfterBlaster Cream after, well, blasting!
  • Apply ice to cool the area after FasciaBlasting.

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Here is your component calendar!

We've scheduled out the daily program for you to do, a tip, and some motivation to keep you going. Simply click on a day. It will pop up with your daily program, so all you have to do is follow along!

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